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What if. Just suppose. What if RACE 3 gets a great wom like TZH. Can you predict its weekend and so on??

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TZH weekend = 115cr

week 1 = 206cr

week 2 = 85cr

week 3 = 28cr

remaining = 12cr

total = 339cr

RACE 3 weekend = ??..... (IMO 160cr)

week 1 = ?? (240cr)

week 2 = ?? (100cr)

week 3 = ?? (23cr)

remaining = ?? (10cr)

total = ?? (373cr)
asked Apr 16 in Movie Discussions by Grand Nova Star (154,147 points)
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edited Apr 16 by Grand Nova

according to stuthers..... things they are doing with race 3...the scale etc..has never been seen before...and this guy ..... gave action of TZH. which was huge.

6 Answers

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Major Hit no 21 or 22( including KKHH)

answered Apr 16 by shah Executive Producer (65,396 points)
selected 1 day ago by Grand Nova
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TZH wom wasn't great,it was mixed to decent at best.
Nonetheless iam expecting another 300cr movie for Megastar & iam pretty much sure he will achieve that.

answered Apr 16 by Roman Production Designer (12,964 points)
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MY PREDICTION - (I Am Not Assume Race 3 Wom Like Tiger Zinda Hai But I Expect Average Wom So My Prediction.

FRI - 45 cr (RECORD)(Consider Eid Day)
SAT - 37.5 cr
SUN - 40 cr

WEEKEND - 122.50 cr (RECORD)

MON - 20 cr
TUE - 17 cr
WED - 14.5 cr
THU- 12.5 cr

WEEK 1 - 186.5 cr
WEEK 2 - 54.25 cr
WEEK 3 - 15.75 cr
REST - 6 cr

TOTAL - 262.5 cr

If Wom Like Tiger Zinda Hai Then 4th 300 cr+ for sure

answered Apr 16 by Ajay Production Accountant (20,510 points)


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My honest Prediction :
Opening day (Eid Day) 47cr
Weekend 125cr
Week 200-210cr
Lifetime 280-310cr

answered Apr 16 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (24,753 points)
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If it gets WOM like TZH it will do 320cr because Christmas is a much better period, and the eid advantage is for 3 days mostly. TZH also had a huge free run period while Race 3 will get 2 weeks before Sanju. Some of the difference will be covered by Race 3 having holidays on the 3-day weekend.

And it is entirely possible for that sort of WOM to happen. People are underestimating Remo D'Souza. He is more successful than AAZ was before he worked with Sallu.

answered Apr 16 by mr.hola Assistant Director (45,959 points)

tiger zinda hai did not have a free run...it had movies releasing each week after week 1...
jumanji released second week of TZH did 60cr ... fukray 2 was also running during TZH run.
then there were small movies each week ... but they kept taking screen space.... so TZH DID NOT have a free run. and not to forget the protests. which also cost alot. although agreed that christmas is far far far superior time for BO than eid.

By your definition no movie has ever had a free run.

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Another 300+cr grosser coming up in that case....................................................

answered Apr 16 by Intense Director (127,713 points)

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