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All this talk about Aamir not being limited to one image, can he pull roles like these?

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I have seen everyone and even myself caliming aamir not being trapped in one image. But just give it a thought.

Can aamir succeed with roles like Rahul from CE? Radhey from wanted? Or even Tiger? I knwo srk is looking washed up but he can still do a Don 2 which was cool and shit.

Aamir trying to act cool was 3 hours of one expression in Dhoom 3! He is a smart guy who goes about his game with content. Takes 2-3 years, chalks everything out and then decides to come out. If he did 2 movies a year, then everyone would have agreed him being bigger than megastar.
asked Apr 14 in Opinion by Seinfeld Camera Operator (11,138 points)
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When other actors big gap of 2-3 years we get movies like

Jai Ho, Mohenjo Daro, Ra One. So basically other actors are not able to match Aamir when they take a gap.

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Aamir can nail any role yes, but looking cool and running a film purely on charisma isn’t his style, something which he also knows himself

answered Apr 14 by Intense Director (127,859 points)
selected Jul 10 by Seinfeld

Negative votes ki jhadi lag gayi yahan

Bhai Aamir is a superb actor. The best today. Salman can run through trash like dabanng 2 and still make it work. There's something called swag which Aamir doesn't have. I remember him saying in an interview that Salman and SRK know how to enter a party and make an impression which he finds tough.

Looking cool, swag etc is not Aamir's strength. He knows his strong points and knows how to maximise them

Aur mera joomla yehi hai

Yeh bechare dil pe le lete hai sab kuch

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Can Daniel day Lewis succeed with roles like baaje from maalamal weekly?
Can Meryl Streep succeed with a role like aaarara ben from aamdani athani qharcha rupaiya?
Can Morgan Freeman succeed with a role like Nana patekar from kranti ?

Conclusion -Don't compare an international standard artist with regional artists.

answered Apr 14 by Charlie runkle™ Director (124,115 points)

Yes I Agree Charlie
Btw HNY 178 crs and Dhobi ghat 13 crs :p

abhe Rancho, assume srk retired today ..phir 10 years baad aana Aamir ko bo srk ke saath compare karne ke liye. this is box office forum, sab ko thodi bahat box office pata..regularly happening this box office comparison. I don't need to go on there anymore.
and @Charlie I wish you had some common sense. SRK who did CE wo SRK did baazigar, darr, CDI, MNIk, swades. Aamir wo Aamir who did dangal and same Aamir who did Mela, aatank hi aatank....CE is huge hit, matlab people got entertained and liked it and it was the ultimate purpose of the maker ...did you wanted a CDI type acting in CE ??? how funny, both Aamir srk did good films, bad films. they have been here in for more than two decades, yes I agree since last couple of years srk's choice has been bad, but that don't fade away his excellent film career, acting. and the problem with international acclaim, jaake pehle dekhle who's more internationally acclaimed, honored. 2-4 saal se Aamir ko log pehchan raha hai, SRK has been there since darling of international market since 1995. when people like American president think every Indian should be proud of Shah Rukh khan..aur suddenly tu aake bol dega ....kiya kiya bakwaas.. senseless people.
as a person, as an actor, as an Star srk is thousands time superior than Aamir... Aamir wo Aamir jo ek time modi ko openly criminal bola tha and now..... hahaha, lol. I saw you constantly bashed modi. once Aamir used to do that but now he changed his opinion, you know why???? lol

Take out fluke Ce, nothing for Shahrukh in multiplex era.

@Sihan: bhai Charlie was just providing a counter and in words which were sounding good, his main focus was on sentence construction so he said ''Don't compare an international standard artist with regional artists.'' ......n you took it literally.....i like both of u and u both fighting is not a good sight
@Charlie ''Baadshah bhai... Seinfeld miyaan first comment smiles ke saath hass Kar kiye.. phir aakhri comment mein kaafi martaba shit Waghera likha.... jab guftagu ka myaar zawaal pazeer hota dikhraha hai toh mere paas wajah nahin thi ke mubahis jaari rakhoon.''

