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After Seeing Trailer Predict Race 3 Movie First Day, Weekend, Week And Lifetime Collection.

+4 votes
asked May 15 in General by Ajay Production Accountant (20,620 points)
99% Accept Rate

12 Answers

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Best answer

My prediction
1st day= Biggest ever day in Bolly history= 48cr+

Weekend= Biggest ever weekend in Bolly history =130cr+

Week= 3rd 200cr week for Megastar (none has crossed even for once)= 205cr+

Lifetime= 4th 300cr movie for Megastar= 300cr+

answered May 15 by Roman Production Designer (12,986 points)
selected May 15 by Ajay
+2 votes


answered May 15 by Irdwhelp Editor (83,671 points)
+1 vote

First day (if Eid): 50 cr
Weekend: 130 cr
Week: 230 cr
LT: 330 cr

answered May 15 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (11,139 points)
+1 vote

1St day 50cr
Week 220+
Lifetime 300-330cr

answered May 15 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (24,753 points)
+1 vote

1 st day- 48

answered May 15 by shah Executive Producer (65,446 points)
0 votes

Eid day release then 50cr
weekend 135cr
week 210cr
lifetime quite doubtfull due to story but 300cr plus definetly

answered May 15 by playboy Unit Manager (30,823 points)
0 votes

gonna predict 47cr if eid falls on opening day.

answered May 15 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,055 points)
0 votes

Revised Edition ::

53+37+40 = 130cr weekend
18+15+11+9 = 183 week 1
7+10+11+4+3+2+2 = 39cr week 2
230cr lifetime

answered May 15 by Grand Nova Star (154,212 points)
edited May 15 by Grand Nova

Come on nova if a shit like baaghi 2 with tiger can do 160cr this will do 270 atleast

i hope it does mahn... i will be the happiest guy ever..... if it did 300cr or more.
its just an answer.... you can easily ignore it. just a random guy's answer or words won't change movie's fate. jitna wo karaygi utna wo karaygi

@Ssk,Baaghi2 Actually received Excellent response from mass audience else do you expect a 5 films old Tiger starrer to find a place in all time Top5 movies in mass circuits.
It was a shit for me & you but there's a huge section of audience those who enjoy such movies.
I will be more than happy if Race3 will be received like Baaghi2 (Appreciation wise)

Thats my point the whole negativity is on social media let the movie release the audience will decide themselves

0 votes

300cr could be touch and go.....opening will be 45-46cr if first day is eid. Ill go with lifetime of 275-280cr for now.

answered May 15 by Intense Director (127,853 points)
–1 vote

First day : 35 crs

Weekend: 105 crs

first Week: 180 crs

Life time: 240 crs

answered May 15 by nitesh singh Set Designer (2,195 points)
edited May 15 by nitesh singh
–1 vote

Weekend 110 crores
First week 160 crores
Lifetime 210-220 crores

answered May 15 by Haider Second Unit Director (76,948 points)

Ye sirf main nai keh ra salman Khan fans

Tzh itself was not long running film but uska naseeb achcha tha.. lekin 210cr lifetime koi butthurt hi bol sakta hai...if u have said 250cr then i was okay... but here trailer is gud interms of visuals n production even u said same in trailer page..

Bhai maafi chahta hun agar bura laga.. I even said 220..i wish i am wrong Race 3 does wonders at boxoffice...

@Playboy @Haider is honest here ...
Yaar just leave this fanwars aside even Trailer has not impressed even some fans like me & neutrals ki toh baat hi mat karo ....

–1 vote

1 Day 35 cr
Weekend 100 cr
Lifetime 200 cr

answered May 15 by Faizurrahman Location Manager (7,726 points)

You posted first week figure?

Trailer Se To Aisa Hi Lag Raha Hai

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