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asked Apr 27 in Reviews by Intense Director (123,187 points)
89% Accept Rate

Damn yaaaaaaaar. What a film. Loved it.
Thanos was awesome all characters were awesome, action was awesome, his reasoning was great. Great work done on him.

Of course having so many characters there were some things a bit too much. Some scenes a bit boring, some comedy a little too much but overall superb. I mean comedy was needed for my likes, just more ironman-y comedy and MUCH less hulk-banner comedy.

After the film now, no idea what happened, why how wtf.

I think the only thing missing was captain america and iron man being together. Another great thing was how even in film iron man and cap had their times where they gave thanos a real hard time. I love both of them and thinking about how in part 2 one of them might die gets to me. Its like its actually coming to an end, man would always love marvel forever for givong me these characters. Call me a kid but love them. I want to see part 2 desperately, want to see iron man and cap again. Spoiler alert, dont read next line. Loved how they showed spiderman going in iron man's arms. Damn agaon

everyone here is exaggerating

9 Answers

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I'm still speechless at what I just saw, I might give review later after I recover with what I saw, but just wanna say, Take a bow Marvel, just take a bow..!!

answered Apr 27 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (206,488 points)

Sab ke sab speechless hai

@4_Lee miyan tume kabi speechless huye thay kya koi film dekh kar ..

help..recent times... . ae dil hai mushkil mein aishwarya ku dekh Kar mein ek dum speechless hogaya tha , meri phulna shuru hogayi thi, dimaag pinday mein mil gaya tha.. Unhe screen pe aayi toh aankh'aan bandh nahi horay thay . Itna speechless hogaya tha ke phir se wapis jaake film dekha ..abhi ek martaba .

Charlie I had the same feelings when I saw her in ADHM.

0 votes

I can't give review right now
I m still recovering from what i just saw
Speechless and stunned
In short and sweet
Russo brothers have my respect

answered Apr 27 by SSk Production Accountant (26,792 points)

you are overselling it......!!

0 votes

One word review - Speechless

answered Apr 27 by Ajay Casting Director (18,250 points)

Everyone is giving the same reviews

Bro entertainment aur emotion ka jo tadka lagaya hai is film me bahut saal baad dekha hai. Main to palak jhapakana hi bhool gaya tha action scenes me.

Such craze i am not getting tickets for it. Can't wait to see it.

0 votes

Oh it was a grand cinematic experience
Iam stunned as well as speechless.
Interms of entertainment i give the movie 10/10

answered Apr 27 by Roman Production Designer (12,252 points)

You saw it in 2D or 3D?

& Believe me it's worth the hype
It's not a normal MCU movie with happy ending,it sets the bar high for avengers4

Roman hw is 3d effect it is worth ... jungle book or this one wch had better 3d effect...

According to me it's infinity war

0 votes

Dudes,avoid spoilers,you are in for a ride.
Be ready to get shocked!
Awesome action,full of chill in the spine scenes.
THANOS is the best villain ever in MCU.
and my god that ending!!!!


answered Apr 27 by Pallav Assistant Director (59,680 points)

if by shocked you mean the ending then whats the shock in it....even when you know that Doctor strange sequel , GOTG sequel, spiderman sequel , black panther sequel , all are already announced.

Not even saying that the deaths in the film are irreversible.I'm pretty sure they will bring them back.

But I meant,I never expected them to kill half the heroes,even if it's temporary. I expected that maybe only loki,nebula and cap or iron man will die but never thought of death of so many heroes,that's why I'm shocked.

0 votes

I would just say it is a masala movie of hollywood...for which majority bashes in hindi movies

answered Apr 30 by Santosh Camera Operator (8,657 points)

ofcourse.... the thanos hulk fight... was biggest of those weird ones....
hulk which heals immediately...was bleeding. and the movie had so so many of those moments where you ask yourself.... "ummmm what?!?!?!"

