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Any How I Met Your Mother fans here? Share your views on the terrible last 2 seasons and the horrendous finale!

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I have avoided watching this show ever since the finale aired, it soured the entire show for me. But recently my roommate started watching it, and I occasionally watch some episodes with him. I have to say that the show has maintained its charm. From season 1 to season 6 it is absolutely terrific and the show should have ended there IMO.

After that we had season 7, which I didn't like but it was watchable. Then came season 8, which is absolutely the worst season and really destroyed the goodwill. Then season 9 had an interesting idea but wasted it with repetitive and unfunny episodes.

The final bomb came with the finale, which made it hard to hear the theme song for me. It has taken more than 3.5 years after than shitty finale for me to return to what I otherwise still consider to be my favourite sitcom and one of my favourite shows.
Source Link: The Mind of Hola.
asked Apr 8 in General by mr.hola Unit Manager (38,757 points)
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Never really became my favourite.. i watched it just for the sake of it...

The show was unrealistic and too sketchy for me. The episode where they show Robin's kids and later on it is revealed that she cant have kids! What the damn fukk?

And only beginning 4 seaons were good. After that it went downhill and never recovered.

answered Apr 8 by Seinfeld Location Manager (7,932 points)

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