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in Reviews by Star (140k points)
81% Accept Rate

Simply Paisa vasool.
Short and Sweet opinion-Less Substance More glitters but here Treat for 3D fan and Rajni fan So here glitters don't bother you;rather entertain you and that to paisa vasool entertainment.
Must say you can feel and justify each and every penny spent on vfx.
Shankar has given us our marvel universe with Rajni Tadka...
Story is nothing new or amazing so is the screenplay but execution is upto the Chitti 3.0 was very cool and i simply loved the climax.
Overall 3.5/5
Definitely a 200cr movie.Everyone loved the visual effect-Rajni effect and offcourse the movie;atleast in that 10.45 show which was atleast 60-70% full.


Since I can't answer on my question, I will comment. 2.0 is an enjoyable experience with the best vfx I've seen in our movies till date .

Story wise the movie meanders off and gets too self indulgent in the second half following a rocking first half. Did not like akshay as the righteous bird lover, but he rocks as the evil crow, that smile and the dialogue delivery is wicked. Rajni sir looks cool, but his version 2.0 and 3.0 brought the house down.

Overall rating: 3/5

13 Answers

+7 votes

2.0 - One man's love for machines vs One man's love for sparrows. DOT.

Story -
The city is tormented by an unknown creature that stole every cellphone in the vicinity. When the concerned authorities are trying to figure out the phenomenon, few one per-centers get brutally murdered forcing Dr. Vaseegaran (Superstar Rajinikanth) & the government to reach out for Chitti the Robot for help. How Dr. Vaseegaran & Chitti team up to solve the mystery forms this visual extravaganza.

Movie -
The story takes off by introducing the familiar characters along with the new humanoid Nila (Amy Jackson). Shankar doesn't waste much time and gets on with the proceedings. The whole flying cellphone sequence is handled well and the mystery behind this kept effectively hidden. Though, this particular aspect is over stretched, the way Shankar & team presents it visually holds our attention. The link to Endhiran (prequel) is cleverly connected without having to deviate much. Cliched characters and scenes are there but don't hamper the narration. The murders that occur promises old school Shankar. The dramatic elevation till Chitti's entry is notable. The reveal of the person behind disappearing cellphones is terrifically done in the interval shot.

Second half starts with Pakshiraja (Akshay Kumar) narrating his backstory. This whole segment gives the much needed emotional connect to the proceedings. The flashback is true Shankar's trademark, which reminds us off all his main blockbusters. Unlike those films, where the victim turns a super vigilante, a face for the common people, Pakshiraja turns against the common people. The concept taken is the battle between positive and negative energy which is more literal, or to say visual. The pace drops during the flashback as it needs time to establish the emotional depth and the social cause without too much into preaching.

What you get post the flashback is real visual spectacle. Shankar ties up one action sequence after another. The whole Dr. Vaseegaran (Pakshiraja) vs Chitti battle holds our attention thoroughly. Once evil Chitti is resurrected, it is all Superstar Rajinikanth magic on screen clubbed with never seen before visual effects. The whole 20-25 minutes prolonged climax is in a way tribute to the prequel's climax fight, upgraded to the extreme. It is this segment that justifies the title 2.0. Shankar clubs socially relevant message in a sci-fi entertainer in his own style.

Performances -

Superstar Rajinikanth is fine as Dr. Vaseegaran without an iota of heroism. Superstar is good as Chitti who is in his elements. Superstar as evil Chitti brings the house down giving paisa vasool entertainment as expected. All in all a committed performance indeed.

Akshay Kumar is very good as Pakshiraja, both as the old Ornithologist as well as his evil self. Honestly, going by the story, it's his character who is the HERO in this story. He brings in a controlled performance in both the characters and it's commendable.

Amy Jackson as Nila brings in couple of chuckles as she gets couple of good one liners. Other than that, she's sidelined for most part of the film.

Sudhanshu Pandey as Bora's son from the prequel is average in a cliched weakly written role with hardly any scope.

Adil Hussain as Prime Minister is passable. This role is no challenge for him.

