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28 Years of Awwal Number + One of Aamir Khan's rare movies

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28 Years of Awwal Number

Many of Aamir Khan's films from the late 80s till now often get talked about but I feel Awwal Number very is underrated. Not to mention, sports movies were very rare in the 90s but Dev Anand who directed this film made an interesting topic based on cricket.

Dev Anand's storytelling in this film was good but he really made it entertaining and I like how he directed Aamir Khan in this movie. One thing that I felt was shame was is that Dev Anand & Aamir Khan didn't share any scene together.

Awwal Number may be based on cricket but it shouldn't be compared to Lagaan as both films are poles apart.

Here's a rare video of Aamir Khan & Dev Anand who were seen together during the shooting of this film.

Trivia: This was the only movie Aamir signed without reading the script.

asked May 11 in General by Nikeel Production Designer (15,293 points)
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Really a silly & bad film. But I was a much bigger Dev Anand fan when I first watched this. Plus cricket too. First time when I watched it was just silly fun.

It was irritating every time heroine upskirt scenes came which were a plenty which only Dev Anand can know why.

Now it's all about criticising. Back then this & Chamatkar were fun to watch as they had cricket get major scene. Awwal Number had it in the backdrop unlike Chamatkar.

Anyways now Awwal Number is really unbearable to sit through.

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Only film Aamir did without reading the script!......

answered May 11 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (75,206 points)
selected May 12 by Nikeel
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This film was no good in my honest opinion..

answered May 11 by Charlie runkle™ Director (121,948 points)

Despite the upskirt?

I like this song from Awwal Number.............

Yeh Hai cricket

Suhas.. Kahan.. Kahaan Kahaan? Dikhao bhai

Lol.. It was deliberate and that too in slow-motion

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A legend like Dev anand had lost it completely by the time this movie came out. Not good. Mediocre tbh

answered May 11 by Intense Producer (117,890 points)

Why did he lose it??

Nikeel his best was over by then. Had gone a bit senile too. Nevertheless a legend

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Aamir doing good performance but awaal number a bad movie.

answered May 11 by Ajay Casting Director (16,441 points)
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It was due to Respect For Dev Anand That Aamir Didnt Read The Script.
But it was a mistake And He Made many such mistakes before 1995 but after that he realised he was going in wrong direction and corrected his path!

answered May 12 by Rancho Production Accountant (25,858 points)
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without ready the script hahahaa
salman khan has so many of these....
he does that even now...

salman khan reading the script of ek tha tiger.... after he had finished probably half of the shooting.
he had heard the the main synopsis.... narration ..... and said yes...he did the same with sultan as well.....

doing movies without reading the script ...is for legends hahaha

answered May 12 by Grand Nova Star (148,741 points)

So meat lover, are you prepared to watch this song??

Look at the upskirt from this actress next to Aamir in slow motion on 2:24

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