i wish i can be like this.....hold back quality, not like jumping around proving my point.....worked on it a lot....n now a lot better than before, either on forum or real life.......anyways, not in this context particularly, just an Ayah i love ''if you come across stupidity, ignore it with dignity''

P.S. literally no offence to anybody

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Aamir's versatility Is There For Everyone To See

Aamir played roles from a teacher to student(tzp, 3 Idiots) from a rich man to a tapori(ghajini, ghulam) from a lover to a killing machine(qsqt, ghajini), from a patriot to a terrorist (rdb, fanaa) from a police to a thief (sarfarosh, dhoom 3), from a common villager to a urban guy (lagaan, dch), from an young alien to an aged wrestler (p.k., dangal)



Not Being Restricted To A Particular Image Doesnt Means To Be Able To Play Each And Every Character In Bollywood, Some Roles Donot Fit On Every Actor Aamir's Filmography Has Many Such Roles Which Only He Could Have Played. So its Pointless to Ask Aamir To Play Radhe Or Rahul To Prove His Versatile Acting.

You misunderstood 'Not Being Confided To An Image'
It means Aamir Can Be Accepted In Every Kind Of Film Of Any Genre And Any Character Which is a Fact Aamir Has Made Offbeat and Less Commercial Films Not Only Open Well But Also Big Success. He Played Roles Which Are Not Expected From A Superstar Still Excelled In Them Thats Why He Is Regarded As Most Versatile Actor Not Being Tied By Any Particular Image.

Aamir Not Looking Cool? Well He Started The Trend Of Cool Urban Films With Dil Chahta Hai and You Are Raising Questions on him Not Looking Cool on the basis of what dhoom 3?
Well he was never suppose to look cool in that Film You Expect a Guy who wants to Take Revenge of his father's Death Do cool Things?
He carried Angry Expression Throughout The Movie Bcz that was Demand of the Character Donot compare him with John or Hritik Their Motives for Stealing Was Different.
Moreover Other Character Of Aamir In Dhoom 3 Was Played With Excellence By Him but Its not Discussed bcz haters find it convenient to ignore that.
I have seen all critics praising Aamir's Acting In Dhoom 3 And They Said Aamir Was best thing about that movie.
His performance as thief in dhoom 3 is not excellent When compared with other Great characters he played but even that wasnt bad.

You want to see Aamir as a full fledged Villan Watch Oscar Official Entry Art Film 1947 Earth!

Talking about Content This is most lame excuse given by Aamir haters to pull him down in reality all bollywood actors movies are dependent on content for good opening as well as verdict

Now Whats Left? Comming in 2-3 yrs well thats how he works whats harm in that Every Actor Has Different style Of working He cant give his best while working in multiple projects From 1988 to 1994 he worked in 15 movies and only 6 were successful including 3 hits and 2 BB Among them He was not getting satisfaction as an Artist So from 1995 He Stopped Working on Multiple Projects and Since Then In 23 yrs he has done 26 Films With 18 success and None were Disasters Except 1 Art Film.

In This Current Century He would end up with 16-17 Movies in 2 Decades which is an average of 8 Films per decade Which in no way is 2 or 3 films per yr So donot exaggerate.

Its not easy to Come after 2 yrs and suddenly give A classic which is atbb atg hgoty bhoty mwfoty Stakes are very high one failture will push you back like anything expectations are always sky high from Aamir Khan and He More Often than Not Fulfills It Thats Why He has one of the most successful careers in Bollywood Be It Commercial Or Critical Wise

I rest my case Here Itself!

answered Apr 14 by Rancho Production Accountant (29,704 points)
edited Apr 14 by Rancho
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Radhey was already performed and Nailed by Vikram in Sethu and Sudeep in Hucha....

Rahul from CE? Was he even acting in that film?.... I'm not sure.... If u call that as acting then Aamir failed there.......

Less Commercial Talaash, No content Dhoom 3 and Extended Cameo Secret...
Troll Aamir only with these Above films..........

Let's break down

Talaash 92cr in 2012 is still not crossed by many good films by big actors

Dhoom 3 first 250cr film atg/atbb first 500cr worldwide. To answer your question, Aamir many believe was the saving grace of Dhoom 3. He never meant to be cool nor acted like Cool. His character was designed like that and I feel he as an actor excelled in that film.

