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Q. Where does the credit go for the Hindi version of 2.0 you have said Akshay Kumar as its dubbed but Bahubali - The Conclusion with no stars did even bigger so its the content of the film really and not Akshay Kumar?
Shahid Butt
A. See obviously when a film works in the long run then its content.  The point that was made is that till date all dubbed films released in Hindi markets have been driven by Mumbai circuit. Bahubali - The Conclusion is the only exception which had business which was uniform but that had huge brand value by the time it released. Even the first Bahubali film had 50% business from Mumbai on day one. 2.0 was being led by Delhi / UP, East Punjab, Rajasthan and Bihar and this is where Akshay Kumar has a strong market so its not hard to work out that he is the reason why this dubbed film behaved differently.


Q. I would just like to point out to you that Rajnikant may have been a big star five years ago in Tamil Nadu but now younger stars have taken over and lead at the box office in Tamil Nadu and it could be that your calculations are wrong and the Tamil Nadu trade is spot on and 13 crore is the first day gross for 2.0.
S. Kurusar
A. You may be right and there may be bigger younger stars due to the age factor but we are not really going into who is the biggest star in Tamil Nadu as you may know better. Filmwatchers there will have a good idea of that.  Even if others have taken over nobody can take away the fact that Rajnikant as been huge in TN since 1980 which is a long time to be at the at top or now near the top as you put it. As for box office numbers it does not matter who is number one or number two as you compare collections and not stars.
It is difficult to make too many comments against another industry as our mailbox will be flooded that its boxofficeHINDI and not boxofficeINDIA as has happened before. Lets just say there is an issue with reporting, as figures going around do not match cinema collections which is the only way to track box office as its done across the world. It seems that figures are worked through shares when shares should be worked out from the collections and a lot extra is lumped on day one but that extra does not seem to be the same for all films. There was a Tamil film released on Diwali and the GROSS figures going around for that was 33 crore and for 2.0 it was 13 crore but from actual cinema numbers this is impossible. There are limited cinema DCR's (daily collections reports) in Tamil Nadu but the ones which are there were at best 60% in favour of the Diwali release but then some were the same. But the reported GROSS figures are almost 300% more for the Diwali release. It is the same state so you are not going to have films collecting similar at some places and then 200-300% gap in others. The only way this sort of gap comes is when the release size is lopsided or a huge difference in screenings at places which should not be the case here as 2.0 itself is a huge film. There are a lot more cinema collections after the week is out so a better judgement can be made but looking at what cinema collections are available at present it is certain that if the Diwali release was 33 crore then 2.0 is not 13 crore and if 2.0 is 13 crore then the Diwali release is not 33 crore. This even a five year can make out by comparing cinema numbers. The industry should come out of tracking through shares as it will always be off as far as actual collections go. The real cinema data for Tamil Nadu is limited on a daily basis but a much wider sample is available when the week is out so if the analysts in the state have the access and work through them then there will be more realistic numbers. This is just an observation from the outside and not about Hindi film industry being better than the Tamil industry.
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Akshay Kumar was a factor, yes.

just not the only factor.

by Mega Star (213k points)
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Lol in that case.the srk factor in each of his movie wouldn't be more than 5cr at vividly portrayed by jhms...


Well SRK factor is such that he's sitting comfortably as one of the biggest star ever seen by this country enjoying worldwide popukarity & fan following, also the 2nd richest actor on planet earth, whereas Ranbir Kapoor is still going after accomplished Directors & Production Houses so that he can get a hit movie.


Yeah he is superstar so hasn't been able to give highest grosser of the year since 11 years..and about his boxoffice status not one apart from chennai express which ofcourse had deepika and rohit shetty factor crosses or even come near 200 cr.that sums it alls..he is the one whose last movie collection is meagre 60cr which even debutant janvi kapoor has surpassed..stay in your la la land


Let me tell you, who has an All Time Blockbuster, Chunkey Pandey, so going by your logic, Rajinikanth is isn't big too, hasn't given a single hit since Robot & even 2.0 will be loss maker except Hindi version.

La la land is equating collections with stardom, because is collections = stardom then no Bollywood star is bigger than Prabhas.

