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October First Day Business (BOI)

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October had a low opening day of around 4.50-4.75 crore nett which is sort of expected. The industry expects higher numbers due to the star value but eventually the audience is coming for the content and when its niche there is a limit to how many people are prepared to watch and there is a limit to how far a star can push. This has been seen with bigger stars before with films like Dear Zindagi and Secret Superstar which had Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan. The former was decent but it had  good fresh combination of  Shahrukh Khan and Alia Bhatt.

The film has got media appreciation so there should be Saturday growth but its not a 2 crore opening where the media ratings can easily bring in the 60-80% growth. Also its more about the audience being there to watch the this type of film as certain filmmakers are always likely to get these ratings. We saw this earlier this year with Mukkabaaz

The film is Delhi based but the numbers have not come in Delhi NCR as the feel is not there of a Delhi film and this is even though there is the star presence of Varun Dhawan. It remains to be seen how the film grows on Saturday but even a Blackmail managed to show 30% growth though from a low starting point so Saturday is just about keeping in the running. Monday is what sorts out the runners and the also runs.

The opening day numbers are the lowest for a Varun Dhawan starrer but this is also his first niche film with a limited audience. There was Badlapur but that was more mainstream than this and had hit songs which makes a huge difference. Even here hit music could have added a couple of crores to the opening day especially considering its a love strory.

The Hollywood release Rampage opened to around 2.50 crore nett collections which is also low but this film did not have a release in 3D which led to lower collections. South has performed better.
Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=3852
asked Apr 14 in Opinion by Intense Director (128,044 points)
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No use of blaming varun.
Movie was too niche, unnecessarily cliched, have it's moment but for a very very very limited set of audience.
Trailer was not accepted,no hit music,niche genre so this much is very much expected.
With mixed to negative wom 1st flop for Varun is confirmed.
Boy was doing so well

answered Apr 14 by Roman Production Designer (13,108 points)
selected Apr 15 by Intense

I think October will Give Shock To Varun like Tubelight Gave To Salman and After That he also will play safe and not do any experiment whatsoever which is in a way good at the end of the day you must entertain the audience and make sure people associated with your film dont incur losses!

Tubelight never shocked Salman ..he faced many bigger
Failure in his career more than tubelight.....

Reason is that ....he blindly trust Kabir...it backfired him

Salman knew before hand how tubelight will go.....He has been in business for 25 years....use samajh aa gya hoga movie will go downhill.

By Shock I meant That After Tubelight Salman Decided to only Do Fully Commercial Movies and Not Do Any Experiment
He understood that his audience will not accept Him in Less Commercial Movies.
Kabir really made a disappointing movie!

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Varun With Commercial Movie Gives More Than 15 Crs Opening
And With Offbeat Films Fails To Give 5 crs Opening

Well not Blaming Varun at all Thats How Various Genres Work In India
Masala, Action, Comedy, Love Story Work Best
Drama, Suspense Work Worst

Haters Call Aamir Content Dependent Star But Its Content On Which Every Star is Dependent Every movie runs on content If Audience Dont Like Content Of Any Movie It is bound to fail both in opening and lifetime As simple as that.

Though Credit and Appreciation Must Be Given To Those Actors Who Make Offbeat and Non Favourable Genre Films Have Good Opening and Make Them successful Verdict Wise Something Which Aamir Has Been Doing On Consistent Basis over decades now!

answered Apr 14 by Rancho Production Accountant (29,816 points)
edited Apr 14 by Rancho

Now Secret Superstar's opening of 4 Crores doesn't seem very bad. Although I still expected more.

It did 4 crore in clash where another popular movie was running with it.

Bhai who was expecting more than 4cr for ss? I remember haters saying it needs 10-12cr. Never was it meant to be.

An an Aamir fan I was expecting around 6 crore.

SS did 4.7 Crs On Diwali Puja Day Ideally It was around 2 crs shot Considering Genre and Diwali Puja Effect No one Can Deny That Fans Can Have More expectations but SS on That Day Couldnt Have done more than 7 crs
I was disappointed With SS collections In Terms Of Lifetime It Did 15 crs Less and in terms Of Opening 2.5 crs Less.

Ideally 7 cr opening and 75 crs Lifetime would have been good But thats ok Its A Success in India and a Blockbuster Overseas & Worldwide.

And Like I Said October is fully Offbeat Movie But Its A Feature Film Not an Art Film For Sure.

Rest Everyone Knows How Genre Decides Opening and Lifetime Favourable Content Is Needed At The End Of The Day!

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Hahaha superstar hahaha lol

answered Apr 14 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (208,053 points)

Respect varun for doing a movie like this bro. Isn't about superstar. Put srk in October and number would be same. No offence to him.

Numbers would be same..?? You mean 4 crs..?? Hahaha wtf lol

I am planning to see it on Monday. A few friends who have seen it said it's very arty. SRK in an arty movie would also struggle bro. No shame in admitting.

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Poor opening....

He needs some more years for experiment....

First failure in rising career

answered Apr 14 by power Assistant Director (46,765 points)

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