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Let's discuss upcoming movies and their potential of Generation L stars. Varun V tiger V Ranbir V Ranveer.

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1- SOTY 2


3- Rambo 

4- Baaghi 3

all these movies are guaranteed to take 20cr or above opening and all are potential 150cr-200cr movies. 

movies with respecct to their potential 

HR V Tiger > Rambo > Baaghi 3 > SOTY 2

Varun inception is dilwale Dhawan 

1- Sui dhaaga (pretentious cry for attention)

2- ABCD 3 (katrinna kaif joins)

3- Rannbhoomi (revenge love story)

4- Shiddat 

sui dhaga 40cr potential , abcd 3 , they are making it in 4D i dont know if we had anything above 3D..but its varun's movies so guess... it can be. but its potential will be ofcourse over 100cr. 

rannbhoomi and shiddat are his first big budget movies.... so they can go beyond 120cr in terms of boxoffice.... if they build some hype.... but then again..all these movies are potentially mediocre in terms of boxoffice..... inluding october as well.... its below Tiger's movies. 

potential of boxoffice 

shiddat>rannbhoomi>abcd 3 > pop corn and vomit bag business during sui dhaga release > sui dhaga  

Ranbir kapoor 

1- Sanju 

2- brahmastra 1,2,3

3- karan johar's next

sanju ofcourse...an almost guranteed 200cr movie.... raju hirani , and RK looking and speaking and walking exactly like sanjay dutt.... no doubts about it. 

Brahmastra trilogy .... i dont know mahn.... ranbir kapoor in action and that too a super hero movie.... he's a romantic hero ... or intense actor .... but not a massy star.... im skeptical about this series. unless the budget for entire trilogy is over 300cr..... this will fall flat very badly. but then its just my Grand Opinion. and then there is a karan johar directorial .... which might again be a mediocre one but a potential 150cr grosser. 


boxoffice potential 

Sanju > Brahmastra series > Karan johar's manipulation episode VI 

Ranveer singh

1- Gully Boy

2- Simmba

3- 83

4- yrf's movie opposite Padukone 

a huge potential actor but multiplex syndrome.... gully boy will take pathetic opening and will be finished after 40cr-50cr 

then 83 wont even do close to 100cr. 

only simmba and yrf's next will do over 100cr.... but padmavat and BM its downhill for him. 

BO potential 

Simmba > yrf's next > 69(sexy)+14 > 

asked Apr 15 in General by Grand Nova Star (154,147 points)
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answered Apr 15 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (24,753 points)
selected 1 day ago by Grand Nova
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These ones have maximum potential for these guys.

Dutt is a confirmed 300cr grosser and a confirmed national award/oscar nomination for ranbir kapoor. Keep bo aside, acting wise ranbir is miles ahead of ranveer, tiger , varun etc.

answered Apr 15 by Intense Director (127,713 points)

What? Dutt is confirmed 300cr grosser? Intense bro every time u over predict the movie every time under performs that movie Dutt can be 200cr grosser it won't be 300cr grosser even in dreams

hahahahhahahhahaha, tanveer bro you did not get the sarcasm!

Oh my bad

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anyone of these can emerge as the biggest.

my bet is on Ranbir. Sanju will be huge, then Brahmastra has big potential and after that he's doing a movie with YRF, which also has a good director and Sanjay Dutt will be playing his dad.

after that it's Ranveer/Varun, any one of them can be biggest. both know how to do big commercial masala stuff but also are hungry for that praise from critics, which is why they did October and Gully Boy. this is something that can be an issue for them, but they are still signed up for big projects. For Ranveer, Simmba can be him image-building moment, its a movie being made on totally on his personality. For Varun, he's trying a bunch of stuff. Rannbhoomi will decide if he can play with the big guys. other than that expect Sui Dhaaga and the dance flick to be HITs at least.

about Tiger, one big opening or blockbuster movie does not make every single movie he makes a 20cr+ opener or a 150cr+ grosser. SOTY2 is not going to be as huge as some in the forum are predicting. still, maybe he will surprise everyone like he did with Baaghi 2.

answered Apr 15 by mr.hola Assistant Director (45,959 points)

Bhai who had thought baaghi 2 will do this? Soty has the dharma brand behind. 120-130cr is on imo

yeah there is the potential to surprise, but there are tons of other factors too. Dharma isn't a guarantee for success. plus, SOTY wasn't a HIT while Baaghi was.

SOTY had Karan Johar as director and the gave it a boost too, along with great music and it's appeal to teen-girls. That same crowd might turn out for part 2 but we can't know if the audience can be expanded. Sure, it can be a big hit, but right now thinking that every Tiger Shroff movie will open big and sustain is a bit of a joke IMO. this movie also won't have action I think.

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Who’s got time for those numbskulls...
Only Megastar.

Race 3 will mostly be the only movie I watch in a theatre this year!

answered Apr 15 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (11,096 points)

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