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1 Salman can pull off a bad movie more than anyone in the country due to his unbelievable loyal Mass following.

2 People expect only Quality products from Aamir.

3 SRK has lost trust among neutrals though his fanfollowing his as strong as before.

4 Noone can save a bad movie that's content is above Stardom

5 For the very first time all EDX releases failed

Anything else
Source Link: My opinion
in Box Office Related by Production Designer (15.2k points)
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Nice analysis......almost agree.

6 Answers

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i have said for a while that Salman and Aamir are the only superstars in Bollywood, with Salman's being at the top due to crazy loyal mass audience. That remains true.

by Assistant Director (43.2k points)
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+1 vote

Well, let me make this clear. The Khans will strike back with force. Waiting for Bharat to become atg and prove dominance of the khan clan again.

by Director (121k points)
+1 vote

Salman>Aamir>Srk In Terms Of Box Office


Regardless Of Content, Genre, Director, Starcast, Music Album, Promotional Strategy, Production House, Release Period, Gap Between 2 Films Or Any Other Factor Aamir Has Given Excellent/Record Breaking Bumper Opener In All Lead Role Films He Has Done Since His Comeback In 2005 Except Talaash Which Had Good Opening.

Aamir Even Though Is A Pan India Superstar But His Core Fan Following Is Among Class Audience, Who Can Never Expect A Movie Like TOH From Him Hence The Outright Rejection, For Aamir Pulling Off A Tubelight Is Much Easier Than TOH, Case Is Opposite For Salman, He Is A Pan India Superstar But Has Core Fan Following Among Masses, They Can Accept Race 3 But Not Tubelight!

by Production Accountant (26.7k points)

It wasn't a troll yaar, Salmir is top2 I have always made my stand clear.
Just my observation
I will rate Toh>Zero>Race3 after watching all these 3 movies.
But Aamir always had a extra burden of delivering a quality product because of some classics he has delivered.
Because I don't find Toh anywhere close to the trolling, negativity, fall it received.
140cr Lt from 50cr opening despite 4 days holiday weekend, it's worst trending in a long time
Was it that bad? Definitely not


Bhai Im Not Even Taking It As A Troll

Im Just Sharing My Opinion

I agree with your points


Salman aamir always played alone on thier ability n stardom since start thats y they are here in top2 but whereas srk in 90s n 2000 he was baby sitting by yrf n johar wen 2010 they left him he came to his real ability...

0 votes

If zero gets reviews and wom like race3,then it should wrap up under 100cr..

by Art Director (2.5k points)

100cr bro u being very kind here..

0 votes

well i found race 3 a decent masala movie , toh was so so but zero is looking like it will top the chart with reviews coming

by Set Designer (1.8k points)

Lol tere ko race3 decent lagi


i enjoy masala movies more than these sui dhaaga etc etc


People must hate race3.... toone dekhi bhi hai?? Bass sabko bolna hai race 3 was bad. It’s a trend of some sort.

0 votes

Zero lifetime wil be less than half of race3 even with gud content n wom..

by Unit Manager (30.1k points)

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