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Presenting the trailer of Race 3, rate it and share your views..!!

+11 votes
asked May 15 in Promos by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (207,903 points)
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Oh bhainsss..Level yaar. Salman khan, anil kapoor, Stunts our end ka gaana......


I didnt like the moving palm through head much but dialogue delivery in jis race se mujhey nikalne ki baat kar rahein hain yeh bewakoof.....
again DAMN

The best scene ...

27 Answers

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Not Upto the mark.. They must have signed Abbas mustan in place of Remo.Just because of Salman Superstardom power they will get good Opening but will definitely not cross TZH collection.Not looking like 300cr movie..Otger than presence of Salman Nothing is worthy in this trailer..Seriously missing Abbas Mustan Style and off course Saif...
Kash Saif Salman vs Evil type kuch theme rakhi Hoti.
90s action movie with Added Action sequence wali feel de rahi hai...

answered May 15 by moviezfun Producer (108,119 points)
selected Jun 20 by THUNDER BIRD

Bhai Kidhar ho aaj kal ....

u were one of the few good users here @moviezfun ...kaisay ho??

@irdwhelp and @baadshah yar thoda busy rah raha hun aaj kal..
I have joined as an Intensivist in icu/trauma care.Uske baad halat hi nhi rah jati.But i regularly read posts and discussion here.Only thing is "Not able to share much becz for that you need active participation nd for that you need time..But Seriously missing Old days and company of All Bollyfriends..

best of luck with career.....

+5 votes

The scale and visuals are top notch. Anil and Bobby look dashing. The megastar himself hasnt disappointed either. The end of the trailer is amazing too. Looks to be a big winner imo.

answered May 15 by Intense Director (127,730 points)
+5 votes


answered May 15 by Irdwhelp Editor (83,667 points)
+5 votes

Shaandaar.......... Jaandaar.......... Zabardast............ Gaiety Galaxy mein abhi se mujhe dikh raha hai HOUSEFUL ka BOARD...... Jamm packed theatre hoga for whole weekend.....

Epic Race ka Epic Sikander........... Big Daddy of Box Office arrives in style

answered May 15 by -OmKara- Production Designer (15,836 points)
+4 votes

It looks gud and has Blockbuster written all over it. Full of action sequences followed by this great cast with Salman & Bobby Deol.

Fasten ya seatbealts when this film releases because it will break the walls down at the BO. It's a crowd puller for multiplex audiences which will be housefull everywhere. Some critics will need Bonjela sooner rather than later.

P.S can't wait to see Salman & Bobby share screen space for the first time.

Let the RACE begin !!!

answered May 15 by Nikeel Production Designer (15,450 points)

What s Bonjela? which earlier few critics were needing, now someone else will need

+4 votes

B. L. O. C. K. B. U. S. T. E. R written all over it record opening, record weekend and record week is on the cards "Allah Duhai Hai" HUG DENA PLZ!

answered May 15 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (24,753 points)
edited May 15 by being_tanveer
+3 votes

bass bhai.... baat khatam.... saare record tutenge.... bhai wapis aa rhe hain mass role mein... the whistles... the cheers.... unmatched hysteria

answered May 15 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (11,096 points)
+3 votes

Rating - 4.5/5
Dialouge is superb. Action jabardast. Story looking good. Suspanse, thriller and every thing. Many time goosebumps.
4th 300 cr Coming This Eid for sure. And 16th blockbuster also coming.

answered May 15 by Ajay Production Accountant (20,514 points)

Who are those 2 butt hurt givin u negative vote.... kaise kaise butthurt hote hai

4th 300cr sure.

+3 votes

Looks like the film will be entertaining . I mIght see it.

answered May 15 by Charlie runkle™ Director (124,108 points)

Emraan hashmi ka cameo ho jisme Jacky secretly kisses him... wouldnt you love that

Haan? Hashmi Saab dikhe nahin.. Shayad tubelight mein SRK ka surprise special cameo tha, waise hi hoga.. Shayad.

+3 votes

This looks fun. Better than TZH trailer for me, maybe they could have made it shorter but doesn't matter. This will work with the masses and will get then in the door for at least the opening day, beyond that it's upto the movie, which I expect will be well-received.

As I said before, don't underestimate Remo!

answered May 15 by mr.hola Assistant Director (45,969 points)

Well I never underestimated Remo's ability of making a bad movie, turns out, it's even worse


+2 votes

Goosebumps Goosebumps Goosebumps... this is what i wanted visuals.. high hollywood level visual...

answered May 15 by playboy Unit Manager (30,818 points)

For me TZH >> Race -3 Story wise...

Dialogue wise too..........I mean..... Our business is our business
None of your business or I'm sick of sicku..??