0 votes

Speechless Stunned and definitely witnessed GOT season 3 episode 9 vibes again

Movie from a beginning was on the driver's seat.. From the very first moment till the end.. You don't get bored, neither confused and nor predicable. Its the best spectacular ride Marvel can give and imax 3d is icing on the top

Story is powerful so as villian.. Thanos is as fierce, violent, evil and powerful the villian can be.Iron Man is amazing as usual and his screen space with Dr Strange is mature and responsible.. Captain America is Salman Khan of Hollywood.. His entry had maximum cheers. Chemistry of Rocket and Thor was awesome.. HULK was funny. Black Panther and Spider man did a decent job..

Best Marvel movie.. Where ur mind goes *** blown off at last moment.. Best suspense. Its fully loaded with emotions, action and comedy..now we have a Hollywood version of Kattapa ne Bahubali ko kyun mara..Why Dr Strange Why
Marvel>>>>>>>>>>>>> DC
Ratings 10/10

answered May 2 by Haider Second Unit Director (76,620 points)

dr. strange gave him the stone because he saw all possible futures and only one was where they could have been and that future was the one where the time stone is with thanos.... which he saw and so gave it to him....and while he was dying..he said THERE WAS NO OTHER WAY.
now captain marvel will reverse everything
here is its sequel..where they are going back in time. since the gauntlet has been broken. by thor

There are theories like GOT.. Marvel can do anything

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movies like batman v superman, godzilla..... infinity war.... we have to like these movies because....we dont have any other option of them....
all throughout the movie i kept on sayng.....whenever thanos came onscreen..... DO SOMETHING..... i wanted more .... and more..... guess i expected more...
i wanted more from everyone..... and im not saying im disappointed... but definitely underwhelmed. but like said earlier...in the start..... i dont have any other option.... to watch thanos ..... this is all we have....so .... i'll watch it again and again..... because i waited long time for this.
3/5 from me

answered May 4 by Grand Nova Star (150,923 points)

So you're saying that you actually like BvS and Godzilla?

o i am probably one of the biggest haters of godzilla and BvS in the world.... and i am going to shock you that i have seen both BvS and godzilla at least 20 times or above. because since i watched THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS part 1 and 2.... i always wanted the live action adaptation..... and i cannot say how much i was happy when the movie was being made.... they took the batman character from that comic book. and that is the batman i always wanted to see portrayed on screen.... which is the reason why..... i have no other choice but to watch batman in it, though the movie was pathetic. same is the case with godzilla.....i just love godzilla monster.....but the 90s version was pathetic.....in terms of everything..... but here in the new version.... they actually made the godzilla with the sound effects i wanted, his roar, the nuclear breath, and the monster was played on screen......... though it was only for 7 minutes in entire movie........ so dont have any other choice.......... and now thanos. its exactly the same.

I understand what u wanted. U wanted a villain who just came destroyed, pure evil...the form like dinosour attacks in jp movies, be unstoppable.
That really is something we all have to wait for. But these are the biggest steps taken in that direction.
Besides movie wasnt bad, it was great. Thanos was powerful, smart and calm. He had the greater good thinking but overall for so many superheroes together this was awesome. I mean it doesnt come under the same ranking as bvs or godzilla, WAY AHEAD OF THEM

yeah just wished him to be shown as unprecedentedly powerful......
if one infinity stone can eliminate entire civilization (as shown in GOTG part 1).... how can captain america stop his fist with so many stones on his gauntlet..... the movie is full of these things.

–1 vote

Rating: 8/10
Format: 3D
Occupancy: 95%

There are no spoilers in this review.

Avengers: Infinity War is, in my opinion, an incomplete story for the Avengers. Without spoiling anything, the movies leaves them all confused not knowing what to do, or where to go. But for me, it is not an Avengers story, it is the story of Thanos. I think he has equal (or maybe even more) screentime as any hero. The movie explains the character fully, tells us what he is, what he wants, and takes us on a ride through his emotions and his journey to complete a dream. And it ends with his story ending. I honestly think that this movie is about Thanos, and he gets better treatment than any villain has in any MCU movie at least. I can actually understand his point of view, and even though I despise him, I also empathised with him in for a bit. The movie ends with his journey complete, and since I see him as the main character, I am fully satisfied. Yes, I will watch Avengers 4 and be crazily excited for it, but I will always view Avengers 3 as a complete movie.

