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+3 votes
Complete Massy song, Bond between both the superstars was a treat to watch.
Didn't like the audio much after first time, but after multiple times Iam just in love with this song.
Will be a treat to watch this song in a Singlescreen.
Megastar is looking like million bucks and Srk is just electrifying.

Truly biggest song of the year.
Source Link: My opinion
in Opinion by Unit Manager (35.5k points)
93% Accept Rate

Ajabbb hi mazaaa h Bhai-Shah jugalbandi. Fabbbbb

5 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer

I Loved The Video And Audio Is Also Very Good
Repeated Both Multiple Times

My Favourite Part Is From Woh Humse Pyaar Gazab Karti... Onwards

by Assistant Director (42.4k points)
selected by

Same here. Every time I watch only from there.

+1 vote

The magic when Srk-Salman is on screen is something else
The mass hysteria is gping to be amazing

by Assistant Director (46k points)
+1 vote

Agree with you. I'm liking the audio more with time. And the video has no words. It's priceless

by Star (146k points)
–1 vote

To be honest this song is the worst ..only video is good

by Production Designer (12.5k points)
–2 votes

I don't think so. Maybe the video is good but audio wise it's bad. They should have opted for Hindi lyrics than confusing the audience.

Anyways let's see where this song takes zero buzz

by Producer (109k points)

i guess you are not from north india everyone understands what they are saying plus this song will run riot in delhi up and bihar


We north Indians r in love with it.... Complete masssss... Mazaaa aa gya


Hindi lyrics lol, to abhi kya German ya French me hai gaana?



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