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I am hopeful about this product this time. I am expecting it going above 30 million in overseas and 300 cr gross in domestic. Have your say
in Box Office Related by Production Designer (15.9k points)
78% Accept Rate

If the movie clicks with the audience then why not? Sky is the limit.

12 Answers

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500cr WW should be an easy task for Zero.......30mn is too low for Christmas+SRK+North America should work better this time than what it usually does for SRK films

30mn means 211crore, jst checked it........500-211=289

289cr should easily be the nett collection if WOM is very good to excellent which we can expect from Zero

But but but, it is a risky film cz of SRK's character, how much people will connect to it...only time will can even end up doing less than disaster TOH

by Unit Manager (33.4k points)
selected by

Bro that condition if Wom is good is most important because each year 300 movies made in india nad only 10-15 movies wom is good so very less chances for good wom and currently Srk movies not get good wom. So its difficuilt chance are there.


hmmm......thanks for the number, figures n i will keep my expectations very low


It might end up doing same as FAN


hmm.....when reality hits u again n again .....hum SRK fans sahi dheet hogaye hain

+2 votes

First cross 400 cr ww if Srk cross it than think 500 cr on easy way movie open 20 cr on day one after that wom decide movie result.

by Production Accountant (28.3k points)
+1 vote

Overseas will be near to $30 Mil. All Zero needs is to do well on India, around 250 cr at least. Hope for the best.

by Star (148k points)
0 votes

I think you added one extra zero

by Production Designer (12.5k points)

Also, mind it- "That extra ZERO is the only movie which will save the KhanDom in Bollywood this year." You khan't and won't be able to deny the fact.


Kya khandom? ghanta k khandom tere star ka..11 saal me ekbaar highest grosser of year diya nahi aur aakad toh dekho


See kid Santosh, the history is there. Salman was almost lost and has bounced back. SRK had two flops after 2010 in JHMS and FAN, SALMAN has been there even in back to back disasters and flops and not only two but more in just one year. Also, Tubelight is a failure this decade, and with Race 3 being declared average by BOI, if Salman's next fails, he will be there in the same place as SRK this decade too.

Baaki star tera, paise tere, hazaron baar dekhke Race 3 ko bhi blockbuster bana deta. Sab theatres ek saalke liye reserve karleta.

Secondly, Use your words properly. If you want a fight, do it with genuine words.


Salman never have the gap between two highest grosser of year near srk..aur race 3 ki collection kitne baar cross kiya tere favoutite ne?

0 votes

IF Aamir's small cameo film can do it then why not?.... The target should be 1000cr not 500

by Second Unit Director (77.3k points)

Yes both tubelight and dangal falls under same category. If the later didn't take the opening as the former then we have to question the stardom here......... Not the genre....
Biggest Banner and Biggest holiday ensured 50cr+ opening despite negative wom, negative trailer and no over the top promotions.............
52cr+ is safe for another 4-5 years.............

Taking about lifetime did u know that 2007 TZP which clashed with Welcome has done more than Full action film Wanted which came 1.5 years after that!......


I am saying about 8 year old movie ...and dangal was the most commercial movie this decade..


Most commercial film where the hero is old no heroine, no item songs, no here singing songs, no romance. I mean in a war movie like TZH we had romance and romantic song to push the film lol.

Talking about 8 years old..... Salman's race 3 failed to cross 9 year old 3 idiots....


I didn't have any clue dangal not having any songs..may be I have watched other movie named dangal..I was unware for a movie to be commercial hero should be young and not old..
talking about 3idiots it was alltime grosser and crossing alltime grosser is always a stiffer task than crossing a movie which was well 60 crores short..

–1 vote

Hope SRK gets a big hit this time.

by Executive Producer (66.7k points)
–1 vote

christmas time is best for overseas collection so even in worst case zero will do above 20 million in overseas everything else depend on indian collections

by Location Manager (5.8k points)
–1 vote

If it turns out to be good then definitely

by Unit Manager (32.1k points)
–1 vote

Fingers crossed....................................

by Star (140k points)

Jab index finger aur ring finger ko cross karoge na wohi haal hone wala hai zero ka

–1 vote

Depends on quality. Though I will say it still be absolutely ridiculous if even this movie ends up being bad.

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)

Means you expecting it to be worst?


How did you get that from my answer?

–1 vote

Hit ho jaye wohi badi baat hogi srking ke liye

by Unit Manager (34.5k points)

Atleast you have started to use SRKING, but write it in capitals from next time


–2 votes

900 crores gross in Bollywood.
70 million in overseas except China.
300 million in China.

I pray that these three things happen. If it happens, all the other fan bases will lose their heart.

Chalo comment karo. I believe all the options above are viable, and if two of the three happen in real, people will stop posting their stars database here in the forum.

by Camera Operator (8.3k points)

Bahubali ne hi cross nahi kiya ye bauaa Srk kaise karega jisne 210 cr cross nahi kiya india main.


Hadd Ho Gayi Yaar Yeh Srk Fan Hai Kya Srk Fan Banke Srk Ko Troll Kar Raha Hai


Records are always made, doesn't relate to past. Bahubali 1 was around 500 crores gross but 2 was almost 2000 crores. You don't know the future. Anything can happen. I specifically want one movie from SRK, which will stop you, Rancho, specifically from posting the same things repeatedly.


I wish it happens...

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