Now coming to the heroes, the movie services most of them very well. I think the Guardians aren't shown as well as they could have, and Wakanda isn't as big in the movie as shown in the trailers. The big winners coming out are Thor and Dr. Strange, who should see an increase in fandom after this. Cap, Iron Man, and even Hulk were held back somewhat I think. They were given some outstanding material, but they aren't the main focus, even among heroes. Performance wise everyone does really well, especially Benedict Cumberbatch impressed me and Robert Downey Jr. was outstanding as usual. The characters all see their arc forwarded in some way, and it should neatly continue in future movies.

Action was spectacular. That's all I can say. Seeing these heroes, who all have diverse powers, working together is interesting combinations was a ton of fun. Especially since in the other Avengers movies the characters have the same punch-y sort of powers.

The movie itself looks beautiful. It has the kind of scenery that has not been seen in other Marvel movies, they truly made the world seem so enormous that I want many more movies taking place outside of Earth. One scene in particular, containing a surprise cameo, is breathtaking. I want more of this please please please!!!

There are cons here though. There are some scenes that weren't really necessary, and in a movie like this, you need to utilise every second you have. Some detours were not appreciated, especially containing Thor. Those seemed like a filler in a movie that does not really need it. Also, if you want to see all the Avengers all on screen together, that's not happening, so set your expectations before going in.

Overall, I would say go watch this movie as soon as you can, before some idiot spoils it for you. Also, seeing a movie like this with a full crowd is unlike anything else. Go experience it!

answered Apr 27 by mr.hola Assistant Director (42,001 points)

But no other franchise or movie universe take this much liberty with taking U turns. For example the deaths.... that happen but dont happen
At least 10 marvel characters died ... they mourned ... and brought them back to life.
Captain america. Bucky barnes nick fury thor loki agent phil crossbones groot pepper ... all died but came back to life when script needed.

Letting once or twice is fine three times ok. Its a routine...

on that I agree with you. but here's the thing, it's a comic book franchise and this whole dead/not dead thing is a part of the comic books.

look at the other comic book series. Jean dies in X2, is alive in X3, prof X dies in X3, is somehow alive at the start of Days of Future Past. every dead character from X3 returns at the end of DoFP, yet everyone is dead in Logan, all for story purposes.

and also look the the DCEU, Superman died, and then without even giving it 5 minutes, we see dirt floating on top of his grave, so they don't even give a minute of impact to that.

look at MCU: Loki, Fury planned their "deaths", it was a part of their story. crossbones was not dead.

and then Bucky, Groot, Phil Coulson, these characters did "die", but when they came back it actually had an impact on them and the characters around them. Bucky didn't just come back, he came back as a ****, and Cap abandoned his shield for him, Groot actually died, his replacement is a totally different character. Phil Coulson spent a long time of AoS trying to find how he is alive.

so the MCU's format does lead to a few more fake deaths, but it's also the first longform universe of it's kind, no other universe has these many stories told in this particular way. at least the MCU uses it to take the story forward.

whats point of killing off a character just for the heck of it, when there are so many stories to be told. do you want them to be like JK Rowling? apologising for killing characters decades later?

Agree with your review Mr hola. Amazing movie. Though I wasn't expecting that ending. The way all characters are brought into one frame without making it boring or confusing is what stood out for me.

the ending was a very famous part of a very popular comic book, so when it was announced at Infinity War part 1 and 2, I was expecting part 1 to end the way it did. of course they changed the name later but still expected it to happen. that didn't change the fact that when it did happen, I was screaming "noooooo".

and the very reason these two directors are hired for these movies are that they have extensive experience in handling multiple characters. they worked on the sitcoms Arrested Development and Community. so kudos to them for being so good at it and kudos to Kevin Feige for hiring them.

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