+1 vote

These so called analyst of tamil nadu.shame on then..

by Production Designer (12.5k points)
+1 vote

This is what inwas trying ti tell to shajandeepu..but he does not agree with it.
There cant be such big difference between two big films.
One doing 33crs and other doing 13cr despite being a big film.
In south big film is a big film let it even release on non holiday.
There can be only few crores difference like 3-5cr max in opening across the state like tamilnadu for big films.
But here there is like 20cr difference, which is fake reporting..
Either 2.0 had collected more money or sarkar would have doke less business..i will go with sarkar over exaggerating figure being false..

by Location Scout (3.5k points)

Cinetrack is run by our desi trade pandit. So this is biggest fake website. There is no comparison with chiru and pawan as they are way bigger starts. While prabhas and ntr both are also catching them. Talking about vijay, he will never cross rajni sir in his lifetime by manipulation.


As i have compared with facts ande details for vijay being bigger than Pawan, please enlighten me with ur details or facts rather than acting like 5th standard students, arguing without reasonable or actual points to prove..


What he is bigger than pawan? Dude wake up from your dream. He is not even half of what pawan kalyan is. No aukaat.


Pawan craze in Ap = Vijay in TN hence equals and cancelled out
Pawan movie with avg or below avg wom would gross 70cr from telugu states?? A simlar Vijay movie does 125+cr

Karnataka - Pawan and Vijay would have a tough fight but Vj has the higher grossing movie there.. Again gone

Pawan movie wouldnt gross even 3 cr from whole TN while a vinay dubbed movie sarkar grossed 18+cr from Ap/Ts(i knw they dnt have much of dubbed movies in TN but thats the market)

Kerala - Pawan is unknown name here while VIjay enjoys almost like 75% craze that of what he enjoys in TN.

Overseas - pawan has just a single market where he leads Vijay - USA where his best is not even 2million i think while Vijay has a 1.4+ million in Mersal and sarkar grossing another million..

Rest overseas Pawan is 1/10 of Vijay..
Vijays highest Mersal grosses 78cr from overseas and sarkar 74cr and what is Pawans best? 25?

And Vijay is just peaking and he will beat his own numbers again..

Just understand this, get back to me if u have such detailed comparison to make me understand pawan is greater kiddo..

A pawan movie with below avg reports crash right the next day while such a vijay movoe would still make decent business and gross 110+ cr easily..

And if u are in a dream abt the numbers, u know what is pre release business and based on what they are sold fr auch numbers?? That is based on a stars capabily,market and previous success or his potential.. Evn in that Vijay has set Non Rajini/Rajamouli record down south.. And if u blame trackers alone, just go read articles of Sreedhar Pillai amd dhananjayan where they already raved about vijay being the numero uno in TN and the biggest after Rajini in south..

0 votes

Lmao!! The so called biggest boxoffice portal of the country doing some guessing game on the south collections like immature.. When the distributors and trackers down south gave area wise break up for Sarkar and 2.0 ,these guys like santjosh and one other guy here on the forum doing some assumptions.. Lol.. Is this hoe BOI work for all movies??
I mean their way seems " this movie has done this mucj so that movie cant be this much" .. These guys do not even understand the fact that 2.0 had poor buzz and no interest among tamil audience.. Even the advance bookings were below average Sarkar had immense hype and buzz and the advance was on fire everywhere.. Far more 2.0 was not even half, i mean lless than half almost evrywhere apart from the 3 Cs of TN..

BOI must stop tracking south figures or atleast know the break up region wise.. Funny thses statements.

by Executive Producer (65.2k points)

Sarkar collected only 97 cr ans these people giving 200-300 cr figures. This is new level of manipulation.


Sarkar collected 97crores from where u say?? If u r saying then there is not much i can say to u than cinsider u an immature person who has zero knwoledge on these numbers.. Grow up man.. 97cr lol..


Just check boi article. You will get your answer. Just don't behave like fool. Not everyone is fool. And i don't believe in manipulation.


Who said manipulation when its not and actuals are given and tracked by far better people for south.. BOI might be best for rest but not for south and honestly u just dnt knw whats the case with sarkar and 2.0 in TN man.. Calm down, u can come to real world..not everythg u assume and want to be inside cant be true, whoever down south have shared detailed figs,have shared Sarkar figures and thats with break up unlike BOI amd ur childish thoughts.. U knw the break ups and collections of 2.0 and sarkar other than 3Cs in TN?? u dnt even knw what these 3 Cs frst??

0 votes

dharma plus akshay

by Location Manager (5.8k points)
0 votes

50% to Shankar
20% to Rajnikanth
20% to Akshay Kumar
7% to Robot (this film does carry value)
2% to Dharma
1% to Amy Jackson (thoda toh credit milna chahiye na)

by Set Decorator (1.3k points)

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