Mayilsamy as Minister's PA is routine & so is Anant Mahadevan.

Background Score & Sound Recording -

A special mention has to go to Resul Pookutty & team from 4D SRL for delivering perfectly, a one of a kind sound mixing. The real paisa vasool comes from this new technology. Even the minute sound is captured, just elevating the scene. Even in the loud action sequences, attention to detail to each of the element [Talking about the big climax fight] was simply hair-raising. I got my money's worth thanks to the sound recording.

Direction -

Shankar's vision definitely needs an applause. This time he went back to his stronghold, an emotional backstory to make this a meaningful outing. While, Shankar the visual genius gets full marks, Shankar the story-teller stumbles post interval. Mainly because the writing gets him into a tight spot where he has his usual "hero" with a cause mounted as a super villain instead of super vigilante and has been pitted against the "hero" as well as "anti-hero" of the Endhiran universe. This hampered the emotional connect in the visually grand action set pieces in the second half.

But then, a film with this budget and it's visual world, can only be conceived by Shankar. No other Indian director would dare to think about this let alone pulling it off.

Pluses -

  1. A true blue 3D film. The effects are "neat". The budget spent on VFX really shows.
  2. The sound recording is exceptional. Gives an entirely different vibe to the experience.
  3. Superstar Rajinikanth as Chitti 2.0 & well, let's keep this a surprise.
  4. The funny one-liners which also gave a Nithyananda's epic speech reference.
  5. The Pakshiraja - Chitti - Vaseegaran face off in the second half.
  6. To an extent, Akshay Kumar's backstory as Pakshiraja.
  7. No unnecessary song breaks.

Minuses -

  1. Cliched screenplay.
  2. Lack of emotional connect.
  3. As audience, we are made aware who is the hero and we are also forced to support the robot to destroy the actual "hero".
  4. Just like first part, the way film ends is very underwhelming.
  5. Uneven dubbing for Akshay Kumar in one scene where the lip-sync has taken a beating. The film of this stature, it's unforgivable.
  6. The "Scientific Explanation" of Pakshiraja might not be appealing to all. Also, this segment slows the narration.

Final Rating - 3/5 [For the one of a kind visuals & background score.]

Final Words - It is one man's love for chitta kuruvis (sparrows) buried under an army of robots. Dot

by All Time best! (262k points)

Great review suhas. So according to you and many other people, 3D is the real experience


This movie is meant to be watched in 3D. Otherwise most of the scenes will lose their essence.


Suhas Bhai! You have been complaining about 3D technology for all the recent Hollywood biggies and I understand why. So, not talking about visuals, just 3D technology. Is it really great? Better than most of Hollywood Marvel films?


Better than Hollywood? No way. It's definitely good enough for what they've created the hype for.

The effects are there throughout mainly because this was shot directly in 3D & not converted to.

+3 votes

Watched 2.0 my 2nd movie of 2018..
Movie starts with maha epic oscar winning overacting of a guy who flirts with amy.. looks like that guy done phd in overacting... glad his role was only 2min...
Next overacting job was taken by amy jackson with unwanted blushes wen she here abt chitti.. well her overacting continues till the end..

Now coming to the movie this movie has never seen before vfx in indian cinema.. thats really a plus point after watching trailer. . As shankar said this was shot by 3d format u can really feel 3d effects.. but i hate watching in 3d by compromising color..

Well pros n cons i totally go with suhas n my final rating 3star ...

Final word making such scale movie is not simple as ordering idli vada..

by Unit Manager (31.8k points)
+1 vote

2.0 is a once in a lifetime cinematic experience for Indian movie goers while at the same time it could easily challenge many Hollywood sci-fi movies or any movies with high VFX used.

Content wise, 2.0 definitely was above expectations and far better than Enthiran..
The technical part is the best of the movie with world class and many jaw dropping scenes and shots.

Shankar is at his creative best and no words to describe his execution and no doubt for me he is the best director in the country..

Rajini as Chitti is the best himself playing to the gallery and his set of fans while Akshay gave an excellent performance both as an empathy evoking man to an evil villain..

