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Will zero be able to hold on to a solo release this christmas?? can it hit 300cr??

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i think it will .... have a solo release ... and second thing that it will carry an excellent WOM.

overall budget will be over 200cr.

release size will be 4500 screens

opening day should be around 25cr .... weekend 90cr.... week 1 150cr.

second week SIMMBA will release....

screens distribution will be like..... simmba 3700 screens ..... zero 2500 screens (TZH had 3500 screens in week 2 i think...)

second week of zero should be 60cr.... and 20cr remaining......total .... of 230cr and a HIT verdict.

then again its just my own opinion.... and im considering an excellent WOM because its a Anand L rai movie... i think that kind of WOM can be assured....

and if its not ..... and movie carry good or average or bad WOM ..... its curtains.

good WOM -  24cr - 84cr - 132cr - 175cr

average WOM - 23cr - 75cr - 120cr - 145cr

bad WOM - 22cr - 66cr - 98cr - 115cr

karan johar is such a close friend to srk ...calls him bhai...why would he release his movie alongside srk's most riskiest movie financially ....
asked Apr 9 in General by Grand Nova Star (146,497 points)
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6 Answers

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Boy stop jinxing... As of now we are going with 200 crores.. Lets see..
To be honest its all about first week.. Despite OUATIMD.. Chennai became all time highest grosser..

answered Apr 9 by Haider Second Unit Director (75,479 points)
+1 vote

Dude you very well know you are jinxing .

SRK is known to mess up and interfere, he did that to RS and Dilwale was a debacle. Realistically expecting 200cr is better for now. Over the years its become a habit now..........expect the world from shahrukh's films and then be disappointed big time when the result comes.

answered Apr 9 by Intense Producer (113,556 points)
+1 vote

Whether you are jinxing or not, I will give an honest answer.

It will have a solo release on that first week, and that is more than enough to do huge business if the movie itself is good.

Simmba won't move from that date, because business is business and isme koi dosti nahi chalti.

Now about 300cr, as I have said before, this movie will either be rejected or become huge, no middle ground.

In case rejected it will do just over 100cr. And I currently believe it will be because it's a huge risk and SRK doesn't have that trust right now to bring the audience in to watch something like this.

Plus ALR has never been tested on this level before. TWMR cost 39cr, and this one will cost at least 200cr more. The biggest jump a director has ever seen.

But if this movie is accepted, then it will wreak havoc.

It isn't just a typical rom-com type movie. It has enormous scale for a movie of it's kind, there is SRK doing something totally different, so many stars are doing cameos, there is even some action (recently FAN action director was on sets to direct an action scene).

I don't believe "inside" reports, but if we go by them then the team is really trying something special.

answered Apr 9 by mr.hola Unit Manager (38,757 points)
+1 vote

Budget of Movie over 200 crs

Content very risky srk is playing a baauna anushka is playing physically challenged scientist and this also involves space as per media reports

Srk In Bad phase Audience not trusting him

Just 1 week Free Run

Considering all these factors I Believe This movie wont cross 200 crs and wont be a clean hit!

answered Apr 9 by Rancho Production Accountant (24,941 points)


Yes I Agree 200 is upper limit and I feel it might miss clean hit tag

+1 vote

When chennai express was released nobody expected it to be such huge. I really was praying it to cross 150cr. Thereafter I never expected SRK's movie to collect less than 100cr but FAN remained under that. I thought it as a worst SRK performer then again JHMS arrived which really was an offensive act of SRK on fans like me cos I was riding high prior to its release. So here in the case of zero my conclusion is I will be on cloud nine if it collects 250 cr I even will be satisfied if it crosses CE

answered Apr 9 by sunil Production Designer (13,462 points)
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In 2013 after ce i said next srks bb wil be after 5yrs in 2018 ... n looks like it gonna be true considering anand rai work n naseeb this movie getting of solo release... simba wil move to republic day .. D3 not happnin soon.. it more like ce situation...where srk playin coward type childish character.. heroine as special imp role nd mainly director is big enough to give bb with smaller stars.. if not 300cr still 250cr with bb tag looks possible if it get wom like ce.

answered Apr 9 by playboy Production Accountant (28,544 points)

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