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Some Changes to Pre-Release Business Policy, Update to ABO Readers.

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Judging a film`s Box-office Result has always been a little complicated issue with multiple distributors overseeing the release in different areas. We have always tried our best to make things simple for our readers by having Pre-Release Business Reports upfront and making it clear the Different Box-office Classifications for almost all notable films.

Recently, we have received requests from a few Producers that some of them are releasing films on their own so we have take into account only the production budget and not Worldwide Theatricals Value. What we generally do in the case of such own releases is estimate a theatrical value to the different areas depending on the Specific Asking Rates as quoted by Producers themselves and also the Lead Actor`s Market. But some Producers are pointing out that, when they haven`t sold even a single area and in that particular case we can`t put a value to the film.

After considering the Producers Requests and Talking to Trade experts we have decided to exempt 100% Own Releases like the recent `MLA` & `Kirrak Party` from our policy of `WW Theatricals Value`. We will instead be taking the Production Budget Including all Promotional and Release Expenses as the `WW Theatricals Value` and this is only when each and every area is Released on their own in India. Non-Theatrical Revenues will not be taken into account in judging the Box-office Result as is the case with all the films. In the case of a film being released by a Single Primary Distributor in India (or WW) like `Krishnarjuna Yudham` (Dil Raju) and if it is not sold in any single area, we will also be considering the Primary Distributor`s Price only.

Even if a single area in India was sold, we will be placing a value going by the Regular Practices and Percentages involved with different areas followed by the Trade. This is being applied to all Summer Releases and necessary changes in Business and Box-office Verdict if any will be made to the already released films-  `Kirrak Party`, `MLA` & `Krishnarjuna Yudham` which fall into this new Policy changes Category.

This is to inform and bring notice of these policy changes to all our Readers and Trade Fraternity who religiously follow us. We Turn 8 and enter 9th Year in Box-office Reporting this Summer  2018. Thank You All.
Source Link: http://andhraboxoffice.com/info.aspx?id=4074&cid=8&fid=674
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