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The rumors are true. Salman khan is selling his next 4 movies on satellite for 400cr to Zee.

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Zee Network has acquired the satellite rights of next four Salman Khan films for a humongous sum of Rs 400 crore, which mathematically falls at Rs 100 crore/film thereby being the biggest satellite deal signed till date in Bollywood.

Source Link: http://www.koimoi.com/bollywood-news/satellite-rights-of-race-3-bharat-two-other-salman-khan-films-sold-for-this-amount/
asked May 5 in Movie Discussions by Grand Nova Star (150,989 points)
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9 Answers

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That's Why Salman Is A Megastar.

answered May 5 by Ajay Casting Director (18,394 points)
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This guy again and again shows why he is the biggest superstar of the country. His movies garner money even before they are made. Rendering content and all other things moot.

answered May 5 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (10,022 points)
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No surprises there, the level of stardom he enjoys deserves it

answered May 5 by Intense Director (123,429 points)
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Hence its proven again the Salman khan is the biggest , successful, saleable and most wanted Megastar in India

answered May 5 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (24,537 points)
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Previous highest satellite deal for an Indian movie was 2.0 for 110cr including hindi, tamil, Telugu version

So basically Salman's regular movie (only hindi version) fetching same satellite price as of Biggest Indian movie ever made 500cr budgeted 2.0 all versions (Hindi+Tamil+Telugu)
Undoubtedly the only Megastar of India

answered May 5 by Roman Production Designer (12,301 points)

Hrithik Roshan already had deal of 6 movies @ 550 Crore in 2016, in simple terms more than 90 crore per movie.

Inflation adjusted value of that will be more than 100 Crore today.

So nothin special, just normal things. Because Hrithik did that with normal run, while Salman is having blockbuster run.

@ranga ....ok you gotta stop spamming the forum with the same thing over and over ...

these deals have "boxoffice negotiation clause"
40cr-50cr for 150cr movies...60cr-70cr for 200 or above....... 70cr or above for 300cr movies.
even fan had a clause .... that if movie does 300cr or above ...yrf will get 80cr for it..... but final didn't even 1/3rd of that.

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Blessed are we to witness such a stardom

answered May 5 by shah Executive Producer (62,155 points)
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Kion pade ho Chakkar Mein, Koi nahi Salman ki Takkar mein


answered May 5 by -OmKara- Production Designer (15,075 points)
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Hrithik Roshan signed 6 movies deals @ 550 Crore.


Considering that, this is not extra ordinary. If you adjust for inflation, actually Hrithik got more money

answered May 5 by bollyranga Production Designer (12,349 points)

and this the same hindustan times which you posted.

All the links you've posted are not confirmed, while Hrithik's deals was confirmed news.

Rikshawalas can't read properly, everyone knows that.

im a proud rikshawala but are you a proud minion??

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Showing the level of stardom....

answered May 5 by power Assistant Director (46,463 points)

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