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'Winking forbidden in Islam': Plea in Supreme Court says video featuring Priya Prakash Varrier constitutes blasphemy.

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There seems to be no end to film actor Priya Prakash Varrier's trysts with religious fundamentalists. Even as she battles a criminal complaint over a wink in a song picturised on her, a plea has reportedly been filed in the Supreme Court contending that winking is 'forbidden in Islam.'

Varrier became an internet sensation after a song (Manikya Malaraaya Poovi) featuring her winking at a classmate in the movie Oru Adaar Love went viral. The song features lyrics from a Mappila song which celebrate the love between Prophet Mohammed and his first wife Beevi Khadija.

According to Bar and Bench, an intervention application filed by two persons from Hyderabad has argued that the act of winking is 'forbidden in Islam' and that the picturisation of the song, seen along with the lyrics, can be characterised as blasphemy. The intervenors have reportedly claimed that the song is intended to 'outrage the religious feelings and beliefs of the Muslim community.'

After the release of the video, an FIR was filed by a man named Muqeeth Khan against the song. The Supreme Court, on 21 February, stayed the FIR. The interevention application has been filed in the Supreme Court in the same matter.

Responding to the controversy, the film's director Omar Lulu had said he did not see why the song was becoming an issue now. "This song has been around since 1978 and I was surprised how it became an issue now. In Kerala, I don't think there was any opposition," he had said.

The Malayalam-language romantic comedy film Oru Adaar Love is set to release in theatres in 14 June.
Source Link: https://www.firstpost.com/entertainment/winking-forbidden-in-islam-plea-in-supreme-court-says-video-featuring-priya-prakash-varrier-constitutes-blasphemy-4423045.html/amp
asked Apr 10 in General by suhas All Time best! (252,847 points)
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@Charlie, do you support them? Bhai ye sanghi people or mulla people are same. They want only communal violence. These people only know how to destroy someone. People should not discuss about their religion on public platform. Koi bhi kisi bhi dharam ka hai to hoga apne ghar pe not in public. Kal hasne pe rone pe case karenge. Ye allowed nhi, vo allowed nahi bolke. Sala sab ban karne pe tule huve he.

I support their right to peacefully object and confront the matter...

U r right.. Nobody owns any religion , I can form a own religion for myself and abuse it, exploit it or do whatever I like.. but nobody will get offended cause they don't share the sentiments with me.. They r not party to anything which I do.. but it's not the same case with religions with 2 or more followers.. they share it with me.. Why would anybody object to laughing or crying? A person should have a right to even self harm..u should understand the case here.

Ok I understand. Personally I don't support any religious activities.

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That statement is subjective .If I wink at a stranger , then I think it is forbidden in every society and if I wink at my lover then nobody should have any problem with it.. and regarding the case , I would like to shoot straight because ambiguity ain't my expertise...It is a little tricky situation because even the director might not have thought that priya would look so gorgeous and seductive in few frames such that men would get butterflies in their stomach , while a religious song was playing in the background...
Did priya looked absolutely ravishing ? - yes.
Is it hers fault? - No
Was her act sexually charged -No
Did boys get boners? - I got it
What song was playing in the background - Religious song
What was it about - Prophet Muhammad and his wife.
Importance of Prophet Muhammad - Do I have to say this? He is the most influential human ever and he NOT some mythical being .
Do Muslims love prophet? - I have never seen my dads trouser length below his ankle )
Now...U decide.. Cause your life ur choice.

answered Apr 10 by Charlie runkle™ Director (120,806 points)
selected 6 days ago by suhas

I agree with @bollyranga's opinion. People should leave their religion at home. Should not discuss about it in public platforms. Sentimate to kisi ke bhi kisi bhi baat pe hurt ho jaate he. Majak bana ke rakha he in logo ne.

Vinaygharat.. Yes I too agree with Bollyranga.. Religion should be strictly personal , should be kept at home and religious places and it should not be used in commercial songs, especially when there is a seductive winking shot of a beautiful young girl which evokes feeling of lust in males while the lyrics talk about a religious prophet and his wife.

Help.. Thanks.. but don't be proud of me...I hate hypocracy , I don't want people to have a better opinion of me than what I deserve .Iam a sinner.. I have done a haraam deed... Smoked weed last year , many times, surprisingly I don't even used to smoke Ciggarete in college ..but I kicked it now and won't be doing it again...and the last time I woke up for fajr.. Can't remember.

@Charlie Allahumagh-firli ..
Allah tumhari khataon ko maaf farmaya .. Aamin ..

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i dont know what that supreme court is gonna do......
there will always be a new one to do something stupid..... there always is.

at the core of religion islam we are taught to practice only three things.....
1- there is only one Almighty and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is His last prophet.
2 - love each and every human being. If you murder one human , its same as murdering entire human race.
3 - fight your own inner demons

we are told to socialize with people..we can't just isolate ourselves.... all we can do is request that you can take anything from us , we'll give it to you ..just leave Almighty and our Prophet and his family out of your own business

answered Apr 10 by Grand Nova Star (146,497 points)
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Winking is not forbidden in Islam but bay-hyaae is.........nobody likes her sister to be doing a thing which Priya Varrier did to a stranger (unless you apply this situation, no man can understand what is wrong with this)......thats why this is bay-hyae and is forbidden in Islam or probably in any other religion........just because so many films are made, and it is cinema and it is what everybody likes to see blah blah, won't change the rules made by God.......approaching a man to marry is not forbidden but doing this kinda gestures is bad, plus playing a religious song and then act like 'o these religious fanatics', u make them angry first plus give opportunity to opportunists who are always ready to cash on religious sentiments. So, this kinda stupidity should be stopped. E.g. I don't have any personal religious attachment to Holocaust but if people have decided that its an area which should not be touched in a certain manner, i should respect that, thats how civilized societies should work in 21st century not the other way round like ''this is 21st century, freedom of expression, liberty of cinema'' kinda crap being used to pollute the society.

Hopefully the guys who did this thing will face the law and accept there mistake so that this nonsense can be stopped.

answered Apr 10 by Baadshah Unit Manager (32,075 points)

Fatwan is given by hugely respected people and has quite influence and it turn majority of people against those who don't follow it

See this : In 2013, the grand mufti in Kashmir issued a fatwā terming singing as un-Islamic, forcing Kashmir's only all-girls rock band to abandon it.

Fatwa create -ve sentiments and in country like india we have non competent police and politician who work in favor of majority's sentiments .... these prevent our society to progress whether these kind of opinion given by mulaah or any khap panchayat.

Bhai Court is not some khap panchaiyat.......in civilized societies, going to court even for the smallest of things is appreciated.....respecting the courts is the only option

I don't know why you people supporting unconstitutional things.

Courts are unconstitutional. NOPE
Courts can go against constitution. NOPE

Then how are we supporting unconstitutional things?

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another day, another stupidity

answered Apr 10 by Seinfeld Location Manager (7,932 points)
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Another dumb act...........................................................

answered Apr 10 by Intense Producer (113,556 points)
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If u go in orthodox manner then what these religious fundamentalists do is definitely forbidden

answered Apr 10 by Haider Second Unit Director (75,479 points)

Say few words about religious fundamentalism ..

My bad... So called religions fundamentalists

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