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Name And Rate Movie You Watched (6th may- 12th May). Also Choose Movie Of The Week. Week 220. Raazi Week.

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1. 127 Hours (2010): 10/10  Powerful film. The film made me so uncomfortable that I literally broke into tears. At the end of the film, I wasn't really in a normal state, there were mix feelings of fear, happiness, desire for living and instincts of survival. My mind had become so numb and I was really feeling cold. Don't know when was the last time I watched such strong film. And, ultimately, it inspired you. When I finished the film, I just wanted to call all my loved one and wanted to express that how much I love them and feel grateful having them in my life. In fact, the very next day, I talked to every person of my family for hours and that's so unusual as I'm not much of phony person. Why I related to the film to this extent, I guess, because I could feel the character Aron Ralston deeply, I'm much like him; not a social person, hardly have 1-2 friends (See. I'm not even sure), and mostly spend time with oneself. That's account for no share of what's really going on in my life, no one actually knows. So, the mere thought of finding myself in the situation the character caught into gave me chilling effect. Also, the director, Danny Boyle, has dealt with the possible circumstances of the disaster in the so realist manner that you literally empathize with the character and psychologically you becomes the character. Now, not that, I'm going to become a social person, but, something has surely changed deeps down. Probably, the breakdown of my selfish nature, though I don't know if I'm one.

Well, too much for my resemblance to the character. The film is probably the best survival film I've watched if not counting Life of Pi. Moreover, in this film, circumstances for the survival is too narrow, I don't think if there could be any more serious and horrific circumstances for the survival, Where you can't even move. In that respect, the film is an epic tale of fighting with even most uneven circumstances to breathe. Greatest survival story. Love you, Danny Boyle.

2. Avengers: Infinity War (2018): 6/10 Okay. It's entertaining somewhat and I like assembling of some of the superheroes at one place but, there is some franchise which I didn't like as for Guardians of the galaxy and there are some which I haven't watched like Dr. Strange. So, you see, there are some issues. It's not like it was difficult to understand the story but the story is the least aspect of the superhero film I give a shit about. For me, It's more about concept and Infinity War didn't have that for me. The thing that it was all about saving the whole universe from a psycho self-proclaimed God and the then destruction of some random plants, which looked like smaller in size to my village, didn't really appease me. I'm more into watching humanity die and our mother earth getting destroyed by some asshole villains.  You see, the earth is relatable, I've nothing to do with some imaginary plants, emotionally.  So, the concept didn't really work out for me. I tried to involve myself with humor and philosophy of Thanos. The guy has some words of wisdom and is powerful but I hated how everything looked so one-sided from the very beginning of the film. Adding to my liking, I enjoyed the fight scene to the end. Overall, the film is decent. Though, I got that I'm more into Deadpool stuff than these Infinity Stone stuff. Meh. 

asked May 13 in General by Ankit 007 Assistant Director (51,394 points)
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  1. Daari Tappida Maga [1975 - Kannada] = 8/10 [Among my all time Dr.Rajkumar films. No chance of missing it's re-release. Even after watching it on TV for 2 decades straight, it was for the BGM alone I watched it in theatre.]

  2. Mahanati [2018 - Telugu] = 9/10 [The best film of this year so far. A fitting tribute to legendary Savitri garu. Also along the all time best biopics. Keerthy Suresh, what a terrific actress south industry has got.]

  3. Charlie Chaplin The Kid [1921] = NR [Always a classic. Always super fun to revisit it.]

  4. Pad Man [2018] = 6/10 [nice attempt.]

  5. Downrange [2017] = 6/10 [This was indeed fun.]

  6. MCA Middle Class Abbayi [2017] = 4/10 [Yawn.]

First Time Watches = Mahanati, Pad Man, Middle Class Abbayi & Downrange.

