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asked in Movie Discussions by Camera Operator (9.2k points)
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Ranveer Start of the year with Padmaavat and after that married with most beautiful lady Deepika. Now looks like year and also with Blockbuster Simmba. What a memorable year for ranveer.

What a great entertaining trailer. 4/5 for my side. Ajay devgn entry and beautiful sara nailed it.


Rohit Shetty seems to have made a loyal remake with extremely minor changes by ensuring the violence is heavily toned down.

From what I saw,
1. The whole rape theme isn't as gruesome as the original.
2. Here Ranveer meets the victim who calls him brother. Or she could still be the sister if Rohit Shetty is sticking to the original.
3. The bunch of ladies shot. Probably a melodramatic scene newly written.
4. Ajay Devgn's Singham who will make an entry to save Simmba on time.

I think Sara Ali Khan though wouldn't have much role wise, will get to be part of Dharma film & will get a grand dance number.

For someone who has seen the original, this was least interesting. Ofcourse Rohit Shetty wouldn't have opted for an A certified film or heavily cut UA film just like Temper.

Still prefer this....

Lastly, that shot of grand dance number filmed on Sara Ali Khan & Ranveer Singh...just hope it creates the same madness like the Temper title track. Gotta trust SS Thaman. Matching NTR JR's energy in dancing or acting is no child's game.


@suhas so what are your boxoffice expectations from Zero and Simmba.. And the entire semi clash


@Haider .. no expectations. It's a big holiday for the two films to survive. They need to be good that's all. Zero has the bigger hand but Simmba is more like a safe venture.

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Somehow i didn't like tge trailer.I mean Rape-corrupt police officer -Change of heart- Suddenly rise of moral value= Sounds like late 80s theme.
Nothing new or tempting with lack of seeti maar dialogue or comedy.
Just an average flick.For me its completely No-No situation.
I will anyday preffer Zero over this.Tgey should have come with Singham 3 with Ajay rather trying to establish New Cop Theme movie.Lets see how mass people react.Straight comparison with Baghi 2 where we had seeti maar dialogue and Some Good action sequence which is missing in this trailer forsure.

answered by Producer (108k points)
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This is yuck and eww stuff ....why don't they name it as Singham 3 ?Congratulations to SRK fans .

answered by Director (122k points)
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They have so much confidence in Ranveer that the trailer starts and ends with another actor

Looks bad to me honestly. I thought I would watch it in theaters, but now I won't.

Golmaal 4 also had a bad trailer, but it worked big time. Though I'm not sure about this movie at all.

The fact that they are so openly using another movie to sell this one shows that the this movie might not be good.

answered by Unit Manager (38k points)

You guys are so jealous. Simmba will be a hit.


I'm not allowed to give my opinion? If I don't like it then it has to be because of Zero?

I myself have said on this forum that I think Zero will be a flop and had also said that I would watch Simmba if it turns out to be good, ab trailer acha nahi hai to iss main meri ghalti nahi hai.

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It's a bad Trailer like All Rohit Shetty movies . Just going by Trailer point of view , Ranveer was pathetic in first half of trailer as Corrupt Police officer doing comedy. But in serious kind of scenes he was good . Ajay Devgn stole the show !!!

answered by Producer (101k points)

Will still work, golmaal was equally stupid but it worked.


Golmaal again was funny most of the times. The comedy scenes, Nana's voiceover could be watched several times. This won't have things as entertaining, I presume, because this doesn't have the Ajay Devggn.

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Wat an entertaining trailer.....ranveer singh at his best....will beat his own role of alauddin khilji.....
Rohit shetty is back wid a bang. Srk better luck next time.
Shud have clashed wid zero. Its a single screen dhamaaka.
Ranveer singh wat a lovely year

answered by Camera Operator (9.4k points)

Trolling or praising him?


Will beat his own role alauddin kilji itself say he on epic troll


Simmba will be entertaining......n become superhit...maybe u have no idea about Rohit Shetty n ranveer stardom in india

+2 votes

I saw temper many times...
Intensity is low in comparison

answered by Location Manager (6k points)
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the only thing i wanted from this movie.... it has assured to give...... a release size of 4000 screens. that trailer is enough to get that kinda release size...which means... zero will be out in week 2...... 90%
plus the remaining 10% zero wont' do business further beccause both these movies are for masses.. but a cop masala movie..will always be one step ahead...for them... no matter the quality..... in almost all situations

answered by Star (149k points)

and imagine...if zero is received like TOH and race 3.... with one week of free run.... good byye 100cr.

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What the heck was that?? It's a B Grade looking trailer, with even worse comedy & action, no proper drama & they are trying to sell it more on Singham name than Ranveer Singh, shows their trust on both, the lead actor & the movie itself. And although i had no expectations nor any interest in this movie, the trailer is even worse than i thought.

answered by Mega Star (204k points)

You should stop worrying about us my friend, worry about Republic Day 2019.


