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October First Weekend Business - BOI

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October picked up over the weekend after a slow start on Friday and it was pretty much the story most of these urban audience targeted films have. The weekend numbers are low at 19 crore nett but the trend of the film gives the film a chance to have a run if the weekdays can sustain. The Sunday growth is better than it looks as the Saturday number is probably inflated around 5% by some partial holidays though 8 crore nett on Sunday would have been a real result.

The film is safe in economics trade terms as a big price for satellite and digital has covered its 35 crore budget and pa.  Amazon have taken both digital and satellite and will probably offload satellite at a later date. But that is where it needs some appreciation with the theatrical audience because if it does not then the holders of satellite and digital face the burden, as recovery for them is a huge task because a film which does not run in theaters is unlikely to work in other formats unless its a commercial entertainer which October is not

The first weekend business of October is as follows.

Friday - 4,50,00,000 apprx
Saturday - 7,00,00,000 apprx
Sunday - 7,50,00,000 apprx

TOTAL - 19,00,00,000 apprx

There are not many films that can be compared to this and the closest is probably Lootera (2013) which had a similar cost though Ranveer Singh did not have the stardom in 2013 that Varun Dhawan has in 2018 but it had Sonakshi Sinha as female lead who was a top heroine at the time. That film had opened to 4 crore nett and scored a 16 crore nett weekend and October has done better than that.

Lootera was an awful film and it folded quickly at 28 crore nett though it was highly rated by the writers which is true of October as well but what is said and written is not important and mostly fake so October has to avoid the kick in the teeth that the audience gave Lootera.
Source Link: https://www.boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=3858
asked 5 days ago in Box Office Related by suhas All Time best! (252,857 points)
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9 Answers

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Lootera was an awful film thats harsh

answered 5 days ago by SSk Production Accountant (24,543 points)
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Yes, what is said and written is .... fake

answered 5 days ago by shah Assistant Director (58,735 points)
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Lootera was an awful movie.............................BOI are obsessed with numbers and numbers. No respect for art or story telling.

answered 5 days ago by Intense Producer (113,592 points)

That was long proven for their love towards Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

They are a box office site, they don't give a shit to artistic value but they do care about story telling, just that which is Audience friendly.

Lootera was one of the finest films of 2013, BOI perhaps did not have the brains to understand it

BOI has the brains.. it's individual perception when it comes to this sort of story telling..

But when it comes to box office business alone then BOI completely ignores that. In a bid to do that, they turn extremely harsh which is just unnecessary.

Just coz people would never prefer a Lootera doesn't mean they term it as worst. But then they do it for every film.

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Today october finish and april start in theatre. Many morning shows cancelled in morning shows due to lack of audiences.

answered 5 days ago by Ajay Production Designer (13,590 points)
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Movie will crash today.
35-40cr lifetime.
1st flop for Varun, movie is for very very limited set of audience & it's getting extremely mixed wom no chance of surviving.
Iam not being harsh here,iam saying this after watching the movie.

answered 5 days ago by Roman Camera Operator (8,948 points)
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Was hoping for.more growth on Sunday. But good weekend after low opening. Let's see if it can be at least average.

answered 5 days ago by Sanal Star (141,152 points)
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I dont think its their place to call a film awful. They should just comment on the BO run of a movie as they are a BO site but those other things need not be addressed by them.

answered 5 days ago by Seinfeld Location Manager (7,940 points)
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As usual....my same comment...BOI ki *&(&&&^^%^&%^%67 for
"Lootera was an awful film"

answered 4 days ago by abbie Unit Manager (30,239 points)
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Monday drop incoming...

answered 4 days ago by mr.hola Unit Manager (38,764 points)

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