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TBH he is the most unfortunate cricketer as he had to battle cancer when actually he was at his peak of his career.. and the rest was juat a battle for him on the field even after making a comeback..

The greater short format player as Gautam Gambhir described him once for being the star for the country on the biggest occasions..

1. His batting debut against the mighty invincible Aussies at the 2000 ICC champions trophy - definitely his match winning 84 - this was the win that got india into groove to reach the finals.

2. Indias one of the gretest victory - when defeting Emgland chasing 326 the Natwest series.. Who would not remember Gangulys shirtless celebration.. Here again Yuvi was the difference with Kaif and Yuvi was great throughout the series.

3. He is one of the very very few cricketers who won three consecutive man of the series awards - against South Africa, England and Pakistan when he was peaking in his career and again an injury brought him down.

4. And whi would forget his 80+ not out along with Sachin winning the hiatoric test vs England..

5. Yuvis 6 sixes will forever be a highlight for world cricket amd fans till the time cricket exist.. By no means an easy task and the guys watching India and t20 world cup that time would know how that 6 sixes changed the aspect of t20 and helped boost the audience interest amd Indias momentum through that tournament.

6. Yuvis 70 against the mighty Aussies in the semi final of t20 world cup.. This is definitely among the top 5 greatest t20 innings ever.. Reminding again, without Yuvi t20 world cup wasnt possible (giving credit here to Gambhir as well)

7. The greatest moment of Indian cricket - 2011 world cup..im not talking about his risky sacrifice he made for the country - a thought of him coughing kneeling down mid way his innings against West Indies, just salute him and his spirit.. Never ever saw an allround performance so valuable from any others in world cricket...and and no credit here for Dhoni please owing to his 90+ in the finals as it was Yuvi at his peak form and the best player throughout the tournament padded up next so it was all cool there..

8. Under 19 world cup 2000 (not sure if it is 1999) - Yuvi was thean of the series here as well.

9. Yuvi is one of the very few bowlers to take 2 hatricks in IPL and very few to take 2 hatricls in single IPL.

And remember the young Yuvi taking down the Mcgrath, Gillespie, bret lees to the boundaries during his 134 in the 2000s,his 41 ball 85 against the Namibia in 2007 world cup, 16 ball 45 vs England, 164 vs Pakistan in tests and a lone battling 112 vs Pak during Indias collapse, his contributions to India in fielding will be the best..

For me Yuvraj is a Legend of Indian cricket and an inspiration to many.. Forever my favourite.
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Yuvraj Kohli Dhoni Are Biggest Match Winners For India In Limited Overs (Odi And T20)

{Talking About ODI Alone Then Sachin And Ganguly Also Join The List)

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Still Remember those 6 Sixes. Each and Every Shot is a perfect class and temparament. At that night Stuart Broad not sleep well because he was normal after 2-3 Days.

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Man cancer ruined his career otherwise he would have achieved many more records anyways he was and always will be one of the best players for India in shorter formats

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Champion. The biggest for india. Deserves way more credit than what he sometimes gets.

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Absolutely true. And sad..

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He was the sole reason India won WC 2011. Man those wickets and runs kept coming at crucial times for India. The way he broke down hugging Sachin after India had won the final. Shows what that meant to him.

A true blue champion.

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