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Predict movie of the year thugs of hindustan first day, weekend, week and lifetime consider movie release on diwali day.

+3 votes
Consider following things-

Wom - Average
First day - (diwali day release)
First weekend - (3 days)
First weekend - (5 days)
Week 1 -
Lifetime -

Wom - bad
First day - (diwali day release)
First weekend - (3 days)
First weekend - (5 days)
Week 1 -
Lifetime -

Wom - good
First day - (diwali day release)
First weekend - (3 days)
First weekend - (5 days)
Week 1 -
Lifetime -
asked Apr 16 in Movie Discussions by Ajay Production Accountant (20,510 points)
99% Accept Rate

LMFAO Avataar recrord unsafe iss tarhe ki illogical baatein keval salman fans karte hain.

Content ke dum pe toh salman nei pichle saal blockbuster diya jab content nahi hota toh salman distributors ki laashein bicha deta hai isiliye sochle pehle uske baad comment kar

Aur Stardom ki baatein local star ke fans kare yeh acha nahi lagta Global Superstar Aamir Khan's Stardom is there for everyone to see

bodyguard, ready, dabangg 2 are crap blockbusters.

No Crap Movie Can Ever be a Hit let alone a blockbuster. The movies which you mentioned may be crap for pseudo intellectuals but not for a section of actual paying audience i.e, the Masses which love such type of movies This type of CONTENT suits them hence baaghi 2 which is called crap is a blockbuster thats the way it is!

15 Answers

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Best answer

195 Cr
With best wom

answered Apr 18 by Santosh Camera Operator (9,914 points)
selected Jul 5 by Ajay
+1 vote


Bad wom: 175cr

Average wom: 250cr

Good wom: 350cr

answered Apr 16 by mr.hola Assistant Director (45,959 points)
+1 vote

Bad wom- 160cr
Average wom- 270cr
Good wom- 350cr

answered Apr 17 by Intense Director (127,713 points)
+1 vote

1st day-29cr
Weekend (3)-105cr
Weekend (5)-160cr
Week (9)-215cr

1st day-27cr
Weekend (3)-95cr
Weekend (5)-140cr
Week (9)-170cr

1st day-31cr
Weekend (3)-115cr
Weekend (5)-180cr
Week (9)-240cr

My prediction

answered Apr 17 by Roman Production Designer (12,964 points)
0 votes

Wom - Average
First day - (14cr)
First weekend - (80cr)
First weekend - (125cr)
Week 1 - 150cr
Lifetime - 180cr

Wom - bad
First day - (14cr)
First weekend - (80cr)
First weekend - (110cr)
Week 1 - 130cr
Lifetime - 150cr

Wom - good
First day - (14cr)
First weekend - (90cr)
First weekend - (140cr)
Week 1 - 180cr
Lifetime - 250cr

film will most probably have average to bad WOM.

if anyonne who's seen tashan and dhoom 3 ..... they just know...that the director will make a horrendous movie...and it will carry bad WOM. by long shot it might have average WOM...and in any case... this movie will carry huge losses for everyone involved. with movie budget of 250cr. and that will be without the salary of aamir khan.... which will make it a 300cr budgeted movie. if yrf didn't have dhoom 4 and tiger 3 .... the production house might have been on the verge of shutting down.... thats how badly the losses of thug wil hit them....

answered Apr 17 by Grand Nova Star (154,147 points)
0 votes

My honest prediction
Opening 25cr( diwali day)
Weekend 110cr (3 days)

Week 200cr (extended week)
Lifetime 280-310cr

answered Apr 17 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (24,753 points)
0 votes

As Usual, Record Breaking. Your Local Star Salman Is Only Capable Of Giving Non-Bahubali Weekend Record, With Added Advantage Of Big Productions House & Actresses.
Aamir Will Truly Deliver A Record Breaker, Not Some "Non-Bahubali" Record.

answered Apr 17 by Rajat Production Accountant (28,293 points)

If all goes well then Salman will deliver Biggest weekend grosser with Race3.
That's before Aamir

0 votes

Lets see if content can save AK this year as well.

I will go with

answered Apr 17 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (11,096 points)

Well you should rather think whether content will save salman rather distributors or not when Bharat releases there is a thin line btwn BB and TB.
2017 Witnessed when salman fails to have a good content movie TUBLELIGHT happens and When He Has good content movie TZH happens


0 votes

Thug is unique movie which wil offer new to audiences if it is well made then can do 450 to 500cr considerin gst...

answered Apr 17 by playboy Unit Manager (30,815 points)
0 votes

Bad WOM 170 cr
Average WOM 200 cr
Good WOM 310 cr

answered Apr 17 by Faizurrahman Location Manager (7,722 points)
–1 vote

Bad to mixed wom Dhoom 3 was atg/atbb. Just imagine Thugs, I mean Aamir in an out and out commercial entertainer after 5 years..........

answered Apr 16 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (76,894 points)

I agree with Abbie!

Downvotes for Abbie and rancho. Bhai ye kisko itni problem hai Aamir se ?

I think its Ajay

No rancho maine nahi diya.

–1 vote

First day - 70crs rs
5 day Weekend- 200cr rs
Lifetime - 500cr rs

answered Apr 16 by Charlie runkle™ Director (124,105 points)

Diwali day - 70 cr hahhahhahahaha

Diwali ke agle din hai na release Bhaisaab?

No ss release then aamir say diwali day release and official date is 7 nov and that day diwali. And by the way 70 cr first day kam nahi ho gaya. 100 cr bol dete. Bhai bahubali ne hi 47 cr kiya hai highest ab gst change karke bhi 52 cr tak chala jayega.

–1 vote

Wom - Average
First day - 34CR (diwali day release)
First weekend - 120CR (3 days)
First weekend - 180CR (5 days)
Week 1 -245CR
Lifetime -350CR+

Wom - bad
First day -30 (diwali day release)
First weekend - 100CR(3 days)
First weekend - 140CR(5 days)
Week 1 -195CR
Lifetime -270CR+

Wom - good
First day - 35CR(diwali day release)
First weekend - 130CR(3 days)
First weekend - 210CR+(5 days)
Week 1 -320CR+
Lifetime -550CR+

answered Apr 16 by fuad hasan Assistant Director (53,419 points)

–1 vote

Bad Wom 200 crs, 3 idiots crossed
Avg Wom 300 crs, Sultan crossed
Good Wom 400 crs, Dangal crossed

answered Apr 17 by Rancho Production Accountant (29,644 points)
–1 vote

Bad wom: 200cr MIN

Average wom: 300cr MIN

Good wom: 400cr MIN

answered Apr 17 by nitesh singh Set Designer (2,193 points)
edited Apr 17 by nitesh singh

Not 4000, Reduce 1 zero

And I agree with this prediction

I think Another Atbb and ATG for Aamir on its way

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