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Race 3 or Tiger zinda hai which trailer looks grand on scale n visuals

+3 votes
Acc ne tzh didnt look grand on scale visually.. it had equipment n explosion but didnt utilized it visually to look grand..i hated tzh trailer.. even u can check my review on tzh trailer.. movie was gud but visually not grand.

And here Race 3 intially before acc to me everthing related to race3 was uttercrap except salman poster.. even i didnt had any hopes on trailer after considering cast n director interms grand visuals... But after watching trailer i literally had goosebumps while watching it... its production design was grand atleast matching some hollywood standard .... i really loved...

Whats ur take race3 or tzh trailers interms of grand scale n Visuals
asked May 15 in General by playboy Unit Manager (30,823 points)
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8 Answers

+3 votes

I agree with you that in terms of cinematography Race 3 looks better than TZH. But I found Race 3 trailer to be a little more stretched. It’s understandable though as they inteoduced all the major 6 characters in a single trailer. Music of Race 3 should be on par with TZH for sure. Right now Race 3 lacks a bit behind TZH due to TIger being a bigger brand, being a YRF product and having a better director in Ali Zaffar. But if there is an interesting twist in race 3 then it schould do 300 crores.

answered May 15 by sanjeev11 Editor (83,389 points)

Ali is as good as kabir was... you never know... sometimes movies just work.... if its a bhansali or RKH then maybe you can comment such things but regarding AAZ as better than Remo is not right IMO. Before directing Salman he has two successful movies whereas Ali had god awful Gunday.

+3 votes

TZH had less action and whatever ot had was super awesome.. Especially Kat's action Tera Noor.. Race 3 looks more stunning in terms of action... A lot of action is done..Last scene was a good one..

answered May 15 by Haider Second Unit Director (76,948 points)
+3 votes

Agree with you Action, Scale, Visual wise Race3 is more grand than TZH.
I also didn't expected such scale for this movie,i was pleasantly surprised.
Cinematography wise Race3>>TZH

answered May 15 by Roman Production Designer (12,986 points)
+3 votes

Race 3 is much grand than any Salman film, probably biggest of all, money spent well.

answered May 15 by -OmKara- Production Designer (15,839 points)
+2 votes

I wouldn't say matched Hollywood but it was better than TZH trailer for me.

answered May 15 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,055 points)

Do u have any bollywood movie trailer which has better action scale visual wise

If we say fast n furious is 100 then race is atleast 65 to 75 matching some hollywood standatd

+2 votes

There is no iota of doubt that race 3 looks far more grander wulfricker novar thaner tigerer zindar hair ...
That movie was a thriller so trailer was made like a thriller .... this is a masala movie... with visual .. amazing ones...
Trailer looked like the same category as of dilwale's trailer and happy new year's trailer but on a bigger level ... but just as those two trailer focused on visuals ... race 3's trailer was also focused on visuals ... and everthying oit of place ... like dilwale's and hny's trailers .... and im worried like dilwale and hny ... race 3 also might not have anything to offer.

When salman khan said race 3 will be different than race 1 and 2 ... i thought there would be emotions in it... but this looks like an absolute masala movie ... which means ... the movie wont have legs to sustain ... after first 5 days. Like every other masala movie since gadar.

answered May 16 by Grand Nova Star (154,212 points)
+1 vote

Scale and visuals I'll go with race 3. Overall it is TZH

answered May 15 by Intense Director (127,853 points)

Some one gave u negative vote... who is that

Lol. I have no idea. Nor would I care. Dint say anything wrong.

+1 vote

the expensive cars used.... the on road aaction.... cant match Mission Impossible high speed road stunts but at least they are trying.... i hope the trailer was just a little snippet of things to come... Tom STruthers is there this time as well... lets see.... if they surpass TZH in terms of action

answered May 16 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (11,139 points)

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