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With Thugs of Hindostan finally, in the theatres, the race for the 400 crore club has once again begun. And brand Aamir is once again in the centre of that discussion. The critics have not made it any easier for him with rating all in the 2.5 stars.! Time to look at how the brand Aamir has emerged over the years.

Aamir Khan has emerged in recent times as the most innovative marketer of his films. Besides, being a brilliant film director and actor, Aamir has now Read More

Source Link: http://www.fridaybrands.com/2018/11/09/will-toh-dent-brand-aamir-khan/
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@jummabrand.... we are looking for rishta for our kowsigan.... agar nazar main koi ghadhi ya ghodi ho....to usay kaho bhaag jaye....


@Fridaybrand, please go to your profile and check your private messages.

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So, with each such posts, we must visit the next website to read all details? It's nice way of advertising...

by Location Manager (5.7k points)
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every one want to promote something

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I won't go to your post but no, it won't damage.

He needs a movie in 2020 though.

by Assistant Director (43.5k points)

May be you are right or wrong, I also think same.

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who is this new date on the forum (ye kaun sa naya khajooor a gaya hai forum pay)

.... apni adver freaking tizer karanay.... faarigh karo bot ko. aur saath main aik do srk fans ko bhe delete kar do buri nazar se bachanay k liye. to send them a message....how we deal with bots....
and yeah...welcome to the forum @fridaybrands

by Star (151k points)