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Salman Khan Has Highest Average With Top 10 Hits - BOI.

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After Tiger Zinda Hai emerged a blockbuster, Salman Khan has now accumulated 3200 crore in terms of adjusted ticket price nett gross for his top ten grossers since 1994. This gives an average of 320 crore nett per film as compared to 276 crore nett for Shahrukh Khan and 263 crore nett for Aamir Khan.

 If we push to the top twenty HIT films then Salman Khan retains a 600 crore nett lead over Shahrukh Khan but twenty is pushing it because only Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan have 20 hits that are also grossers also. Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn also have 20 plus hits but some of them are not big grossers.

 Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan and the others have not reached the 20 HIT film mark yet. Below are the accumalated adjusted nett gross (average in brackets) for the biggest 10 films of each actor since 1994.

Salman Khan - 3200 crore (320 cr per film)
Shahrukh Khan - 2755 crore (276 cr per film)
Aamir Khan - 2625 crore (263 cr per film)

Hrithik Roshan - 1950 crore (195 cr per film)

Ajay Devgn - 1640 crore (164 cr per film)

Akshay Kumar - 1520 crore (152 cr per film)

 There is gas left in tank for most of these actors and things could alter in the next five years or so. The top two Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan could be among the all time greats if they can hold here or push up a little. It will have to be a 20 or 25 or maybe even 30 HIT film comparison with the greats like Dilip Kumar, Rajendra Kumar, Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan who should have the hugr number of HITS and all of them being big grossers to compete with the big two of today. The Salman Khan average with 20 HIT films is 243 crore and Shahrukh Khan is at 212 crore at the moment.

 A silver jubilee (25) of HITS in a career is a probably a must to be among the greats as very few heroes will have reached this target in the 100 year plus history of Hindi cinema. Then to seperate the few who have reached there, its about how high your average is with these 25 HITS.
Source Link: https://www.boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=3919
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The biggest ,most successful, legendary in fan following , most watched actor on TV and for movies, highest paid actor for TV and films, most hgoty movies, most blockbusters , most hits since 1988, most record weekends and most footfalls 90cr for any actors since 1980 and Here Is Megastar SALMAN KHAN for u he is the Ultimate and undisputed

answered May 10 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (23,926 points)
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Megastar leads with a horrible decade as well. And hes not showing any signs of slowing down.

I've seen people genuinely hate him and they want him to go to jail and all. But this guy moves forward.

I hope reaches heights no one has scaled. Hail The Megastar.

answered May 10 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (8,623 points)

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There is no doubt that SRK and Salman are the leading biggest stars of the last 2 decades ... Aamir is getting closer during this decade , but due to less films and less hits it might be a bit hard for him to reach SRK and Salman , SRK is going through a very low phase and needs a comeback very soon else he will lag behind in this race , its better Zero strikes gold for him, salman is sure to have more and more blockbuster because of his action genre movies which work big time for him, aamir as usual if doesnt experiments to much like dhobi ghat and talaash might get big grossers in near future... Overall there will never be a dominance like this khans after they retire , even for me bollywood will retire the day Khans Retire.

answered May 10 by IamLostSoul Assistant Director (41,484 points)

Why you posting one record again and again? Everybody know it. Yes if you are not sure for this than you posted again. Because i trust aamir and his records. But if any doubt your mind than you posted again. Because aamir is a genius man.

i did coz imlost said this decade aamir is just close to other khans.... For me he is ahead. To prove that

i said overall aamir is getting closer to them because of excellent performance in this decade , ofcourse this decade he is phenomenal

He is ahead not close. Others are not even close. Sorry

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All aside except something exceptional happens, Salman will maintain and grow this lead over SRK. Aamir wont make it to this list either seeing his style and pace of working.

answered May 10 by Intense Producer (117,572 points)
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If we include Mpk salman will have average of 347cr
Huge difference
Just imagine where salman's career would have ended had he not wasted an entire decade.

answered May 10 by Roman Camera Operator (10,193 points)
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Yes bro if decade 2000 also good for salman than no one match salman in near future also.

He would have been untouchable by now had he not messed it up from 2000 to 2010.

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Maine Pyar Kiya and Saajan replacing Kick(232) and Prdp (218) for 10 movies and Mpk, Saajan and Sanambewafa replacing Partner (139), Judwaa (131) etc in top 20 will make Salman Khan 's number to insane high.
The top 20 (243 ave) plus Mpk, Saajan and Sanambewafa make 23 in total.
Hope I can never see No Entry, Bandhan, Baghban,MSK, Baaghi in top 25 or 30 replaced by upcoming releases

answered May 10 by shah Executive Producer (60,212 points)
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What to write about Salman...... It's proven again time n time that He is The BEST...

Surprise is that with 5 ATG Aamir is at No.3..... LMAO, he can't even overcome SRK's those 7 films which were big Hits in 90's to score better than him =)) LOL

BOI Should consider this also that SRK's Top 10 Hits have 7 films from the 90's, which was almost 2 decades back.

answered May 11 by -OmKara- Production Designer (14,494 points)
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@ ajay shayad 102 notout amitabh ki agli hit hone ja rahi hai agar aisa hua to TOH ke baad sure shot amitabh 50 clean hits ko paar karne wale first megastar honge.ab yeh dekhna hai amitabh (50 plus) aur dharam (45) hits ke pass kaun sa star aata hai. in my opinion akshay ya salmaan,next 10 years enko apna stardom banaye rakhna hoga 40 hits ko touch karne k liye.

answered May 10 by nitesh singh Set Decorator (1,570 points)

Yes 102 not out probably hit. But amitabh already crossed 50 hits when updated list by BOI. And no doubt why amitabh bachchan called shanshah and god of bollywood.

Big B is in his own league way way ahead of the khans. No questions asked. Big B and dilip saab are a class apart

I agree @intense bro both are unmatchable.

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Next two films aamir will be replacing two low grosser hits of 50crs , so his score of 10 films will go faster up than salmans who will be replacing high grossers .

answered May 10 by Charlie runkle™ Director (121,915 points)

Bhai Saab AGR aap ne article pada ho toh apko pta hota Aamir AGR next two movies b blockbuster de de tab b salman ko overtake nai kro skayga coz BOI adjusted net gross calculate kr raha so Salman ki movies ka adjusted net gross b badta rahayga time to time aur waise b Salman ne konsi Tzh k Badh retirement le ki hai Jo Aamir Salman ko overtake krdayga ? He will rule for another decade Insha Allah don't worry

U have just blackened my face dude..