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Secret Superstar Hong Kong preview screenings update - crossed Bajrangi Bhaijaan Lifetime collection

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Soure : https://twitter.com/taran_adarsh/status/983213401504530433

#SecretSuperstar continues its SPLENDID RUN in *preview screenings* in HONG KONG...
Fri HK$ 134,066
Sat HK$ 361,664
Sun HK$ 315,159 Total: HK$ 2,155,261 [₹ 1.78 cr]

Here are other movies lifetime business 

Bajrangi Bhaijaan   HK$1,364,088
Dangal                    HK$27,139,998

It will most probably do more than double of Bajrangi Bhaijaan in preview screenings itself.
Source Link: https://twitter.com/taran_adarsh/status/983213401504530433
asked Apr 9 in Box Office Related by bollyranga Production Designer (13,046 points)
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Ace Is In His Own League.

answered Apr 9 by Rajat Production Accountant (28,320 points)
selected Apr 10 by bollyranga
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"It will most probably do more than double of Bajrangi Bhaijaan in preview screenings itself"

answered Apr 9 by Rancho Production Accountant (29,704 points)
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See the difference between BB and Dangal!...................

answered Apr 9 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (76,998 points)

There is no question about that......

After Dangal release in Hong Kong, for the people who believed on content theory

Dangal was around 20 times better movie than Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Let us see how much secret superstar is better than Bajrangi Bhaijaan ... in china it is already 3 times better than Bajrani Bhaijaan

china 3 years late release less screens theory lol

Then what theory they will apply for Bajrangi in Hong Kong. Only they which can be applied is in China Bajrangi released after Dangal and in Hong Kong it released before Dangal.

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Arre yaar firse chalu ho gaya... apne desh me 4 cr opening diya aur yeh sab chalu hai

usko bolo bahar hi release kare movie

answered Apr 9 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (11,138 points)

Before 4cr, there was 30cr amidst demonetization, hope u are aware of that. Here his cameo movie is creating havoc worldwide. You should also remember welcome to new york ...

why before 4cr?? uss baat ko kyu chhod de bhai?

Okay! in the way 4cr opening is better than 75 lakh with known star-cast in the form of Weloome to New York

Bhai sab jagah ek answer dalu? Kuch medication pe ho kya

SS was an aamir backed project. Compare apples with apples. Hero ka opening dekh le jaake

Usko bolte hai superstar backing... 4cr ko nahi

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BB wasn't properly released in Hong Kong, Either figures are not compiled properly Or it was limited release.

Look at these Aamir fans, saying SS is better than BB coz it did 3 times in CHINA, inka bas chale toh Aamir ki citizenship hi kara di China ki


SS = 62 Cr

BB = 315 Cr

Jis din SS jaise Sleepfest 3 times kar legi india mein of any Salman's BB kind of film, bata dena, i will myself accept Aamir as Star, not Superstar, Sirf STAR.... baaki baad mein dekheinge

answered Apr 9 by -OmKara- Production Designer (15,839 points)

kashyap, did salman go everywhere saying that it was his best film? Was he the producer? Was he the driving force behind the movie?

Kuch bhi fekta hai yaar aajkal

yeh baat maine pehle bhi boli hai...

Compare with Hero as Salman was backing the project. And it opened to some 7 crore.
Ab tu bolega SS ka LT zyada tha toh bass yahi toh hai bhaiya... content is aamir khan and aamir khan is content.

These days a project having Salman khan in a similar setting to Aamir in SS will open to 10 cr at least. But I cant say it will still cross SS as that is decided by content but opening bhai dega kyuki MEGASTAR hai.. chota mota star nhi


"SS worldwide is lesser than BB, BB crossed it in China, ab 10 aur countries mein release karke uper le aana "

So now for Salman fans Hong Kong is part of another 10 countries because Bajrangi Bhaijaan didn't do very well there.

Jab tak China mein movie nahi chalti this .... till then CHina didn't matter to them.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan already released in Hong Kong ... that time they didn't say that ki ye 10 countries mein release ho rahi hai ... to ATG honi chaniye.

If full fledge movie of Salman, on of the best movie of Salman can;t get better release than Average and cameo movie of Aamir ... then what else is there to say.

Did Aamir fans say ki .... Bajrangi was below SS in WW gross ... leking China mein release karke upar le aaye ? A production house release movie in all those country where they feel that movie can do business.

SS is Hit And BB is Blockbuster in China LMFAO Kya Phook ke yeh Comment kiya Matlab kuch bhi SS is 2nd Biggest Hit Of China After Atbb Dangal

Hero Opend to 7 cr Jodhpur Calculator se kya?
In Reality Hero opening and SS opening Day difference is less than 2 crs And This also is due to Diwali Puja. Also Hero Had More Favourable Genre!

Salman will open A Film like SS with 10 cr on Diwali day? LMFAO Matlab Kuch bhi
Salman's Tubelight Hardly crossed 20 cr and Similar Genre Dangal did Around 30 crs Which is More than Even BB
PK being a Social Drama opened btr than Masala Action movie Kick, 2013 Dhoom 3 Non Holiday Record was somehow crossed by Salaman in 2017.
Dhobi Ghat Art film opening more than Commercial Film Mai aur Mrs Khanna
Veer Commercial Film Opening Less Than Offbeat Talaash (Infact Half of Talash )
Aamir Always Matched Salman in Terms of Opening in With Same Genre Just Because Aamir does offbeat Films and His Volume Of movies is low You people get Chance to Blabber nonsense

Opening Opening Bahut Karte ho Na Rakhi Sawant Gave Bigger opening That Salman Khan what more to say.

Salman himself is a content star Launde Lapade ke Pasand Ka movie bana toh chala nahi toh FLOP Aamir even Makes Offbeat Films Successful Salman Distributors ki Lasshein Bicha deta hai.

Aur Masala Films mei Aamir gives Atgs jo Salman se Nahi diya jaata.

Opening Day Records Salman 6 Aamir 5
Atbb Aamir 5 Salaman 3
Atg Aamir 5 Salman 1
Hgoty Aamir 7 Salaman 10
Hgotd Aamir 2 Salman 2
Bhotd Aamir 1 Salman 1
Mwfotd Aamir 1 Salman 1
Hgotc Aamir 1 Salman 1

Aamir declared One Of The biggest Superstars Of All Time By every trade site/Analyst including BOI
Everyone Declared Aamir Undisputed no. 1 Towards end of Last Decade Including Box Office India.

Infact BOI directly Said Today All 3 khans Are At Similar Levels Of Stardom With Salman Having Slight edge due to more Mass fan following Provided he does Right Film

And Here You Ignorant Guy Calling Aamir Chota Mota Star.
This So called Chota Star Can Match Your So called megastar in terms of box office and stardom but Salman Can never Match Aamir in Terms of Acting skills and Quality Of Movies.

P.S. didnt Talk about Overseas here bcz it would be too embarrasing For Salman fans!

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