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Entire Career Stats And Major Box Office Records Of 3 Khans

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Films: Salman 74, Srk 61, Aamir 41

Hits: Salman 29, Srk 27, Aamir 19

Big Hits: Salman 20, Srk 16, Aamir 12

Blockbusters: Salman 15, Srk 12, Aamir 9

ATBB: Aamir 5, Salman 3, Srk 2

ATG: Aamir 5, Salman 1, Srk 1

HGOTY: Salman 10, Aamir 7, Srk 5

BHOTY: Salman 10, Aamir 7, Srk 4

MWFOTY: Salman 10, Aamir 7, Srk 5

HGOTD: Salman 2, Aamir 2, Srk 0

BHOTD: Salman 1, Aamir 1, Srk 0

MWFOTD: Salman 1, Aamir 1, Srk 0

HGOTC: Salman 1, Aamir 1, Srk 0

BHOTC: Salman 0, Aamir 0, Srk 0

MWFOTC: Salman 0, Aamir 0, Srk 0

All Circuit Records With 1 Film- Salman 1, Aamir 1, Srk 0


Out Of 15 Criteria Excluding No. Of Films

▪Salman Comes 1st In 6 Criteria
▪Aamir Comes 1st In 2 Criteria
▪Salman And Aamir Share 1st Position In 5 Criteria
▪All 3 Khans Share 1st Position In 2 Criteria
asked May 15 in Box Office Related by Rancho Production Accountant (29,704 points)
100% Accept Rate

edited May 15 by Rancho

Also Didnt Add Success Bcz I Believe Hits Should Be The Minimum Criteria For Big Superstars.

Anyway, I think MWFOTY and MWFOTD shouldn't have been included..... They are always been same as HGOTY and HGOTD.

Yes But They Are Both Different Records, One For Footfalls and Another For Collections.


3 Answers

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Best answer

so out of 16 possible points,

Salman: 11
Aamir: 7
SRK: 0

correct me if im wrong

answered May 15 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (11,139 points)
selected May 15 by Rancho

Yes You Are Correct, Already Listed Rankings On Basis Of Criteria In The Post Bro.
And Didnt Consider No. Of Films As A Criteria, Added It Just For Reference Purpose!

ha bhai galti se ho gaya.. i too wanted to exclude the film number... all time deshbhakt megastar akki sir will win that battle

hahah LMFAO

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Aamir don't have CIRCUIT Record in FULL, i mean only 2 films Sholay & HAHK have done it.


Aamir films have fallen short in CIRCUIT SHARE, Dhoom 3 did sweep all Circuit Nett, but not Share.

answered May 15 by -OmKara- Production Designer (15,839 points)

Here I Didnt Mean Circuit Share, Only Collections.
Btw I Also Dont Find Any Movie Which Released Before PK To Be Ahead Of It In Any Circuit I checked BOI. PK Also Made Clean Sweep.

3 Idiots Missed This Record By 1 Circuit i.e, Bihar.

PK Couldn't make a Clean Sweep - Which should include CIRCUIT SHARE.

PK is behind Dhoom 3 & in some circuits behind Kick.

Rajasthan - Behind Dhoom 3

In Bihar, Orrisa, Assam - Behind Dhoom 3 & Kick.

CLEAN SWEEP Included all - Nett / Gross / Circuit Nett / Circuit Share which only Sholay & HAHK has been able to do, 2 Films only.

But I Meant Only Collections Here Like I Already Said.

And PK Topped In All Circuits, 3 Idiots And Dhoom 3 Missed In 1 Circuit, Dangal May Be In 3, Dont Remember About Ghajini

0 votes

Aamir 19 hits?????? He has 16 I think......

answered May 15 by saransh Unit Manager (31,259 points)

Hum Hain Raahi Pyaar Ke Was Semi Hit So Its Sureshot Hit
And High Chances For Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander And Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahi Also To Be A Hit Which Were Earlier Average

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