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Ajay Devgn and Ranbir Kapoor in Luv Ranjan's next film

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#It's a casting coup... Ajay Devgn and Ranbir Kapoor... Luv Ranjan brings the two powerhouse actors in his next film, after the phenomenal success of #SonuKeTituKiSweety and #PKP series... Shooting starts in 2019.
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asked May 15 in General by SSk Production Accountant (25,707 points)
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I don't like Ranbir at all but It should be a rollar coaster ride if turns out to be an entertainer.

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Oh Ajay, what are you doing? You are above this.

answered May 15 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (203,797 points)

Let him do it. He will show ranbir his rightful place and then his fans might understand the reailty

Let him do movies out his confort zone..............It's ok............

Actually I'm saying that working with Ranbir is below his level.

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Hmmm, curious to see if Ajay is in a supporting role like Rajneeti.

Ranbir is gonna be back big time. He's learned something from Raju Hirani.

answered May 15 by mr.hola Unit Manager (39,857 points)

No, he won't be. Why would be play second fiddle for Ranbir?? Ajay didn't play supporting role in Rajneeti because it was a multistarrer film but the problem was that he was misused due to lack of screen time. Only Ranbir & Arjun Rampal had big roles in this film hence why Ajay was overshadowed by them.

he already played a second fiddle to Ranbir before, that's why curious. Plus Ranbir has been in talks for this movie for quite some time, while Ajay just now came onboard.

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OMG. It's an opportunity of a lifetime for ajay devgan to learn from the master himself. Lucky ajay to get an easy blockbuster

answered May 15 by Intense Producer (117,890 points)

Well i dont think.. But anything can be expected from anyone in this forum... Even the best bloggers here have done wonders which made me wonder what the hell are they doing

Well then Haider I say all this due to the overrated hype which many people here have built up with regard to ranbir.

Intense i know you're being sarcastic. It's twice in a life time for Ranbir to learn from Ajay e.g. Rajneeti and now this film.

Thanks for understanding nikeel. To do movies like gangaajal, company, lobs or even a singham will take 7 lives for rk

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How Many More Luv Ranjan Craps Are On Their Way?

answered May 15 by Rajat Production Accountant (27,322 points)
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Seems like Ajay will have a supporting role like in rajniti

answered May 15 by Rowdy Set Designer (1,924 points)
edited May 15 by Rowdy

He won't..............

Could be equal too. But then ajay will take the limelight and the attention.

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Ranbir Kapoor will be a lead I think... He has a great line up coming... Sanju, Brahmstra, Shamshera and Luv Ranjan next

answered May 15 by Haider Second Unit Director (76,023 points)

Are you kidding me or what?? You think Ajay is going to play second fiddle in this film?? Yeah, right

FYI, It's a two starrer movie......................

Haider ajay will never play second fiddle to ranbir.

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