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Raazi. Dhadak. Drive. SOTY 2. Simmba. Kesari. Brahmastra. Rannbhoomi. Can Dharma overtake YRF in the next few years?

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It seems like after many years of taking it slow and making smaller movies, KJO is ready to take it to the next level. He was already involved with the Baahubali franchise, and he doesn't seem to be in a mood to slow down.

From big scale movies such as Kesari, Brahmastra and Rannbhoomi to commercial entertainers like SOTY 2 and Simmba to a content oriented movie like Raazi, Dharma is covering all the bases.

In comparison, YRF has TOH, Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar, Sui Dhaaga, and the HR-Tiger movie.

YRF is more dependant on superstars like Sallu and Aamir while Dharma is making big movies with younger actors and also using in-house talent they have developed such as Shashank Khaitan and Punit Malhotra.

I personally think there is a good chance that Dharma will overtake YRF in the next few years to be the biggest production house in India.
Source Link: The Mind of Hola.
asked Apr 11 in General by mr.hola Unit Manager (38,757 points)
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yrf is the biggest studio to give most number of flops this decade and this will continue ....
only two things or rather megastars save yrf...one is salman khan and second is dhoom brand.
sultan ett, tzh....and dhoom 3 are only big hits they had on their resume this decade....
the next one TOH will be a huge loss making movie for them.... with 250cr investment and movie won't even do 200cr..... they will lose at least 20cr-30cr from the movie while aamir khan will make 40-50 crore from the movie. from which he can produce mahabharat.
the next hits they will see .... is TIGER 3 AND DHOOM 4. both salman khan starrers. dhoom 4 rumored as salman khan movie.
so dharma is miles miles ahead of them.

answered Apr 11 by Grand Nova Star (146,497 points)
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Thugs still with YRF so no way.......... Yrf will be untouchables.......

answered Apr 11 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (75,013 points)
Has Forum become Intolerant to old users ki they are banning them for lifetime for no Reason ?
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YRF will always be bigger because whenever it looks like they're drowning... they hire a superstar.... they were almost done but then came Megastar and has given three BLOCKBUSTERS consecutively.

They will again start to drown and they will hire Megastar. Case Closed.

As far as dharma is concerned, except ageepath KJo has always been part of glossy crapfests. I do not expect anything less than a boring, un-fuking-real settings in his own lala land.

He should be done after some years should the common sense prevail.

answered Apr 11 by Seinfeld Location Manager (7,932 points)
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No. Not for next 10 years.
Dharma can't make a single film without help of other studio and YRF, well they do everything from VFx to Distribute to Produce to Music.

answered Apr 11 by Charlie Jatinder Super-star (167,000 points)
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Dharma productions is second name of mediocrity, KJO sells mediocrity, packaged in glitter paper with shiny sparkles over it, sell it to those who know will lap it up, and you can't expect more from the man who himself hasn't directed a half decent movie except one exception, very few times you get something good from them and as I said, such stuff is rare and few.

YRF have history of mediocrity too but many times they comes with good products, and such cases are more than Dharma, you say that YRF are dependent on superstars, but you failed to mention why superstars works with them? And hence YRF will remain ahead of Dharma, cause Dharma have quantity but YRF have quality.

answered Apr 11 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (202,509 points)
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Seems so. Raazi is looking refreshing. Soty will be the typical glossy affair. Theyre certainly in overdrive.....i hope quality is there too

answered Apr 11 by Intense Producer (113,556 points)
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Keep Calm And Wait For Thugs

Ace Aamir Will Give YRF Their 2nd All Time Grosser And Like Their Previous collaboration it will Also be an All Time Blockbuster not any normal Blockbuster

Even In Last Decade He Gave Them A Big Hit Before Srk Came to Rescue them With RNBDJ

answered Apr 11 by Rancho Production Accountant (24,941 points)