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Aamir's Successful Track Record In Art, Feature And Documentry Film

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Dhobi Ghat Is One Of The Highest Grossing Art Films, Also It Wasnt An Outright Flop.
Despite being an Art Film It Opened To 2.5 crs and did 8.5crs in weekend.

Moreover Its Highly Critically Acclaimed Movie The film was listed for the 65th BAFTA Awards in the Best Film Not in the English Language category.
Aamir Gave An Excellent Performance!

Apart From Dhobi Ghat Aamir Has Done 2 Other Art Films As Well

☆Raakh (For Which Aamir Won His 1st National Award)
☆1947 Earth (Where Aamir Played A Villain and Which Was Official Entry For Oscars)

These Are Also Gems In Aamir's Filmography!

Apart From This He Even Won National Award For Documentry Film- Madness In Desert

Feature Films Track Record-

Truly He Is Mr. Perfectionist
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Yes Dhobi Ghat Is An Art Film Newton getting award for best feature film cant be art film


"You changed the all time grosser to one of thetop grosser right?"

Did that long time back when you made your 1st comment being an admin you can check that I believe.

"May be you can pull the argument your side if you want to add the overseas collection & take worldwide collection. But then if you take overseas alone the Salaam Bombay comes into play."

Wrong guess I only want to talk about Domestic

"Ofcourse number would be minimal but you'reonly taking the current figure."

Well thats what im saying since beginning that Im only Comparing collections And I doubt Whether Pyasa Is an Art Film

Audience Supported Aamir Or Else 2.5 cr opening day for and Art Film Wouldnt have been there.
Yes he made profit but that wasnt his primary objective I mean why would he make art film to earn profit He can easily make delly belly for that

PR Stuff? Well You cant say Just like That It was PR stuff You need to provide some valid points to prove it or else in this way every article on any star would be termed as PR stuff.

Dhoom 3 came 4 yrs later after 3 Idiots that gap clearly shows Aamir Rejected The deal

Your knowledge about Films are no doubt more than me I Accept that

I changed the All Time Grosser Part The Moment You reminded me about Bandit Queen Which I missed
So whats left now to change.

Aamir Got Appreciation From Limited Class Audience of such movies and Critical acclaims thats enough from Art Films As Regards Aamir.
He is not Manoj Bajpayee to Rely on such Films for being hit, He has long list of Major records from Feature Films which actually He is suppose to do.
These art films and Documentries are only for Critical Acclaims IMO.

I think There is not much to be said from my side so would like to rest my case here itself!

@Rancho Your understanding of art & feature film is wrong. Is Dhobi Ghat runtime less than 40mins? No na. Then it is a feature film.. then further you classify them as so called art film or commercial films. When you talk money then technically every film becomes an commercial one.

And haven't you been told to never rely on Wikipedia? Anyways the list you've provided updated by ppl like you & me, have missed Newton. Even then, there's Haider listed. That did 49cr domestic right. Changes everything.

Do NOT even doubt whether Pyaasa is a parallel cinema or not.

Any movie is made for profit only. If he didn't then why didnt he show the film for free to all of us? Why even talk of 2.5cr first day? Why should anybody pay money for someone else's "satisfaction"? Once a film is completed & is ready for theatrical business then it's all about business. Dhobi Ghat isn't special to get exclusion.

Who told you documentaries are for critical acclaim? A documentary is nothing but an actual recording of an event or a topic based on real facts. It is to spread awareness among people based on the source material. And in return make money. So somebody makes a documentary on Syria based on ongoing war for say 1 year. They spend one year of their life for free! No monetary benefits & only critical acclaim matters?

It is like you studying for an entire semester, give exam & nobody gives you marks but simply tells you well done. You'll be happy with just that without getting anything in return for your efforts.

Aamir indeed got a blank cheque which he rejected. If that is a PR then every news related to Khans like Salman getting worried for his Mom in Jail is also a PR.

And, Aamir loved the script of Dhobi ghat and it was then highest grossing off beat film before Lunchbox... It was never rejected at all. If u don't like a film u can't call it a rejected film....

Dhobi ghat was liked by critics including the great cricketer Imran Khan......

@Kashyap123 any news about any star is PR driven. One set of news will be pushed by PR. The other set of news will eventually used by PR for their further marketing management.

If you really think any of Aamir's art films were "accepted" then good for you. Nobody will call as 15lac footfalls film as "accepted". If you're bringing only critic reviews then why talk about acceptance or rejection?

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The bridge between a superstar and a super actor that is Aamir sir.

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