Overall it is one hell of a ride and to conclude, records will tumble at the box office..

by Executive Producer (65.2k points)

Saw in 3D or 2D?


3D bro..

+1 vote

It's a good movie.

1st half was below average
2nd half was very good.

Overall 3/5

by Producer (108k points)
+1 vote

5/5 for the 3D experience. The visuals were on par with hollywood movies. But movie is just average with no interesting screenplay or twist at all. One time watch. If you watch it in 2D you will be disappointed. Very skipable movie if not for the visuals. I will give the movie 2 stars.

by Editor (85k points)
+1 vote

A movie which is high on VFX and world class action but lacks soul and good story but saved by engaging screenplay and Direction . It's One time watch just for its action and VFX .3/5 . Wish Shankar could have made it as good as Prequel it would have done Huge Business . Don't thing it would work very well !!

by Producer (103k points)
+1 vote

~ Good direction but poorly written by Shankar.
~ Story: Weak..good msg. But so many logic less plot.
~ VFX :- Good VFX (not upto Hollywood but cosidering 500cr its excellent).
~ Performance: Rajni was superb in entertaining act. Akki just good. Amy she is beautiful. Others did ok.
~ Screenplay: Weak.
~ Music: Big let down. Even NAINA MILE for few secs sounds great.
~Background: Awesome.
~ Positive: Backround score/VFX/Action (Indian standard).
~ Negative: Weak story with continues logic less plot. Akki role... atleast Hindi audiences expecting good role but his role was like extended cameo. No role of him in first half.
~ Overall...One time watch movie. Must watch if u r Rajni fan.
~ My rating : 2/5.
~ Verdict : Average with lifetime prediction 150 cr (Hindi only).

by Executive Producer (65k points)
edited by
+1 vote

First half was very good in the second half I was just waiting it to end soon. Don't think I am biased but this is what I felt. The climax was worse than RA-ONE.

by Production Designer (15.9k points)
+1 vote

movie is only first half.the good part....but..... just when they revealed the reasons in second half.... it didnt' work out... because the first half promised all the destruction is cause of revenge from a scientist or a genius using his powers ....... like with every other science fiction revenge movie....ironman, ironman 2 even..... INCREDIBLES.... or even robot 1.... to name a few...
but then it became something like a spiritual thing...and they tried to merge that spiritual thing and the scientific thing....... thats where they went too "south" ..and thats when they failed.... it was a very small and skipable concept after such a promising premise ... its a science fiction for gosh sake.... do your job right...
the entire second half is wrong... and add to that...akshay didn't even act like he was sincere ... he didn't look convincing or... wanting to do his character.. he was big big negative...
and then they couldn't even... put a convincing conclusion...
5/5 for first half..
0/5 for second half...
1/5 for the entire movie....

i dont suppose there have ever been a movie... which set such a great , greatest in fact , premise ... but then ... takes a u turn...

by Star (153k points)
0 votes

Only One Word

Disappointed 2/5 **

I Have Seen 2D Cinema

by Location Manager (7.7k points)
0 votes

Shankar first destroyed 3 idiots. He then went ahead and did crap film 'I'(only vikram was good) and finally disastrous 2.0.

Whatever praise it is getting is solely due to the hard work of VFX team..... Superb VFX is making the movie look good.... The Script and the direction is really weak.

Had victor done this instead of Shankar And Aamir instead of Rajini, this film would have got the same treatment as Thugs.

Rajini and Akshay are good but only in parts. Direction is a big big let down.. Another waste of money.

My ratings- 1.5/5.......

by Second Unit Director (77.3k points)

Are you saying amir stardom is kid infront of rajni?


Haters are more.. That's what i meant. Had Aamir did this instead of Rajini, Social media would have gone mad bashing Aamir like they did for TOH

0 votes

Very good movie.
I will rate 3/5 for movie.
Ragni sir extraordinary and akshay is good too.

by Casting Director (18.6k points)
0 votes

Full 3d movie... amazing
Acting is good
Story is decent
Vfx.. amazing
Should only watch in 3d

by Location Manager (6.5k points)