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Wishing A Very Happy Birthday To The God Of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar.

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asked Apr 24 in Sports Related by Ajay Production Accountant (20,790 points)
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edited Apr 24 by Ajay

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a giant in cricket..... but a nice guy.
playing against the legends of the legends..... shoaib akhtar, wasim akram, waqar younas, ambrose , walsh, mcgrath, shaun pollock, brett lee.... damn .... the list of biggest bowlers ever..... and scoring 100 centuries.....
the worst bowler of that era ... would be the best bowler of this new era....
plus the grounds back then were huge..... 90m-100m boundaries ....bouncy tracks....
brian lara and tendulkar ....are untouchable. they will remain untouchable

answered Apr 24 by Grand Nova Star (154,487 points)
selected Jul 5 by Ajay

+1 for that last line..................................................................

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The God who shouldered a billion dreams and enlightened us with his batting for 25 years. One of his kind.

answered Apr 24 by Intense Director (128,076 points)
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Happy bday sachin
The man who made indians fall in love with cricket

answered Apr 24 by SSk Production Accountant (27,239 points)

that straight drive.................Divine. That desert storm innings.................Divine. 1999 Chennai test knock.....................so many damn reasons to call him the God of everything.

God of Rajya Sabha too??

As usual diverting from the topic when there is no argument left

You are saying a mortal person as God, and you are saying that I have no arguments lol, keep going

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Have a blessed birthday, Sachin 4+6dulkar.
You're the greatest cricketer ever.

answered Apr 24 by shah Executive Producer (65,503 points)
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Happy Birthday Sachin, wear helmet at the back also.

answered Apr 24 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (208,056 points)
edited Apr 24 by THUNDER BIRD

You clearly wrote "Now" I think any smart person would consider "now" as present, not many people would think that "Now" means 30-40 years earlier.

Calling him a god doesn’t really mean people worship him. It’s an adjective for being such a phenomenal player.

In this age the guy has an unblemished record of being a humble sportsperson. No one knew Bradman other than his 99 average. He needed some 2-3 runs to finish with an average of 100, and he couldn’t do that. So much for being called the greatest of all time?

This might be a trick to sound unique and different from a billion indians who are fans of SRT.
I don’t care about who you think is better but do not advocate an era in which you didn’t live. Numbers never really tell you the whole story.

Seinfeld that is what I was saying. Averaging 99 against two nations on limited bowling attacks is a smaller feat than doing what SRT has done for 25 years.

TB hates all his own idols. Its a shameful fact he is undermining what SRT has done for the game

I don't know why are we continuing this? Clearly you're not gonna agree to me, nor i'm gonna agree to you, both have different opinions and let's end this. Infact I don't even want a conversation about it, I don't think my answer is anything wrong that warranted the comment Intense did, so just end it right now.