I agree with tb, that's why I have added, it will be a big BB, since the audience likes the crap which rohit makes. I'm supporting zero, we need more of such risks than seeing a joker try to imitate Salman khan
@tb, don't think super 30 is making it to republic day man


@Intense there is difference in being crap & being outdated crap which Simmba Trailer is.

Movies like Judwaa 2, G4 & Baaghi 2 were bad but they looked good in Trailer visually & in comparison we have an outdated looking movie which isn't looking good visual wise.

Trailer isn't doing much to generate excitement.


Yeah you can say that. We had discount govinda, now we can a discount Salman/ajay too.

+1 vote

One word Pathetic ..... ranveer version of singham plus dabaang plus policegiri.... ranveer cant be save by ajay or golmaal even .....

answered by Assistant Director (42.1k points)

It's bad, but take it from me, it's a big blockbuster in the making. The crappier the movie from rohit shetty, the better it works


Lets see .... but its like a forced movie nothing is good except ajay and sara ali khan


Zero needs to be just above average to thrash simbaa in second week , its ranveer singh first massy movie and it looks doomed ,it looks to me another besharam

+1 vote

Blockbuster written allover. Zero ki toh lag gai

answered by Camera Operator (9.8k points)

SRK fans are the only one to dislike. Every other people praising it. Mass action film.

+1 vote

Wow everything was perfect except 28th dec on theatre instead it should be 28th dec on set max..

answered by Production Accountant (28k points)

It will earn more than solo eid release dhamaka tubelight. Solo release pe lungi utar ***.


That means double of mohenjo..


100 times of marigold.

+1 vote

Looks very entertaining. Killing the rapists angle will work big time. Mass entertainer on the way. Film will be hit.

answered by Star (142k points)
+1 vote

It seems like a good watch. Mass film. Single screen will be set on fire.

answered by Second Unit Director (70.1k points)
+1 vote

Its a huuuuuge crowd pleaser. It will run riots in Maharashtra just like Singham did. At Least for the initial.

And srk fans who are bashing it.. are shit scared

answered by Production Accountant (27.5k points)

Bro Simmba is also a remake of South movie Temper and Temper is a fantastic entertainer and Rohit Shetty is a baap of entertainment so didn't take it likely. Both movie open same % of occupancy at the box office.


@T-bird Yeah, people found Bol Bachchan to be a decent comedy movie after actually watching it, right? Im just pointing out that you cant figure out the quality (in terms of what you expect from a RS film) of a Rohit shetty flick simply on the basis of its trailer, hence I gave Bol Bachchan eg., considering how sloppy/lacklustre trailer it had.

PS: I agree that Simmba trailer looks odd af, but I hope you aren't disregarding it's BO potential entirely on that basis.


Yep Tee.. Agree with Zeno here... You have to actually watch the movie in order to pass a judgement


I never said anything about movie, every word of mine from outdated to B Grade is for trailer.

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Ranveer can't give a clean hit without SLB.Honestly saying Ranveer is forcibly trying to be Dabang and Singham,but ended up in Sanjay Dutt's Policegiri.

answered by Production Designer (12.7k points)
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Huge blockbuster on the way for ranveer singh. Typical rohit shetty movie. I did not like it at all, but it will work big time.

answered by Producer (111k points)

Some immature srk kid have given dislike here too.. lol


Another SRK fan made it equal


17 hours in, Update

5 likes and 5 dislikes.

Intense stuff @intense.

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I loved temper but the comic angle to the main character nahh
Best part of the whole trailer last 10secs
But i reckon it will be a hit

answered by Production Accountant (26.1k points)
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Its massy its a single screen film.. And u have first half of copy of Chulbul Pandey and second half of copy of Bajirao Singham... It will be a hit at single screens but multiplex audience will avoid.. I

answered by Second Unit Director (74.1k points)
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this wont work in multiplexes nor in overseas only single screens can save this plus this does not have the franchise advantage of golmaal or a holiday release

answered by Location Scout (3.1k points)
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Congrats to all SRK fans. Zero will thrash this movie like anything. Ranveer singh doesn't suit in this character at all. Trailer is crap and when I said crap I am being lenient here. The only good thing in the whole trailer is Ajay Devgan entry.

answered by Production Accountant (20.6k points)
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An epic flopp written all over it.

answered by Production Designer (13.9k points)
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Thoda Below Expectation Tha Yeh Trailer But Not Bad
Yesterday Watched Temper And Loved It.
Im Sure Movie Will Be Great!

answered by Production Accountant (22.1k points)
–1 vote

The trailer is below average. Ranveer's voice doesn't suit the role at all.

Also, it's quite certain that Rohit will do a two-hero cop movie with Ranveer and Ajay in near future.

The movie will certainly work by collecting more than TOH and Race 3, and it will have very less effect on Zero's collections, it's a more single screen mass movie. With Rajni's 2.0 beating Race 3 collections, both TOH and Race 3 are out of top five grossers this year.

We will have some hot moments in forum during new year.

answered by Location Scout (3.7k points)