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Here is my review of October. Please share you opinions on the movie too.

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October: a good intention gone woefully wrong.

One thing I can definitely credit the makers of October for is the fact that sold the movie exactly as it is. In the trailer itself we could see what was going to be in the movie. It was not going to have comedy, only some subtle humour, there were not going to be intense scenes or romantic scenes, even there were no songs in the trailer I think. That trailer might have drowned my excitement for the movie, but it also prepared me for what kind of movie this was going to be.

I honestly think this movie wasn't good for a feature-length format. It should have been like a short film, 15 minutes. If Varun really wanted some praise for his acting then he would have gotten that from that short film, and he wouldn't have had to break his successful films streak. The makers I think were being dishonest with themselves about the movie too. There just isn't enough stuff there to make a movie. Some people say that it reminds them of an arty Hollywood movie, but even in US  a movie like this would not have been a hit. Any producer who wants to make HIT movie would know from the script that movie is not for a big audience. It is extremely niche.

Way too many things about the movie are in abstract. You can say that the makers want you to really pay attention and come up with your own answers, but I honestly think that they themselves did not know what they were trying to do. So many things are there in the movie that make you ask why is it like this, why is this character feeling this way, why is this character is acting this way.

So who is this movie for? Well, for people who like to come to their own conclusions, for people who really enjoy the atmosphere, for people who are looking for movies that break away from the herd, for people who enjoy beautiful shots. But if you are someone looking for entertainment or meaning, or even a good plot, this is not for. Even the great song "Theher Ja" is not in the movie.

As far as acting is concerned, Varun is good. He is not extraordinary or something, but he does justice to the character, and you can see his trying to really prove himself. Banita is beautiful, but she is barely given anything to se. The woman playing Banita's mom is great in the movie, really showing the pain a parent goes through in such a situation. Other small characters like Banita's siblings, her nurse, are also well casted and do a good job.

Audience report: I think around 12-13 people were in the cinema, and 6 of them walked out around interval point. First time I have seen so many people walk out of a movie so early and willingly.

Box office opinion: I do not see this movie being a success at all. Expect a big drop on Monday.

My rating: 2.5/5.

Advice to people involved: Shoojit sir, you are at your best when making slice-of-life comedy type movies like VD and Piku, please go back to that zone. Varun, you are a good actor but please do not go so far in trying to prove yourself to someone. Banita, you have good potential and you are beautiful, try to pick a few commercial movies after this.

Source Link: The Mind of Hola.
asked Apr 14 in Reviews by mr.hola Assistant Director (45,847 points)
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Oh didn't realise there was no separate posts of October forum reviews!

If I wasn't following my pact of No hindi movies (only older films special screenings) till Race 3 then I would've definitely watched this. Infact I would've caught last night's screening if it wasn't sold out. Last time when Varun did Badlapur, I supported it by watching in theatre. After surviving the worst Judwaa 2 I really should've caught October to erase Varun's Judwaa act from memory. Also I adore Juhi as a writer. All the perfect nuances of her writing is something only Shoojit can grasp which is evident from Vicky Donor & Piku. But then that is the beauty of female writers.

Instead I watched a terrible film called Rampage. But then I knew what I was getting into so can't blame anyone.

Why did you make a pact?

Anyway, an effort like October deserves support, especially if you like that sort of stuff. Do let me know your thoughts if you end up seeing it.

Well I had spent over 21k last year so the main decision was to cut down on number of movies I watch in theatre. I usually watch maximum Hollywood movies anyways so choice was to reduce Hindi films which isn't a tough decision. Have done it before too.

And as of now I've watched Amar Akbar Anthony, Lamhe & Pyaasa in theatre. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron is postponed to May 9th as 1018mb didn't get enough bookings for April 19th show. So not feeling to add a 2018 film along with them yet.

21k is more than I have spent on movie tickets in my entire life!

2 Answers

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Totally batshit crazy movie, awesome fun, visuals were good, it was funny at times, action was cool, and climax was awesome, overall a fun entertaining movie and true to it's name, it's a rampaging entertainer..!!

answered Apr 14 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (207,822 points)

Good you found Rampage tolerable.

The great CBFC blurring the middle finger gesture of George in the film was them blurring out the only good thing in the movie.

No more Dwayne Johnson's films for this year. Can't purposefully kill the newer brain cells again. Gotta give others the chance to do that.

I didn't find it tolerable, I enjoyed it, there's a difference..!!

You enjoyed something you couldn't tolerate!

I could never tolerate Ready ergo I could never enjoy it. Should learn the trick from you.

Post is on October and tb talking about rampage. Height of hatred.

I'm talking about October, I'm conveying that I didn't wasted time and money on it instead choose a miles better option and it was worth it.

hahahaha @TB

Not only hateful , TB's review is rampagingly biased. His review of rampage is based on his comparison of rampage and his imaginary viewed film October , because when tb woke up on Friday, he already strongly made up his mind that October will be so boring that anything in front of it will look awesome.. So he went ahead with rampage and was thanking and crediting his decision throughout the film that -> mera janaza nikal jaata agar mein October dekh leta toh
So that's how he found it entertaining .

I found it entertaining because it is entertaining, and I don't need to compare it with October to find it so. Besides, a Hollywood movie with, awesome action, good visuals, giant creatures wrecking shit vs a small time movie of a joker, not a difficult choice.

Infact Hollywood vs Bollywood makes it even easier.

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Going by your review this one is a disaster on the way. Still a good attempt by varun.

answered Apr 14 by Intense Director (127,543 points)

Saturday grew to 7cr. Might not be a disaster overall. Let's see what happens on Sunday.

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