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With the release of 2.0 round the corner, the spotlight is once again on the biggest star of Asia, Superstar Rajinikanth. While the release of the trailer has had the mixed response, with most dismissing it as poor man’s video game which has much sleeker and mind-bending examples in the video game ecosystem.

And strangely enough none of this ever affects the brand value of Mr Rajinikanth. His equity if anything only going north. Even his foray into the murky waters of TN politics and Read more

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3 Answers

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Big NO.

Politics is a big mess. Even if Rajini has a true heart, there will be people trying to bring him down for petty things. Which in turn will force him to stoop to those levels.

by Unit Manager (35.9k points)

I think he doing good. Now public know him as a Superstar but through politics he become a good politician and will do good work for the public.

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I support Rajnikanth's decision to take part in politics as it takes guts to put yourself in a controversial position when all your life you have only been hearing claps......people need good guys in politics.....why the hell this theory sells so much that politics is a dirty game, to remain clean jst stay away etc? Politics is a good thing, it's just that bad people have owned it cz good people were too busy doing other shitty things or were too afraid

Also, my biggest inspiration The Great Imran Khan explained it beautifully here @13:12

by Unit Manager (33.9k points)

Me too

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Big no!.................

by Second Unit Director (78.4k points)

How you can say no?