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Which is the best commercial movie of this century

According to my liking

Main Hoon Naa
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My Favourite Commercial Khan Movie Of The Century Is Eak Tha Tiger And Wanted
But Since Eak Tha Tiger Dips In 2nd Half So I Will Choose Wanted


Yes ETT 1st half was a cracker but they infused all those garbage of love, romance in 2nd half.
It was promised to be a Spy thriller but it turned out to be a Love story with no soul in 2nd half that's the thing which disappointed me the most.


Hmm same here
Kaash teaser wala level maintain kar dete gadar mach jaata


Tzh was so much better. It stuck to tiger the spy and loads of action. The romance was done in the first 15mins itself

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That is an honest answer man, you are a good fan.


Thanks Bro

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Kiska Hai Ye Tumko Intezaar Main Hoon Na
Dekh Lo Idhar To Ek Baar Main Hoon Na
Khaamosh Kyun Ho Jo Bhi Kahna Hai Kaho
Dil Chahe Jitna Pyar Utna Maang Lo
Ho…Tumko Milega Utna Pyar Main Hoon Na Aa
Kiska Hai Ye Tumko Intezar Main Hoon Na
Dekh Lo Idhar To Ek Baar Main Hoon Na

Sonu Nigam.....wah..!!

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SRK was at his charming best in this movie, I wonder why did farah lose her mind so badly to make something like HNY?


Just like Sajid Khan went from Heyy Babyy to Himmatwala & Humshakals

Although there's a difference between both of them, but both siblings went same route in terms of their movies.

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Same as yours. For me its a very close call between wanted and mhn, but i will choose wanted as my most favourite masala movie.

Wanted > MHN> Ghajini> Dabangg

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For Me

Wanted > Ghajini > MHN > Dabaang

answered by Assistant Director (44.4k points)
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om shanti om? for me dabangg>mhn>ghajini>wanted

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Ghajini for me.................

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Imo wanted best
But for general audience Dabangg

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Ghajini is very underrated IMO... It’s topped by Wanted just by a whisker for me!

Wanted was the epitome of masala. Everything was there.

We’re forgetting CE here as well.

So for me,


All ofcrs Khan movies. Baki koi bhi young soovar/joker nazdik bhi nahi inke

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MHN for me. most watched film by me.....................................

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Main Hoon Na is the best out of these but Om Shanti Om is the best.

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