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Welcome to the forum, enjoy your time here but most importantly contribute here. Since the last few days, the new users are repeatedly posting the same kind of questions again and again. Express your opinions but most importantly be respectful of other opinions too.

SRK will be finished after zero, did Salman and aamir become stars after 2010, the khans are over without festivals etc etc.

This isn't twitter and we are not running fan clubs where you can trend something, fight and invoke a negative reaction from other users of the forum.

From next time any repetitive/spam/stupid post will be closed or hidden. All users/mods/admins want you to enjoy your time here but not at the cost of creating negativity in the forum.
in Site related by Star (143k points)
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bollywood will collapse after khans


SRK will be finished after zero, did Salman and aamir become stars after 2010, the khans are over without festivals etc etc.

I don't think users can be stopped from saying so. It's their opinion and they are allowed to share it.

The only thing to see is someone don't cross line in language, rest provoking and fanwars are part of forum. Yeh hai toh forum hai yeh nahi toh forum kuch bhi nhi.

7 Answers

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Yess this isn't about not being fair but you just can't literally spam the same thing everywhere
Hopefully these new users will understand this and contribute to the forum in a better way

by Assistant Director (45.8k points)
+1 vote

If these new names don't know how to be civil..I will not mind hiding 90% of their negative activity ...and also it is also wastage of YOUR EFFORTS it will take us just few seconds to open the post and hide...and also..and we r not ignorant ..we know......

by Director (123k points)
+1 vote

Ban them. They are spoling the forum. Spamming the forum!

I’d have loved some sensible people who might beinto some other stuff as well but these new chumps are twitter fanboys

by Unit Manager (35.3k points)
0 votes

o bhai ye forum kya sirf khan fans ke liye hai kya

by Set Designer (2k points)

na ye forum sirf srk haters ki hai... saare mods anti srk hai especially suhas and intense who are srk haters


King khan we are not srk haters. Anything offensive against any khan or kumar or Roshan or any other actor is hidden.


suhas hidden my answer when i just praised srk and said nothing else



Did we allow 12 year olds here?

0 votes

Intense, rightfully said, posting or commenting same thing over and over again provokes other fan base too. I personally respect all stars, but when they have some disrespect to SRK, I get provoked, why on earth would I not reply them so that they get double-kicked? As one English proverb goes - " TIT FOR TAT, IF YOU HIT MY DOG, I WILL KILL YOUR CAT". It's fun too, if it's handled with sense.

I hate repetition, that's what old users do to. You are one sensible person, and I know that you love the KhanDom as much as I do, KhanDom - which undoubtedly is a never-going-to-happen scenario in any movie industry. But then, it comes down to a point that these three superstars have weaknesses too which fans don't want to actualize. And without these Khans, this forum wouldn't be working, don't think it otherwise. I see repetitions in posts and answers and comments about these three so many times and from old users, how can new users learn a discipline?

by Camera Operator (8.4k points)

agree weakness matlab holidays na


Dusre account se bhi comment karlena, brother. So post bana dalo, Holiday releases of Akki title pe. And count the disasters, you will have good time with yourself.

0 votes

This is a khan forum and they can't handle counter attack

by Location Manager (6.4k points)

tu kiska fake account hai bata de bhai koi kuch nahi karega




Bring it on mate. Khans vs new gen kids. And start from the beginning. And oh yes, if ranbir manages 1000 screens against dabangg3 next xmas, do remind me again

–3 votes

this is the anti SRK forum with all mods hiding everything except anti srk things

by Location Scout (3.2k points)

Alelele bura laga fake account ko..

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