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Has Forum become Intolerant to old users ki they are banning them for lifetime for no Reason ? [closed]

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Puneet has been banned for lifetime on the account of "so called recruiting users for What's App group while in reality he just asked an user to be part of Cricket group not the usual main Group where we have Bollywood discussions .We don't even add people there on our group
he made a seperate group to discuss about IPL and asked one user is interested or not
how come this was affecting Forum Activity ?
You can't simply ban someone for lifetime for no reason when the actual reason for low forum activity is Chatroom where all Mods expert have Discussion there instead on forum
My middle finger to all who have banned him
and Please reply before hiding this post instead of being a Sissy !
closed with the note: ZIN HAS SPOKEN
asked Apr 11 in General by Tyler Durden Production Accountant (23,155 points)
50% Accept Rate

closed Apr 11 by Zin

Chalo chhodo.


Yeah lift the ban of all users. Itni sakti dikaake Kya ukaad loge be?

Ukhadna hota tho ab tak ukhad chuka hota mere dost. Please dont talk bs if you dont know the facts.

2 Answers

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I think only way to revive this forum is to bring the old members of the forum back.
There is difference of heaven and hell btwn old and new posts likes,comments and views.

New members are blamed For Creating unnecessary fights but in reality fights were at its peak during earlier days old posts are there for everyone to see and the language used today is much btr than in those days.

But that was also fun like 1990s bollywood when bollywood stars used to say whatever they wanted to it was like Attitute Era Of Wwe.

Old members must be brought back to make the forum interesting Many srk fans are missing Major Aamir Fans like Navo are missing Its not good for forum to ban old users like this.

Friendly banter and fan fights are must for this forum to prosper

answered Apr 11 by Rancho Production Accountant (24,941 points)

I am not active on Forum but he was one of the Active users here .Still banned for lifetime .He is deeply hurt because he didn't do any mistake .This group is mainly for Movies Discussion and he asked a guy to be a part of IPL Discussion group on What's App .How come this was affecting Forum activity that he is banned for lifetime ?

In case of Navo, atleast we are told he doesn't want to come back.

Very few permanent bans have been handed over & all are perfectly justified.

Not a single person has ever been given a perm ban for "heated' conversation. If you think otherwise, sorry to say you have not been around long enough.

If you think old users are not returning because of being banned, then you're so wrong my friend.

NAVO was one of the admins ffs, he could still be if he wants and he knows it. :V

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Damn. Just want to know the reason behind this reignited quest for justice.

Feel petty sharing this SS, but its one of those days!

I'd like to reiterate the fact that I dont consider myself being fair with Puneet, by banning him for asking PH no. But, I dont mind banning him at all, considering his history.

1) He has shared his acc with others while being in Chat room,
2) He has abused the Admins
& many more.

You're not defending a saint, and you're not one; thats that. End of story.

answered Apr 11 by Zin Assistant Director (48,182 points)

@Rancho At least i dont pretend to be a devta when i'm not being one.

Ha Rancho... Zin koi Sin nahi karta

Lol, good one.

I'm no saint, i have toxic/offensive opinions as well. Its just that i like to lead by example.

if i may...... Zin is extra lenient

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