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Offbeat ha? That too on the biggest south Indian festival? Do you want the fans to die out of heart attack or take the matters into their own hands to hurt the writer/directors?

Rajini's core audience are damn hungry for the full on Rajinism which they have not got to witness for a long time. Lingaa had it but it was a very bad film. Kabali, Kaala were completely un-Rajini like infact that's the riskiest experiments he could've attempted.

There was evil Chitti in Endhiran & 2.0 but that is just one character trait. So honestly since Sivaji The Boss, the fans have been left thirsty for an wholesome Rajinikanth entertainer which presents him the way he has been loved for over three decades.

The above teaser just by walking shot promises to deliver the Rajini audience are desperate to watch. In that also the supporting cast is huge, with Vijay Sethupathi, Bobby Simha & Nawazuddin Siddiqui. If the director Karthik Subbaraj (who has a very good name for himself) again takes up Pa.Ranjith's route to experiment with Rajini's image then all hell will break loose.


Dont you think its stupidity to clash against each other on festival.

Viswasam vs Petta that too two big films which can hamper each other's FULL POTENTIAL at boxoffice where TN has less screens and in that also clash is happening among big films


@iamkhan8970 Festival time that too pongal or sankranthi, you can't say anything. There'll always be space for two films. If it was giant budget like 2.0 then one thing.

Just look at Telugu only. NTR Kathanayakudu, Vinaya Vidheya Rama, F2... This 21st itself it's a nightmare. KGF [5 languages], Seethakathi [Vijay Sethupathi on 20th], Maari 2, Adangamaru, Kanaa, Silukkuvarapatti Singam.... All major clashes. Vishnu Vishal is hot after Ratchasan so Silukkuvarapatti Singam with Udhayanadhi Stalin distributing. Dhanush is big enough for Maari 2. Jayam Ravi has taken it to ego to release Adangamaru.

All you can do is just sit back and enjoy the show.


thnx for the details bro.......it was jst the poster i think which made me think that it is off beat....also his look is quite simple....maybe that's why i expected it to be a non-Rajni film....also he is done with 2.0 n many before so i thought he is doing some simple non-Rajni story....but whatever, i was wrong

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What a mind blowing teaser. Am seriously addicted to this. What a BGM and what an entry by Rajini Sir. Maranna Mass even at the age of 69. Even better than Visawasam teaser. Biggest clash this Pongal. Waiting!

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I love it how Rajini is mixing things up. He did Robot a sci fi flick then Linga a full blown masala flick then Kabali an urban look movie and then 2.0 again a sci fi flick. And now this, looks like a total masala movie.

Other south stars are plain monotonous with same old same old masala crap.

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Unlike Kamal Haasan, he has not announced his retirement once he enters into politics. Even Kamal announcing it was painful. So with age catching up, Rajini had to rise above the usual expectations. He tried Kabali & Kaala, where director Pa.Ranjith who belongs to the lower caste used Rajini as a medium to convey his social message as well as ideologies. Ofcourse if not Kabali, with Kaala they tried to use those ideologies to help Rajini with his political image.

Either way, audience missed out on actual Rajinism. They made Rajini leave his image entirely. Even with Shankar, both Enthiran (Robot) & 2.0 had only one character trait evil Chitti with Rajinism. Even there it was only the negative side. Those films too were devoid of true Rajinikanth. Lingaa was a bad film & both Rajini characters were badly written along with the film itself which made it a nightmare for everyone.

Let's see how Karthik Subbaraj delivers on the promise. He too is among the most promising young talent like Pa.Ranjith having his own unique sense of cinema. But unlike Pa.Ranjith, he cannot experiment with Rajini's image.

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Thalaiva always rocks. He is biggest star of India. LOve the attitude and BGM is mass.

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