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Aamir Khan says Chinese audiences react to his films in the same way as Indians

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Aamir Khan’s movie Dangal earned $189 million in China, making it one of the top five highest grossing films of all time in the country.

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan on Friday attributed success of his movies in China to the openness of Chinese audience to stories and characters rooted overseas.

He was speaking about his growing popularity in the neighbouring country at the first Hindustan Times-Mint Asia Leadership Summit in Singapore.

His movie Dangal earned $189 million in 2016 in the country, making it one of the top five highest grossing films of all time in China.

“I had nothing to do with it. It is the love that the audience in China gave to my work,” Khan said.

The government of China recently awarded him an honorary title in recognition of his popularity in that country.

He said the success of his movies reveals that emotional keys that unlock Chinese hearts and minds are very similar to those that strike a chord in Indians.

“I have watched my films with the Chinese audiences in China. They have reacted in the same manner as the Indian audiences!”

Responding to a question on whether he would join politics in the future, he said: “ I am not cut out for politics. If the goal of politics is to contribute to nation building and shape society for the better, I am better placed to do it as a creative artist.”

Source Link: https://www.hindustantimes.com/singapore-summit/aamir-khan-says-chinese-audiences-react-to-his-films-in-the-same-way-as-indians/story-OsTTlCytXDq10OrpyKWxML.html
asked Apr 14 in Opinion by Intense Director (122,173 points)
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"Aamir Khan’s movie Dangal earned $189 million in China, making it one of the top five highest grossing films of all time in the country"

I wont be surprised if In Future Aamir Gives Highest Grosser Of The Year and All Time Grosser In China as Well, He Already Gave An All Time Blockbuster~ Dangal.

Atleast non chinese Hgoty and Atg is guranteed in near Future!

answered Apr 14 by Rancho Production Accountant (27,248 points)
selected Apr 15 by Intense
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Article has 2 things wrong:

  1. Dangal released in 2017 in China on 5th May, not in 2016.

  2. It has grossed more than 200 M, exactly 204 M, no trade site report it correct, as rentrak took the figures which entgroup has in top 10, dangal was out of top 10 for a day & came back next day, rentrak(comscore) stopped tracking it after that. That figure is uploaded in Box Office Mojo, BOI picked up from same source, while right figure is $ 204.49 M.

I picked this reporting in Check Box Office($ 205.67 M) one of the china update, I thought it is run by Aamir fans so they increased the figures, now when i searched Entrgroup back date, i find it same figures. Then i searched Dangal on Mayoan Site, it gave exact figure of $ 204.49 M.

answered Apr 14 by -OmKara- Production Designer (14,815 points)

i was referring to BOI, Box Office Mojo reporting $ 193 M, even Taran, & on Check twitter id they tweeted $ 205 M, so it was indeed $ 12 M raise.

I also Dont Know Exact Figure In China Though Its around 200M$

There are 2 Technical Glitch on Entgroup EN Site.

(1) Old Film Collections are revised accroding to Newest Conversion rates every week.

Means Collection in Local Currency (Yuan) is fixed amount but Variable in Usd.
Dangal Actual BO by Entgroup CN (Cbooo.cn) : ¥1299.12m.
Conversion rate :-

On 2 July, 2017 :-
$1 = ¥6.7809 so BO was $191.58m,

On 6 Aug, 2017 -
$1 = ¥6.7289 so BO was $193.06m,

On 7 Sept 2017 -
$1 = ¥6.5584 so BO was $198.08m,

On 7 Jan 2018 -
$1 = 6.4885 so BO was $200.21m,

On 4 Feb 2018 -
$1 = 6.3008 so BO was $206.18m,

Current Conversion rate on Entgroup -
$1 = 6.2825 so BO is $206.7839m

2) Entgroup shows two Different figures in Different charts.
EX -
Dangal - $206.78m $ $216.2m
Bajrangi Bhaijaan - $45.43m & $47.6m

Check again -
Dangal : $207.04m (just 2 Day ago it was $206m).
Entgroup has no credibility better to Follows Mojo, Cbooo & Maoyan.

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