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asked Mar 30 in Reviews by Intense Director (127,713 points)
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Baaghi2 is Tiger's best movie till date though also because of the fact that he has done only 5 movies till now & no movie can be called as a good one.
It's a remake of Kshanam, story was exactly same with added Action to suit Tiger's personality.
With the type of craze movie had created,if it would have turned out to be even entertaining one it would have done some huge sum.
As I have watched Kshanam so my review may sound little harsh.
If you love to watch hardcore action movie then you can give it a chance.
Movie is neither entertaining nor thrilling, baaghi's love part was entertaining but here it was dull.
Randeep excells in supporting role though his role was small,Manoj & Darshan were completely wasted.
Prateik, Deepak did their work reasonably well.
Disha did a good work,Tiger excelled in what he does best that's Action & dance.Acting is not his cup of tea.
There was a scene copied from ghayal movie.
Last fight scene was stretched.
Music was poor, only oo saathi leaved a mark.
I think they gave too much attention to Action that's why neither emotions connected me or the suspense which was the case with Kshanam.l found it boring at many parts.
Ahmed Khan's direction was below average, sajid should immediately rethink about his decision to hire Ahmed for baaghi3.
Still i think Mass audience will appreciate it,it will entertain them till the end,So i think movie will be a superhit at min because there's a huge audience base for this type of movies & it delivers what it promises that's entertainment
My rating
Best Tiger movie till date
4.5/10 Average at best
Lifetime 130+,if Ahmed could have abled to deliver atleast a decent product then "Ye Movie​ aag laga deti"

answered Mar 31 by Roman Production Designer (12,964 points)
selected Apr 6 by Intense

Means tiger will add to his list of trash movies. That's why just bo numbers don't matter.

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My Review::::

1st let me sink in for some time...... completely AWE-FUK-STRUCK after seeing the film......

HARD CORE MASSY ACTION FILM Which has Everything - Action, Romance, Drama, 1 line Dialouges, Kicking Background Score, Humor......... all in all 1 complete Entertainer.

TIger Shroff - His 1st Mukka on Screen & u don't take your eyes off him till the end..... Solid & Amazing improvement in his confidence..... His hardwork in building Body for character, not hoping much weight which reduces flexiness, Muscle - Style, he has given his everything for this film. He made a mark with Baaghi, here he raises that mark to so huge that now, i am excited & waiting for Baaghi 3. From Heropanti to Baaghi 2, Laundey ne saabit kar diya ke ye lambi race ka ghoda hai.

Randeep Hooda - All Smashy 1 liners gone to him, he excelled in his role. Isey ek award banta hai. Smart phone lekar smart ban raha hai..... maine bhi smartness dikha di....

Disha Patani - Not just she is pretty, she showed she can Act her part very well, i loved her performance......... Ek Number Babaa.....

Deepak Dobriyal - Hyderabaadi khaali Biryaani ke liye nahi, kurbaani ke liye bhi mashoor hai, Solid small but impact full role.

Prateik Babbar - He has proven that when no one is expecting anything from you, you can surprise & Shock everyone with your performance. He will be talk of the town for a while, Bulked up his body, changed his voice style to suit his character...... Too Good.

Manoj Bajpaye - Disappointed as he wasn't given the kind of role which he is capable of.

STUNT DIRECTOR - ko Ek Award abhi se de do, movie mein jaan daali hui hai.

What are you waiting for reading my review.......... Go & Enjoy this film

Stars - 4.5/5

answered Mar 31 by -OmKara- Production Designer (15,833 points)

I have watched it after ur recommendation ..i want my time back.

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