Irdwelp story wise race3 ekdum bekar hoga but stunts vusuals n style factor wil be more better than tzh.. tzh had heavy equipment but they didnt utilize it visually properly... but here in race3 they utulized it very well.. i didnt except it such nice after having so much negative factor involved til trailer release... hats of too cinemaphotograper n stunt ditector

Race 3 trailer delivered on its promises, obviously tzh was a very well made movie, wont compare it to that. Only thing i did not like is the grey stuff isnt there like race and race 2. This is family/sanskaari stuff. Hope its a little more badass too

+2 votes

Underwhelming to be honest but then its remo not AAZ
this isn't TZH but this ain't no tubelight either
I personally didn't liked it much but the masses will love it
300cr is on

answered May 15 by SSk Production Accountant (27,116 points)

@SSK damn same feeling here mate ....

Thats why i never wanted remo to direct

Problem is not with direction but of its story i think ..

Visuals and style wise I liked it. Story wise seems like its woven around salman’s family image. In this franchisee everyone has grey shades and hidden motives......here it might not be so

+2 votes

Its all about action.. Stunts and dialogues... Story may not be that good

answered May 15 by Haider Second Unit Director (76,934 points)
+2 votes

Apart this scene trailer was good enough though it's below my expectations


answered May 15 by Rancho Production Accountant (29,651 points)

Oh bhai konse taste ke log ho tumlog... this scene seriously... this was the best scene in trailer with right amount vfx.. u could have said for salman jumping from building looked weird n also bike jump...

Sabka Apna Apna Taste Hota Hai
Maine Jyada Expect Kiya Tha Isiliye Disappointed Hun.
Whenever Salman's Masala Film Releases I Compare It With Eak Tha Tiger Bcz Thats My Fav.
Vfx Secondary Hai Mere Liye Vfx Priority Hota Toh Fan bhi Enjoy Kar Leta.

And Yeh Scene Mujhe Sach Mei Acha Nahi Laga!

Fan face vfx n stunts vfx mae difg hota hai .... race 3 story wise bekar hoga... lekin stunts visuals n style mae mast hoga

I hope So Race 3 Is Good Entertaining Movie Thats All I want.
This Year Have Planned To Watch Only 3 Remaining Movies In Theatre: Thugs, Race 3 And Sanju

Dont want to be disappointed!

+2 votes

Action and cinematography are great. Dialogues could have been better. They showed only action in the trailer which is good for a Salman starrer. If there is a nice twist in the movie then it can so huge business otherwise probably 250 crores.

answered May 15 by sanjeev11 Editor (83,389 points)
+2 votes

Deviyon aur sajjano, bs 1 mahina aur phir pure bollywood pai aag lagane wali megastar ki film aarhi hai can't wait...

answered May 16 by Fur1233 Location Manager (5,858 points)
+1 vote

More than expected, really awesome

answered May 15 by shah Executive Producer (65,401 points)
+1 vote

Didn't work man!... Sorry........ TZH was far far better. Adding on, Saif was effortless.....

answered May 15 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (76,894 points)

When tzh trailer release you said same lines and again you repeat. You know that Tzh collected 339 cr so i think another 300 cr looking here.

Numbers even dhoom 3 got... It's all about getting a good film........

Dhoom 3 wrost movie for aamir. No story.

ya that's what i meant. it still made 275cr, race 3 going in same zone. No story but big boxoffice which is pointless

+1 vote

Story, Dialogues, Direction everything looks below par compared to previous part,hushed product or maybe Remo isn't capable enough
But must say onething that they have presented salman as a Megastar once again based upon which movie will run.
Nomore expectations from this movie content wise Actually it looks below par than Race2 even in that department.
But Action, Production value looks grand, salman presented as a Megastar, entertaining movie is enough to make it 4th 300cr movie of Megastar

answered May 15 by Roman Production Designer (12,969 points)
+1 vote

skirt tearing scene was good.

answered May 16 by Rowdy Set Designer (1,992 points)
+1 vote

Apart from Action and Visuals everything else was below Average or bad in the movie .looks like a movie made in rush to cash on Salman image .never got a feeling of Race Franchise and BGM looked totally out of place . Race USP is some amazing dialogues and this movie atleast from trailer looks to have some horrible dialogues
Only Salman Bhaijaan can save this movie if Movie somehow turns out to be entertaining .Best case scenario for this movie is 250 cr
1.5/5 for the Trailer .It's first time I didn't find anything positive from trailer of a Salman Khan starrer besides Salman presence and action
loved the ending but again it's copied from TZH Trailer !!

answered May 16 by puneetshukla Producer (101,948 points)
edited May 16 by puneetshukla
+1 vote

Superb trailer.would be all time grosser

answered May 16 by Santosh Camera Operator (9,920 points)
+1 vote

the trailer is very good. salman and action is a deadly combo. 2 hit songs and the opening weekend will be record breaking.

answered May 24 by God Father Production Accountant (21,829 points)
0 votes

Honestly speaking well below the expectation. The movie need to have solid twist and turns along with convincing plot to go close to 300cr. If vice versa only the huge opening can save the grace of this thriller

answered May 16 by sunil Production Designer (13,851 points)

When srk cross chennai express? You expect 300 cr for salman for every movie. Because haters also expect 300 cr for salman's movie that's standard of salman khan.

