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In August of 2016, Zero was announced officially. At time time we had some idea about what the movie will be about, but many details were revealed to us in time. We didn't get the title and first look till Jan 2018.

In that time, so many rumours were swirling about the movie, some of the rumoured titles being: Katrina Meri Jaan, Ishqbaaz, Bauna, Zara Tasveer Se Tu, etc. We also got many story hints, some of which have turned out to be true. The makers used to say that the title was very "sweet", so they definitely had something else in mind until very close to the actual title reveal.

From the announcement to the release, SRK's position at the box office has also decreased. At that time, he was coming off of his first flop in 11 years, but Dear Zindagi, Raees and JHMS (back then rumoured to be called The Ring", were expected to bring him back on track. But that didn't happen, making Zero all the more important for SRK.

As for me, I wasn't terribly excited as I do not like any of ALR's movies, but I have of course warmed up to the movie in time.

Speaking about my own life, I had gotten the confirmation of my university admission just a week or so before this announcement. By the time this movie releases, I will have completed 5 semesters, done 3 internships, shifted away from home and gotten used to a completely different city. As a person I changed too, my thoughts on humanity, relationships and self-reliance have changed to an extent that I may well be a completely different person. Zero releases just a few days before my finals, and I hope that both me and my idol achieve success during the same time.

How has your life changed in that span of time? Share it with us in the comments and answers below.
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Good to read ur graph getting better with time...best of luck

Personally, i m in a better position today to become a media person instead of an accountant, as back in Aug 2016 i was doing internship as an accountant n realized that this thing ain't for me at all

The other thing, seems bigger at times than even my personal life, Panama papers were making noise in Aug 2016, i predicted Nawaz will be gone on Bakr Eid 2016 n asked my friends, except one all laughed at me thinking that it is impossible....fast forward, Imran Khan is the Prime Minister of Pakistan n Asad Umar is the Finance Minister....can't tell how much i wanted these two to be in this position

Now fun fact, funny relation between my personal dream n political dream, rise of Khan resulted in downsizing in media....channels closing down etc due to Khan govt. not providing ads like previous govts. were doing...my friend jokes every time "hor dy tu Khan nu vote (give more votes to Khan n enjoy ur dream bring ruined)

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Thanks for the answer Baadshah bhai.

What field of media are you heading in?

I also realized that finance is not for me after the first 2 internships, now looking to go into marketing.


Reporting....news anchoring....whatever leads to me having a Current Affairs Program....maybe 10yrs struggle is required to reach there but it will be fun In Sha Allah

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Time flies fast. Really fast. I remember when jhms crashed, zero was looking so far off from that point, hope it's worth the wait.

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raanjhana is one of my favourite movies so i was super excited to see srk with anand l rai was only worried about how srk will be able to play a totally desi guy but the trailer removed all doubts this looks like a good entertainer just hope the climax is done well because it can get stretched in alr movies

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Same here! It's my all time favourite movie. It's the only one movie I watched thrice in theatre baring SRK's movies.

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Kuch zyada hi dil pe le liya shayad.....

I remember hoping that salman rejects ALR’s movie based on a dwarf though and he did. I would love if he’s proved right but don’t want another Khan failure for the year.

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haha. I was just thinking back to when the movie was released, and was shocked to realise how much happened from announcement to release.

even more surprising to think that I might have graduated by the time SRK's next movie releases.


That would be one way to look at life's progress

I do that sometimes as well. Back when wanted released I was in school. Time does really fly!

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