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0 votes
in General by Set Designer (2k points)
20% Accept Rate

But but highest no of disasters and flop are in name of akshya


lol sallu fans talking about disasters


Kya lol kar raha hai..disaster pe raaj karta hai tere akshya..2000-2009 taak 11 disaster diya aaki ne.jab ki salman worst phase k babjud utna nahidiya..stardomless thoda film k verdict check karke bol ja BOI pe dekh

8 Answers

+2 votes

1stly Tier 3 Star Akshay Kumar Should Retire Who Has No Box Office Record Be It Atbb, Atg, Highest Grosser Of Year Decade Century Or 2.5 Cr Footfalls

by Unit Manager (36.2k points)
edited by

Lol global megastar aamir with half the hits of akki and 1/4th fans of akki and ranbir go and check twitter you will find more ranbir fans ranveerians and akkians den aamir fans


The world doesn't live on Twitter. And this isn't a Twitter fan club


Half Hits Of Akshay?
Are Mere Bhai Padh Le Facts Kyun Faltu Bakchodi Kar Raha Hai, Diya Na Tujhe Link Dekh 7 Hit Jyada Hai Akshay Ke Aamir Se 70 Films Jyada Karne Ke Baad
Aur Baaki Ke Criteria Mei Toh Comparision Hi Nahi Hai

Anyways I Rest My Case Here Itself


O ladke me agle 2 3 saal baad ka bol raha jab aamir ghar pe beth kar mahabharat mahabharat khelega aur akki ki next 2 years me 8 release hai...

+2 votes

Festivals?? Loo, you're a funny man

OK let's do a head count.

Non holiday record openers, Khans - many
Akshay - 0

20 crs + opening on non holiday, Khans many
Akshay - 0

25 crs opening on non holiday, Khans - many
Akshay - lol

30 crs opening on non holiday - Khans -2
Akshay - don't even talk about it

Note - Before you say Dhoom 3 & TZH were Christmas, well Christmas came later, opening day was full working day.

And if you say Dhoom 3 & TZH were franchise, then so were Housefull 3 & Biggest movie of India 2.0

by Mega Star (211k points)

Bro 2 Point final day one on BOI site 19.74 cr so ye bhi gaya.


Oops, yeh kya ho gaya Akki fans



+1 vote

So 30 years of megastardom is due to festivals alone?

by Director (135k points)

Lol we saw 3-4 disaster s of Khan s in last year itself only akki giving hits on non holiday and srk was only top till 2010 den gone and aamir sallu who came after would also be gone soon sallu cant act to save his life and well aamir will web series for next 5 years and will be finished ranbir and already kicked khans movies this year and they are already finished with zero completing hattrick disasters


Even disaster of khan collect more than superhit of non star akki


even a wall does better acting then sallu... who cant even come on non holiday

+1 vote

Lol Hit? So u calling 80cr 90cr 110cr lifetime movies a straight Hits? Go and take some rest bro u need a check up, Underperformer of Khan's always done more than akki's so called small Hits of 80cr ,90cr and 110cr even 166cr of Race 3 will b neck to neck of 2.0 in footfalls wise that shows the standards of Khans, sometimes we Khan fans do leg pulling to each other that does not mean we will degrade other Khan's success, so if Salman and Aamir are born after 2010 then Akki is not born yet going by his opening and weekend records and going by his small Hits of 80cr,90cr and 110cr

by Production Accountant (25k points)

haha bhaijaan ko to decade ho gaya non festival pe aaye hue ... vo to eid per bhi disaster de rahe hai


Festival k liye aukaat chahye Jo Akki k pass nahi hai mere Bhai


haa bhai ki to pata chal gayi thi vo last decade acting to sikha do pehle bhai ko

0 votes

Sab kuch naa kuch ke wjah se he Big Superstar bane hai ...
Kuch HOLIDAY aur BIG DIRECTOR ke wjah se like KHANS
kuch Big Directors aur Multistarrer ke wjah se Like AMITABH
Aur Akshay and Ajay ko mai SUPERSTAR nahi manta..
So ye excuses dena band karo...
Rahi baat New Brigade kiii to bas 2022-24 ke baad inhi kii chlne wali hai ye 90s wale khtm hai 3-4 saal aur bas..buddhe honge khud Audience ignore krr degi...1-2 ko abhi se ignore krna suru krr diya hai...

by Location Manager (5.7k points)

Are Khans Ka Comparison Kahan Se Hoga Akshay Ajay Se.
BOI Khans Ko Tier 1 Aur Akshay Ajay Ko Tier 3 Star Manta Hai

30 Saalon Mei Khans Ke Record Eak Taraf Aur Pure Bollywood Ke Eak Taraf Rakhke Dekheinge Tab Bhi Khans Bahut Aagey Honge

Holiday Ka Excuse Hai Bas Yeh Log Toh Holiday Pe Release Karke Bhi Bina Record Ke Hain
Eak Bhi Record Nahi Inke Pass

0 votes

Comparison can be justified between khans , but comparing Some one who is yet to cross 150 cr as a main stream hero well its completely injustice, Well leave AAmir and Salman , even in SRK's current worst phase chakki Kumar cant cross his most nonperforming movies SRK worst film collection are hit Collection for Akshay........... So better wake up boy......... even at worst case if ZERO is flop it will still be highest from Akshay kumar highest grossing outright hindi. even worst of Salman and AAmir Race 3 and TOH are ahead of Chakki highest grosser.

by Assistant Director (43.4k points)
–2 votes

o bhai talk only of 2010 born stars giving cult classic like race 3 and tubelight on holidays not abt king khan

by Location Scout (3.2k points)
–3 votes

Ajay reh gaya uska bhi ek fake fan account bana de

by Location Scout (4.2k points)

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