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The man is so good to listen to. I don't think there's any guy in bollywood who talks Better or has the wit of SRK, perhaps Big B to an extent

by Star (148k points)
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Zero will have hurricane in Gulf countries.............. Buzz for the movie is high in overseas even neutral are talking about movie......... but again its Domestic market where zero have to perform........... having very good feeling this time from SRK film, as the hardwork does show up.......... a huge conspiracy going on against khans in the industry........ hopefully SRK saves the day for Khan trio as both aamir and salman failed this year........ finger crossed.

by Assistant Director (43.5k points)

overseas first day record will be broken for sure and in india it should open at around 32-34 crore after the first 3 days everything depends on content

+1 vote

It's always a treat to watch and hear him on interviews. He is intelligent and witty, humorous and thoughtful at the same time.

by Camera Operator (8.7k points)

why they closed my questions is this a khan fan forum


The question can be found in the archives and has been answered many times.


film to abhi release bhi nahi hui


I commented about his appearances in interviews or while interacting with people.

+1 vote

Is salman in uae? I didn't know that..

by Production Designer (12.8k points)
–1 vote

He is king only in his mind.

by Costume designer (1k points)
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–2 votes

Cameos item songs of other actors and over the top promotions..........

by Second Unit Director (77.8k points)
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Not played in theater ka matlab ye hua ne ke faltu ki promotion ke liye banaya tha? And those cameos have also not been shown in trailers. So that means they're not for promotion.


Salman's cameo will be added and played. That is the USP of Zero. Along with that cameos of bollywood stars like sridevi, alia bhatt etc...


Yes, a cameo that isn't even in the trailer is the USP. A song that has less views and likes than the first one is the USP.

Abay idiot, agar dekhna hain na ke ek cameo ko USP kaise banate hain, to jaake Thugs ki marketing dekh, cameo waali Katrina ko heroine dikha diya.

And the actual public doesn't even know about Alia, Sir Devi cameo.


Salman's cameo song released this eid, first teaser came a year back. I think u do know that.
Don't call me idiot... Idiot word is reserved for Shahrukh.......
Public doesn't now about Alia sridivi ya wait for another 10 more days, that will be playing on every channel