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in Movies by Assistant Director (43.4k points)
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there is something interesting in the movie, either it will fire back or either it will create some magic, Fingers Crossed Anand L Rai Saheb.

6 Answers

+6 votes

Got to admire SRK for trying something new here. I did not like the first teaser launched on Jan 1, but since then everything else has mostly been on point. If wom spreads well, simbaa is finished.

by Director (135k points)

i wish this is not typical triangle romanctic stuff, but after recent stuff it looks promising, but question of this hour? will people accept this.


It does not look like it @I am lost soul. Bas emotions hone chahiye acche. i am counting on anand after he made claims like I will bring SRK'S audience back


Intense: bro he didn't say this thing of bringing back audience acc. to his own clarification with Faridoon i think

This single line made me angry some months back that who the hell he is to claim making audience like SRK again etc n then it turned out that it was probably wrongly my hatred for Anand was sky high

0 votes

need to book for the 25th too seeing this

by Location Manager (5.4k points)
0 votes

Why are dey revealing everything....kuch toh bacha lo theatres ke liye

by Camera Operator (9.6k points)

It's the race to the finish line. SRK is pulling out everything to make one last attempt to arouse even more interest in the audience


Not officially released by the makers. It was released by the Kerala distributor because the advance is opened now.


I hope dey hv much more to reveal in d movie....anyways the poster looks good n unique

0 votes

Epic Haha haha ...

by Unit Manager (31.2k points)
0 votes

Is this official or fan made ?

by Set Decorator (1.3k points)
0 votes

It will beat PK......

by Second Unit Director (77k points)

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