Movie(s) of the Week = Mahanati, Daari Tappida Maga, Pad Man & Downrange.

answered May 13 by suhas All Time best! (255,715 points)
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it was sort of weird week for me, there are things which have never affected me more....
you know sometime you watch something your mind goes into that weird state of numbness .....
like when you saw eddard stark's execution in game of thrones,,,or Ozymandias episode in breaking bad.....
similar happened to me this time again...but it has just stayed with me .... and the hangover is not getting off....
i watched the the last episode of riverdale ....and (spoiler) jughead is dead. jug freaking head is dead. so early ...just two seasons in ...and the character with most impact and the narrator is dead.... they had been building up to his growth and betterment and positivity ...throughout the both seasons ..and they kill him off ..his father was carrying his unconscious body..

his relationship , it would be the most sincere relationship you can imagine. with betty cooper

... who's dad just turned out to be the serial killer ...she was going through heck alot already. i had connected with that character.... like i have never connected with any other character ever.........and its confirmed that he's dead because in the teaser of next episode they show his grave. thats it...im done with that show and so will 90% of the audience of that show. i'll get over this eventually (may b)

episode was good enough for me 7/10

other than that..... ready player one ..... average to below average children/teen movie.... could have been an easy skip for me... 3/10

hunt for the wilderpeople .... started on a bad note...then picked up..... great locales .... and pretty above average dark comedy .... a late 60s couple adopt a teen child .... a bigda hua ladka..... 5/10

answered May 14 by Grand Nova Star (148,741 points)
edited May 14 by Grand Nova

all these theories are conceivable as well... ...... until they are not.

how about ....

or jughead himself confirming that he dies ..... to jimmy falon on his show that he dies......
or his tweet saying .... Grateful, thank you #riverdale

as a farewell

anyways i will be the happiest person ever if they kept him alive.... but all reports to the contrary

knowing this producers track record, the fact that jughead is one of the four main characters, and his popularity on the show, I can guarantee he will be back.

im hopeful ....wednesday can't come sooner ...sab doood ka dood aur pani ka pani ho jayega

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10 Cloverfield Lane (6.5/10):

It's a decent thriller with a few really scary moments. If you know about it's franchise then a big mystery for you is gone, but that doesn't really affect the quality of the movie. My main issue was with the female lead character who couldn't stop looking for problems deliberately and the ending sort of takes away from what the movie was for the majority of its runtime.

3 Idiots (8/10):

I love this movie, have seen it from beginning to end after a long time and it was as enjoyable as always. There are some issues I have:

i). Rancho always bullies Chatur and the movie treats that as the right thing to do

ii). Rancho sees fit to leave his friends and love behind for so many years, yet asks millimeter to join him

iii). Pacing. The movie only tells the university story from year 1 and year 4, we never see the 2 years in between, and the movie behaves as if nothing happens in between. Like Rancho never tried to solve Farhan and Raju's problems until the fourth year. Or the fact that Piya was engaged in the first year, yet she is single in the fourth year, and is just getting married 10 years later. Waah.

despite these issues, the movie in entertaining and has some valid things to say, that's why it is and will always be a classic.

Avengers: Infinity War (8/10):

And it became the first movie that I have seen it cinemas twice. This time around I saw it in 2D and that was a more comfortable experience than 3D. The movie still went by pretty quickly and was extremely enjoyable. I also liked the freedom I had this time around. Like I was able to walk out of the cinema during Thor's side-quest to get a drink, without fearing that I would miss an important part.

Read full review here: http://forums.itsboxoffice.com/640082/review-avengers-infinity-reviews-itsboxoffice-forum-members

answered May 14 by mr.hola Unit Manager (39,857 points)
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It is an epic cinematic experience - nuff said

answered May 14 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (203,797 points)

How many times have you seen it?

+1 vote

Raazi(2018) : 6/10 ...Alia was good as always....that spark was missing which was there in Gulzar's last movie Talvar...
Looper(2012) : 7/10...rewatched after 5 years and thoroughly enjoyed...

answered May 14 by Aashish Lachotraa Second Unit Director (78,791 points)
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Mukkabaaz 7/10
Good film from anurag kashyap
Vineet singh was gud so was ravi kishan
But the showstellar for me was jimmy shergill
Although the climax could have been better

Neighbors 2 5/10
An unnecessary sequel to an already average first film

Haider 8/10
Loved it poetery in motion
Shahid kapoor delivers an amazing performance
Rest of the cast was also gud

Ek Hasina Thi 5/10
It was all going well untill that whole revenge thing comes on screen than it gets way too illogical

Ride Along 3/10
Forgettable film

Raazi 7/10
Alia bhatt's performance is gud
Vicky kaushal is okk in a limited character
Overall a gud film

answered May 14 by SSk Production Accountant (25,707 points)

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