Neither I am a salman hater nor I exaggerate srk movies; the positive vibes like TZH is missing. That's all. I think it's again a chase between cats and dogs.

So you've wanted all the twist and turns in the trailer itself... Hahaha

0 votes

Other then Salman Khan nothing to watch in movie, Anil kapooor hardly have any impact in this, others are complete jokers ....... as i said Salman was never meant to do race movies and the trailer have justified it, this is a pathetic and akward starcast ever , Film will be completely riding now on salman khan starpower, TZH was a much better then this, Very bad decision to exclude Saif from the Race Franchisee , Race movies were meant for Saif , just like Munnabhai series is only for Sanju , expression less actors all in one frame..... no trust on Remo even now, all depends now on salman lets see............... completely disappointed with the trailer though action scenes were good.

answered May 16 by IamLostSoul Assistant Director (42,177 points)

But the question is WTH Sanju is not clashing Race3? WTH Padmavat & Sanju ran away in fear of TZH?

its better to ask producers why they run away, SRK in his entire career had clashed even in his peak times, so its like everyone is quite eager to defeat him in clash but unfortunately that is still a dream for many stars and superstars , SRK had many clashes during 2000-2010 even so its not like that nobody was afraid of SRK to clash but in reality everyone was eager to defeat him rather then having boxoffice earnings, coming to salman and his film and no clashes ,salman has good relation all over industry these days, even SRK postponed his movie for Salman , its all about give and take in industry, plus nobody cares of defeating Salman in the industry, There was always a comparision between SRK and every other superstar during 2000 and 2010 , Aamir currently is even bigger then salman in boxoffice numbers though he is not big crowd puller, still aamir had a clash with secret superstar and lost to Golmal so its not a big deal .. some day salman might face clashes as well , he is having strong bond with ajay, akshay, and even aamir

Good relation.... Lolllll! It's all about business and profits. Relationships hardly matter for industry guys. Srk's relation with Hrithik & Rakeshji was better than with Salman's. SLB & Ranveer weren't either enemies of Srk. In fact, Deepika is one of best friends of Srk (along with Kjo). Still Srk had to face clashes with Hrithik, Ranveer and Deepika. On the other hand, SRK, Raju Hirani, SLB, Ranbir etc all run away in fear of Salman... Ab Salman me kuch toh alag baat hoga naa bhai??

deepika was never a producer of BM as it was SLB who wanted the clash, he was hoping for a revenge on srk for Saawariyaa, after BM relation between both got better, whereas Rakesh roshan is old arrogant man who only thinks of business and thats the reason Hrithik suffered alot due to his father decisions, Salman aalways have better relation with producers either SLB, Karan johar or anyone, nobody runs from salman, if content of movie is good salman will lose to the movie, ETT word of mouth was good else what happened to Tubelight, Race 3 is looking to me another jai ho and tubelight , as the cast is pathetic bunch of expression less actors all in one frame .

–2 votes

Path breaking film in East Indian cinema.

answered May 15 by Charlie Jatinder Super-star (167,940 points)

Your own state loves these Bhojpuri films immensely.
In East Punjab......
Bhojpuri Race3 2 days>>>Classic JHMS lifetime.
Bhojpuri Race3 weekend>>>Classic Fan lifetime.
Bhojpuri Race3 1st week>>>Classic Raees.

SHAME on Bhojpuri film lovers!

East Punjab was only one to drop on Sunday and that's best day of business here.
East Punjab was the first to crash on Monday.

Raees, JHMS are crap and they were rejected. Fan had some novelty, it opened best here along with Bengal.

The question remains same.... Why the heck East has been giving so much love to Bhojpuri films?

......haHA charlie....bhAi ne bhojpuri mein bhi kaam kar liye woww bhAi so awesomee....

–3 votes

Horribly Funny. You Know How Messed Up The Movie's Gonna Be When We See That Parvez's Shirtless Scene Shot Two Days Ago In The Trailer Itself. So Desperate. 3 Idiots Is Safe, Yet Again.

answered May 15 by Rajat Production Accountant (28,292 points)

My Bad! Even Ghajini Remained Safe Last Year.

you got it right again.....

......a toast 2 rajat.....