Secret Superstar biggest teen centric hit in the world with highest roi. Touching almost 1000cr now that's insane more than full fledged commercial TZH

Talking about 2-3 years one film, that's dedication which other so call bhojpuri actors lack.
Mohenjo daro also took 2 years what happened?(nothing against hr)..... On contrary these breaks, it acts a disadvantage.

Aamir has the responsibility to satisfy every section of the audience including foreigners not just Bihar, MP UP Single screens.....

Now ask yourself
From a teacher to a student to a business man to a cop to a alien to an aged father. Which superstar apart from Aamir can do that?. Maybe yes, but are they willing to?.....

answered Apr 14 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (76,998 points)
edited Apr 14 by kashyap123

Salman khan can do that

he makes movies for, kids and families. Theres no dancing cars in his movies.

and mere bhai gawar bhai.. here i am talking about Aamir. Why are you bringing sethu and shit here? If so and see how suriya was better in south ghajini.

Aamir ka kuch hi hai nai tum logo ke paas. Ek baat bolo toh 10 alag baat ke bahane leke aate ho.

SRK in CE was much and thousand times better than one faced aamir and you can see why that movie became an atg

He makes movies for kids and families still they stay below Aamir's adult films...
Yes suriya was great in Ghajini, I brought Vikram coz Tere naam is a remake of it and he actually performed better than Salman......

Srk in Ce was better than Tubelight Salman's no expression............. I agree

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there are roles that some of these guys can not fit it. for example, I cannot imagine Aamir as Radhe in Wanted, I cannot imagine Sallu as Aman from Kal Ho Na Ho, I cannot imagine SRK as Rancho from 3 Idiots.

for big superstars like these, a role often has to be written in a way that will fit them and their persona.

the big thing that has made so much fuss from the article is that BOI said that actors need to have an image in order to remain big and constantly score at the BO, at least in terms of box office. but the thing is that Aamir has no image pre-set yet he takes those huge openings. that makes him a wildcard who can do many different type of roles.

what people claiming that do not understand is that Aamir is creative genius but he needs to dedicate time for that genius to come, and other actors do not dedicate that amount of time. for Sallu his image is doing the job of that creative genius, but that also limits the type of roles he is doing. so his restriction is type of movie, and Aamir's restriction is amount if movies.

one more thing to consider is that even Salman and to an extent SRK can take openings in the type of roles they aren't known for. Sallu can take an opening like 20.5cr for TB despite not showing hero-giri in the trailer, and SRK can take a 19cr opening with FAN, even as the movie shows no romance and no song/dance in the trailer, and with the semi-holiday advantage more than negated by the hugely accepted Jungle Book doing 7.5cr on the same day.

so all three of the guys can take big openings no matter the image issue, but the main problem for SRK and Sallu is that due to image audience might not be willing to accept, and the main problem for Aamir is the amount of time it takes him to make movies.

one final thing though, if TB and FAN were actually good movies and had received excellent WOM, or if Dangal was not a good movie and received negative WOM like TB/FAN did, then imagine what would the box office results have been.

This has been The Mind of Hola.

answered Apr 14 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,078 points)
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He knows his strengths and weaknesses, he can't pull off cool roles, the charisma, the attitude, he tried, as you said in Dhoom 3, fell flat on his face, so clearly cooling up is not his forte. Infact I saw him in AAP ki Adalat special episodes, SRK & Salman were having fun, Aamir was like "why I'm here", "get me out of here", "keep that towel away from me", "when will this end", so yes, Aamir Khan, great actor, but not much fun in parties..!!

answered Apr 14 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (207,943 points)

DCH / RDB are much more cool roles than any roles played by Salman / SRK.

Bollyranga the topic here is aamir is not naturally cool. The roles you mention, is more of a studied effort to look cool, than looking naturally cool. Thats what tb means. Aamir is the best actor in the country. Period. Sense of swag,charm etc he doesnt have.

