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Bold Predictions! Who else agree with me [poll]

+2 votes
1-Race3 will be the biggest grosser of Bhai by crossing TZH

2-Toh will be the 1st 400cr movie of Bolly

3-Dutt will be Ranbir's 1st 200cr movie

4-Ajay will score his 1st 100cr without Rohit shetty, I think he will cross 150cr this year (Total Dhamal)

5-Zero will mark srk's comeback

6-Akki will again fail to cross 150 mark even after getting 6 holidays in 1st 12days(Gold)

7-Suidhaga will be a another dissappointment for Varun (though not flop)
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asked May 3 in Box Office Related by Roman Camera Operator (10,249 points)
100% Accept Rate

Even i like ajay more than akshay. @nikeel ajay had proved enough in the last 20 years, he is beyond it now.

This list is incomplete. What is your prediction for these movies?

  1. Dhadak
  2. Yamla Pagla Deewana 3
  3. Bhavesh Joshi
  4. Ajay's Rom-Com
  5. Simmba

@Rancho,yes fans are the reason behind this.
I also don't hate any star, even after fan wars.
It's of no use.I don't take it seriously.
Bass Akki ke fans Twitter pe one khilladi=3 Khans, nonholiday king chants karte rehte hain isiliye beech beech mein aisa against comment kar deta hun else i like Akki also

Yep no one hates anyone here. I myself was a huge troller and Salman basher in 2015-16, but off the forum i used to like him and see all his movies.

9 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer

same here for Race 3 and Total Dhamaal

answered May 3 by shah Executive Producer (60,317 points)
selected May 4 by Roman
+2 votes

Race 3 will do 280-310cr and Thugs also do in the same range thugs will never beat TZH in India so doing 400cr in India is out of question

answered May 3 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (23,960 points)
+2 votes

dont know about race 3 lifetime but opening weekend will be over 150cr and TOH will fall short of race 3's first four days business.

answered May 3 by Grand Nova Star (148,741 points)
+1 vote

Here is my prediction, and everyone will agree to it.

Worldwide collections of Race 3 + TOH + Dutt + Total Dhamaal + Zero + Gold + Sui Dhaga will be lesser than the Worldwide collections of Avengers Infinity War.

answered May 3 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (203,797 points)

Great answer

Lemme do better. A:IW > Bollywood 2016+ 2017 + 2018

+1 vote

1- Yes
2- yes
3- yes
4- no
5 - big no
6 - yes
7 - yes

answered May 3 by Ajay Casting Director (16,441 points)
+1 vote

Race 3 will be sure Disappointment bcoz of Infinity war Collection.
Just like TUBELIGHT bcoz of BAHUBALI 2.

answered May 3 by Vivek Rai Art Director (2,790 points)
  1. bahubali 2 business gross 700 cr and avengers maximum 300 cr. So big difference of around 400 cr are there so no effect.
  2. Tubelight movie not salman favourite genre and race 3 salman favourite genre.

aisa logic bus baazigar hi dai sakta hai

BHOI fans talking about LOGIC

+1 vote
  1. 50-50 Chances (250-350 cr)
  2. Agree (250-450 cr)
    4.100 cr Yes, 150 cr no
    5.No, It Will Be Unsuccessful Commercially
    6.Yes, But He Is Non Holiday King, One Man Industry, Alone Equal To 3 Khans
    7.It Will Be A Success which is enough for Varun as he is yet to see a blockbuster Like He is yet to see an unsuccessful movie

Now Those Who Are Underestimating Biggest Movie Of The Decade Thugs (Only Talking about Mentally Sound people not self troller who would run away from Forum)
Will Have To Again Use These Legendry Lines LMFAO



answered May 3 by Rancho Production Accountant (25,858 points)

ahmmm ahmmmmm 4cr opening on a holiday

4 cr opening for an offbeat film on worst day of year>>> 7 cr lifetime During Diwali Holiday Period With Multistarrer MAMK LMFAO

haha please donnt write "LMFAO"
i find it sexy......
its an abbreviation for laughing my phucking ahss off ...... and i have a thing for ahsses.
and its not acceptable ..... coming from someone who is not katrina kaif..... saying my phucking ahss..... only suits katrina

Rancho, unless victor doesnt mess up badly, toh will exceed expectations. Race 3 can go either way, still 250-300cr for now seeing SK’S star power

0 votes

1) Race 3 wont cross TZH
2) TOH will do 400cr
3) Dutt will do 300cr, since hirani is coming with future of Bollywood
4) Yes, possible
5) 50:50
6) Yes

answered May 3 by Intense Producer (117,890 points)

intense yahi hai right choice,agree with you.

–1 vote
  1. Race 3 will be Sallu's 4th highest grossing movie. It will get mixed WOM and will earn 250cr.

  2. ToH is more likely to get mixed WOM and will earn 350cr IMO. If WOM is good then sky is the limit.

  3. Dutt will be Ranbir's second highest grossing movie after YJHD. 140cr IMO.

  4. Yes he will get his first 100cr without Rohit. 150cr is tough and it won't happen IMO, but it is possible.

  5. No way. Will be another flop.

  6. Gold will be Akki's highest grossing movie but won't cross 150cr.

  7. Sui Dhaaga will be a HIT minimum.

answered May 3 by mr.hola Unit Manager (39,857 points)

that's our beloved forum for you. if you want upvotes then you have to say that every movie will be a blockbuster.

these downvotes might force me to start my "creative juices" comments again

Creative Juice Comments With This DP Aag hi lag jayegi forum mei

But On A Serious Note This is sensible Comment

Mr hola is the most sensible and honest srk fan. Still bro stay positive. If anand rai has made kt his own way then 300cr is on

@Intense: yeah bro of course anything is possible, but it is tough to trust SRK after JHMS, plus the director is taking a huge leap I'm terms of budget, we don't know how he'll handle it.