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Check out the trailer for The Meg, Jason Statham's huge scale Shark movie.

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Source Link: youtube
asked Apr 10 in General by mr.hola Unit Manager (38,757 points)
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Sharknado with Jason Statham.

Definitely NOT interested.
In short, how Statham will fight the giant Shark...

2 Answers

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Its Statham vs shark...... It will be an ok kind of film...

answered Apr 12 by Haider Second Unit Director (75,479 points)
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im actually really reallly looking forward to this movie...
i just love love love absolutely love monster movies.... im really looking forward to this and rampage. wish they have loads of screen time for crocodile in rampage...i loved lake placid.
they havn't made any megalodon movie ...not at least big one.... dont care if stathem is in it...just want more screen time of megalodon

answered Apr 12 by Grand Nova Star (146,497 points)