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Best Runs In Bollywoood Of All Time

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List In No Particular Order

☆Rajesh Khanna- 15 Hits Including 9 Big Hits Between 1969- 1971

☆Aamir Khan- 5 All Time Grossers, 4 All Time Blockbusters And 1 Blockbuster From 2008- 2017*

☆Salman Khan- 9 Blockbusters Including 1 All Time Blockbuster From 2010- 2017*

NOTE- Aamir's And Salman's Record Breaking Run Is Still Not Over!
asked Apr 15 in Box Office Related by Rancho Production Accountant (29,704 points)
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It Seems Jelous People Didnt Like Best Runs Of Kaka, Bhai, and Ace Hence Gave Downvotes


4 Answers

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All three are magnificent runs.
Salman Khan's mega success within a year of another megasuccess for 8 years is a fairytale story becoming reality.
Aamir's success since Ghazini is unmatched and unique in history.

answered Apr 15 by shah Executive Producer (65,446 points)
selected Apr 15 by Rancho
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In my point of view Salman khan and aamir khan's run is far superior than others coz one can have 15 back to back successes but can't have Back to back Atbb/Bb movies

answered Apr 15 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (24,753 points)

Aamir And Salman Became Stars Towards The End Of 1980s decade and Will Continue To Have Stardom Till Next Decade End As Well Means 4 Decades Of Stardom Insane
Though The Craze/Popularity/Stardom Kaka Saw From 1969-1972 Was unparalled!

Tanveer Rajesh was a one man army. Aamir and Salman have had competition from each other all the time. Longevity is superior but what kaka saw is yet to be seen.

Yes you might be right in your part but the feat Salman and Aamir enjoying will never be repeated for next 30 years I am pretty sure

Yes. The last megastars standing.

+2 votes

.. rajesh khanna had ... many average and semi hits in between as well. ... so that is not all that impressive. May be for the time it was but not now

answered Apr 15 by Grand Nova Star (154,224 points)

But they were back to back and that too in the matter of just 3 yrs anyways now BOI will make them clean hits and according to BOI Archives Rajesh Khanna Also gave 9 Big Hits in the span of 18 months during his 15 back to back hits streak!

+1 vote

RK'S run was mind boggling, even today no star can imagine giving 15 hits in a span of two years.

AK can have another ATG with TOH, for Salman, race 3 is a potential BB and Bharat is potential ATBB

answered Apr 15 by Intense Director (127,859 points)

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