SRK had some serious fun with his dialogues in don 2, cant imagine aamir mouthing them the same way. Or maybe the whistle worthy dialogues from wanted and dabangg.

That doesn't matter because here we are talking about acting not naturally they are. The number of rumors of fighting involved with Salman are too many, take that singer's case ... so naturally Salman in not gold hearted and may be criminal.

Here we are talking about acting

If you want to check cool ... find which movies are famous among college kids.

DCH, RDB ZNMD, AAA ... these will be on top. In my college have rarely seen any student group watching SRK movie ... they will mostly watch KKHH in alone. IN group when they want to have fun ... DCH is one of the most famous movie.

Who is talking about off-screen image. We all know that Aamir is not so comfortable, He opened up in dus ka dum though....
This question is something else..........

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Aamir is not confined in a certain image is a great achievement for him as he can last long & audience will appreciate him in any kind of role but honestly I can't imagine of Aamir doing Radhey or Chulbul.
The charm, charisma salman carried took both these movies to sky high.
Even creating a persona isn't easy, Salman is a superhero on the eyes of audience,he makes unthinkable looks believable.
Imagine that Rambo scene from TZH for any other star, people believes salman can do anything.
Creating that perception is extremely difficult.
Salman+Action is a lethal combo, TZH wasn't exactly a good movie,wom was more tilted towards mixed.
ETT was far more commercial,it was more like a thriller on the lines of baby phantom i personally thought it will not cross 300cr, but to my pleasant surprise it did huge 340 ofcourse Christmas also helped.

answered Apr 14 by Roman Production Designer (12,991 points)

I can't imagin Salman doing roles like 3 idiots, DCH, PK, Sarfarosh or Rang De Basanti.

What is the point ? Every actor have certain movie which will only suit him. I can see Tiger do ... TZH, Rambo kind of scene. I can't imagin any other actor in roles of Baazigar, Devdas, Darr, Fan etc. I can't imagin any other actor in roles of ... Zanjeer, Sholay, Muqaddar ka Sikandar, Sarkar.

Heck it is difficult to imaging any other actor even for movie Guru played by Abhishek Bachchan. I can't imaging any other actor doing Singham or Golmaal series other than Ajay Devgan.

I can't see anyone else doing roles of Paresh Rawal, Rajpal yadav, Johny lever too.

After few years ... Tiger fans will say that .. you can't imagin ... anyone else doing Baagi / Baagi 2. They will says ..that Tiger is only actor who can bring audience .. without acting and content. So he is biggest superstar.

We see what happened when Salman tried PK like role in Tubelight. It's not about if

So you do understand stuff.

So stop crying everywhere that Salman has a restricted image and aamir does not. Everyone has their comfort zone and if you take them out of it, dhoom3 and tubelight happen

Dhoom 3 is ATG nad tune light is disaster.

So more people give aamir chance than other actor when not in comfort zone.

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aamir khan is probably the best supporting actor in the history of bollywood..... that's his image....... or IMAAAAGGGG.
aamir khan is dependent on scripts and nothing else......when you/your wife/your entire production house.... give entire year just to read scripts .... you will find that script that will be accepted by audience.... others have loads of stuff/commitments to fulfill.
aamir khan is akshay kumar of multiplexes. aik sensitive topic pakad lo ... aur usko mowther
cister aik kar do .....

for akshay comedy films were that topic from early 2000s to end of 2000s and after that national topic dramas.
for aamir khan national / period movies were that topic from early 2000s till 2006 (lagaan,MP, RDB,Fanaa).
after that.... education (TZP, 3IDIOTS)
and after that .... woman empowerment. (Dangal SS)

and then His PR work and involving in controversies to sell his movies...... which lead them to open big.

MP, RDB, Fanaa, PK, Dangal.... all backed by huge national level controversies.

answered Apr 15 by Grand Nova Star (154,224 points)

Fanaa he was playing anti-national terrorist....... There was ghajini inbetween tzp and 3i.
First huge hit in multiplex era which was ghajini... There was also a dhoom 3 and Pk before Dangal.

Salman on the other hand is actually the only who is stuck with Action/masala image. U should worry more about him