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Sultan or Bajrangi Bhaijaaan in which movie Salman acted better?

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asked Apr 8 in General by playboy Production Accountant (28,544 points)
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Sultan....easily for me.....after a long time he acted well in some film except that last hospital bed scene, he was too good

Last bed scene of salman was too good but the scene where he know abt baby dead was bad..

don't remember that baby's death scene.....but baby's birth scene was awsum and reminded me of Salman's Tere Naam scene where friends joke about RADHAY IN LOVE and he acts shy....too good.........but i remember him being not in zone, lacking focus, just giving away a scene in last bed scene.....maybe just me but i watched all important scenes twice or thrice and it didn't change my view

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two most powerful characters of modern age....... and two of the most powerful characters of all time....its almost improbable to choose one between these two.

sultan ali khan .... A.K.A haryana keseri

the guy without any goal in life.... a non existent layman .... who rises above all ...including himself to overcome all his demons.

Pawan kumar chaturvedi .... A.K.A bajrangi bhaijaan

a middle aged naive guy who is still as naive and impressionable as a child .... and his journey and leaning about love for the child which can be summed up by these lines....

answered Apr 8 by Grand Nova Star (146,497 points)
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It's been said that Ali Abbas Zafar can challenge someone like Salman when presenting him on screen and how to utilise his stardom in which fans would like to see from him. So pretty much Sultan is an example which lived up the audience's expectation which enabled get into the skin of his character. His performance in Sultan was better and look more realistic if you look at from the acting side because he balanced his comedy, romance, emotional scene and series act all in one.

He was good in Bajrangi Bhaijaan but Sultan gave that advantage when it came portraying the character on screen as a wrestler. That enabled him to show audiences what he could do in terms of acting where his performance received a good response.

answered Apr 8 by Nikeel Production Designer (15,031 points)
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I love SULTAN more..... Re Sultan......

answered Apr 8 by -OmKara- Production Designer (14,114 points)
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Sultan is a performance that I think only Salman could have done, especially in the second half.

He is good in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, but nothing special and any other actor could have done that role as well or even better.

answered Apr 8 by mr.hola Unit Manager (38,757 points)
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Cant compare both. Personally as audience i enjoyed both movies. BB takes the cake. Salman was subtle in his acting and was excellent in the emotional scenes. The climax and the scene where munni is being sold off.....I felt Salman did damn well there.

answered Apr 8 by Intense Producer (113,556 points)
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Like both of them and can't compare.

answered Apr 9 by shah Assistant Director (58,707 points)
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Very difficult to answer this... as a movie BB was better than Sultan but Salman's performance is Sultan was superior for the sheer effort he had put into the character!

answered Apr 9 by Seinfeld Location Manager (7,932 points)

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