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October has low start (BOI)

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October had opening of around 10-15% and is probably the lowest opener ever for Varun Dhawan but that was sort of expected due to the genre and trailers. Generally Varun Dhawan starrers are entertainers barring this and maybe Badlapur but even that had a hit song or two. Also Badlapur was at a time when Varun Dhawan was not the star he is today so the audience is not set as to how they want to see a certain actor.

This film does not even have the music to support the film initially. At the end if a film does not entertaining then there is not much any satr can do on the first day and this has even been proved with the likes of Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan.

It becomes a growth story even with the biggest stars and it is same case here with the film depending on the Saturday growth and more crucially the weekdays hold which will give it a chance for it to run for a weeks. .

The director has a good track record with films like Vicky Donor and Piku doing well but those are films without a leading male star and the game becomes different when there is a big star and the story telling and treatment has to adjusted to incorporate the star and if we take last ten years this is where these type of directors generally fail as they are unable to adjust.

Its hard to recall a film a low medium budget concept metro film with one of the leading stars working at the box office although there are some which have worked with the female stars. This film has low costs so with the non theatrical revenue it is not much of issue to be financially safe but its always about sustaining at the box office and finding appreciation and that remains to be seen over the next few days.

The Hollywood film Ranpage also released and it had potential to give October a run for its money as there are places that like this sort of big Hollywood cinema but it has not had a 3D release at multiplexes which will curtail its business. The opening was similar to October with hindi markets less but South helping it with better numbers.

Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=3851
asked Apr 13 in Opinion by Intense Director (128,044 points)
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The movie initially seemed like it would be something special.

After the trailer my anticipation went way down, and I suppose it also went down for the few people who were aware of the movie.

Then the song Theher Ja was excellent in my opinion but never caught on. and the other songs were not as good.

Finally, they also didn't promote the movie that much.

And the lack of growth in night shows also indicates that the WOM is not strong.

So Varun has his first flop.

answered Apr 13 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,433 points)
selected Apr 14 by Intense
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Welcome Varun's 1st Flop.

answered Apr 13 by -OmKara- Production Designer (15,902 points)
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Hopefully Rampage beats October..!!

answered Apr 13 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (208,053 points)

It will I guess. Low numbers were expected for this kind of a movie.

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It just proves that it is much easier to give record opening with masala movies ... than giving opening with movies like ... PK , Dangal, 3 idiots, Tubelight ... where there is no element of action.

A big superstar can highest opening in each respective genre.

Aamir gave given big opening in different genres ... masala, drama ... even Talaash opening was very good given its genre. Talaash non festive opening in 2012 is bigger than Tubelight ... even if the suspense genre even less opening friendly than Drama.

answered Apr 13 by bollyranga Production Designer (13,071 points)

Tubelight should be compared with PK.

Where both actor behaved as innocent man and had trivial questions.

If Salman Fans Are Comparing SS with Tubelight Then There is no Harm Comparing SS with WTNY

But I believe Comparision Must Be Btwn Tubelight and Dangal/PK, Dhoom 3 With TZH

interestingly Social Drama PK had more opening Than Action Masala Kick, Dangal Had More Opening Than Tubelight, Dhoom 3 Non Holiday Record Was Marginally Crossed After 4 yrs, Talaash Offbeat Movie Opening was More Than Commercial Veer (Twice to be specific), Art Film Dhobi Ghat Opening was More Than Commercial MAMK.

No doubt Salman Is biggest Superstar Among Masses But Aamir even by Doing Less Massy Movies Earns 2nd To Only Salman In Single Screens And His Openings With Genre Constraint also Is excellent!

BOI Which Favours Salman And Hates Aamir also said Today all 3 Khans Have Almost Same Level Of Stardom With Salman Having Slight Edge Due To More Mass Following Compared To Other 2 Khans Provided He does Right Films!

@Rancho,Tubelight was a complete rejection while SS underperformed by 10-20cr.
One was salman's outrightly rejected movie another one is a moderate success (domestic) with a superstar in supporting role
Why there will be a comparison between a failure & Blockbuster like dangal, TZH etc
& Regarding Tubelight/Fan/Dangal's opening iam damn sure no nonkhan would have come closed to it's Opening.
Only a Khan can open a movie like tubelight/Dangal to 20+ .
According to me tubelight still come in good category considering a outrightly rejected trailer,no hit song, negativity due to remake issues, out of salman's comfort zone still it's opened to huge 21cr on nonholiday so that's a good achievement.
While for dangal the opening can be said as Excellent.

Im Also Not In Favour Of Comparing Lead Role Movie With Supporting Role Movie.
Moreover Comparision Should Always Be Btwn Movies Of Same Genre/Treatment Atleast Opening Wise.

I agree with Your Point On Opening Of Tubelight Dangal Fan, Other Stars Can Never Match Khans There Is A Huge Diffence Btwn Khans And Other Stars which is there for Everyone To See Thats Why Its Makes me Laugh When Other Actor Fans Poke Their Nose Btwn Khan Fans War!

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BOI not mentioning Salman in their superstar openings may again trigger some people

but varun is doing good, hes mixing up things

answered Apr 13 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (11,204 points)

Yeah obviously but we all know how much they love Salman......

everyone loves salman......

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BOI mentioning Srk And Aamir's Name On The Basis Of Their Extended Cameo Movie Opening LMFAO
Why not See Opening Of Their Lead Role Unfavourable Genre Movie

answered Apr 13 by Rancho Production Accountant (29,816 points)

There have forgotten welcome to new york.....

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A content oriented movie is expected to start low... Hopefully its good reviews will make it grow and finish with respectable first day and weekend...

answered Apr 13 by Haider Second Unit Director (77,049 points)
–1 vote

They can't bring Dear Zindagi and Secret Superstar to show Aamir is smaller... If at all bring Secret then why not Welcome to New York. A cameo is a cameo....
Infact, Welcome to New york is more commercial than other two......

answered Apr 13 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (77,007 points)

I think SK only had a song in WTNY, thats why they wont count...............

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