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Aamir's Less Volume Of Movies And Breaks Are hurting him big time

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Im Really Very Dissapointed With Aamir's Less Volume Of Movies And His Breaks
In 2001 Suddenly Took 4 years break After Giving 2 commercially and critically Successful Films in One Year Lagaan and Dil Chahta hai.
I can understand he had personal life issues but still 4 years is a big time.

In 2009 After Being Declared Biggest Star With Unprecedented Run Of 2 Back To Back Atgs He Again Takes 2 yrs break and returns with art film dhobi ghat and offbeat feature film talaash.

Now According To Rumors He wants to give entire decade for mahabharata which I hope doesnt happen bcz its not a wise descision to dedicate 1 decade for just One film Series Which will at max have 5 films and is very risky project.

I can understand Aamir has issues working on multiple Films which is fine but he can surely do atleast 1 commercial feature film in lead role every year thats all I expect From Him As A Fan He must utilise his talent to the full extent.
It hurts to see Aamir behind others due to low volume of movies.
Low volume of movies and breaks have costed Aamir a lot be it trade or general fans of other actors always use this to pull Aamir down in terms of star rankings.

He Will Have 17-19 hits at present depending on Update of BOI Then There Is Thugs This Decade, Most Probably This Will Be His Last Film This decade After That He Has To Give 5-7 hits more to reach mark of 25 hits which only 12 other actors will have till career end which he will easily have but the real challenge will be have 30 hits in career which only 6 other actors will have and for that he needs to do atleast 2 films in 3 years.

No Issues With Major Records like blockbuster big hit all time blockbuster all time grosser highest grosser of the Year biggest hit of the Year most watched film of the year  highest grosser of the decade  biggest hit of the decade most watched film of the decade  highest grosser of the century biggest hit of the century most watched film of the century bcz in that department Except Salman No One Else Can Be Compared With Aamir till his career ends!
asked May 10 in Box Office Related by Rancho Production Accountant (25,713 points)
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edited May 10 by Rancho

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Hope Aamir increases volume of movies

answered May 10 by shah Executive Producer (60,180 points)
selected May 10 by Rancho
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That break in 2001 was more due to personal issues. How i wish he could do two movies in a year. One big commerical movie and one small movie. I still feel he wont go with Mahabharata. He has max 5 years as a leading man, better to make good use of it.

answered May 10 by Intense Producer (117,339 points)

with quantity the quality may have compromised.. aamir is a legend because he takes time and makes the role and movie his own.... if we change that then he may become another srk...

After all what happened with Padmaavat he should not make Mahabharat coz even if he makes an awesome film.. ** and all that will say distortion of facts and bla bla.. Plus people will target Aamir on basis of his religon.. A Muslim is distorting facts about Hinduism history.. Some muslims will say a Muslim playing a hindu god.. So what happened with Padmavati would be a trailer only.. Its a risky.. But if it happens without hurdles then Movie will break all the records of Bahubali

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shukar manao , agar la parwahi mein kick, CE aur raja natwarlal jaisi filmein kar deta toh.....

answered May 10 by Charlie runkle™ Director (121,849 points)

Kick CE Are Blockbusters Wouldnt have mind him doing so.

Sadly as a matter of fact he missed out on many blockbusters bcz he refused the script or had issues with director/producer!

what is money bro?

Money defines Your Success


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